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Forum discussion tagged with Directx9.
  1. Hash Volt

    Question 2D graphics lag in DirectX 9

    Hi. I have a ryzen 3 2200g. For some reason most of the 2D games stutter... 3D games work perfectly, but 2D lags - directX 9 HELLPP
  2. D

    Question Lag on Directx9 games

    I have lag on all Directx9 games but Directx 10 and 11 games work perfect. My Laptop is not so powerfull, but it should work better, as i said, directx10 and 11 games work good. Intel Celeron n3350 1.1ghz (up to 2.4ghz) 8gb Ram 1600mhz Intel HD 500 Windows 10 Home edition Thanks!