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    Question Green vertical lines/disabled display adapter

    To start with, I am not very tech savy and my computer is about 10 years old. A few nights ago I was enjoying myself with a few drinks and the night became a blur. I awoke to find I had dismantled my computer for some reason. I put it back together but suddenly there were these green vertical...
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    Question HDD (D:) was missing, found it disabled in Device Manager but I never disabled it. Why? Should I be worried?

    I never disabled it manually and I don't recall ever updating my windows recently if that matters. I've noticed it missing today while trying to open CS:GO. Last time I played CS:GO was yesterday. Saw my HDD in BIOS which made me think the cable wasn't loose or anything. I'm fairly a rookie at...
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    [SOLVED] USB Ports Become Unresponsive/Disabled While Transferring Data

    I built a PC about a month ago, haven't had any major problems besides a booting issue that seems to have been resolved. Now I think I've run into another problem with the USB ports. A couple of weeks ago, I had connected my mom's camera to my computer via its USB cable to transfer some...
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    Help! cant find video card on pc part picker

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VzQZYr thats my build and i was wondering if this particular card would work in it/is a good card to get I cannot find it on pc part picker and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a decent gtx 1060 6gb in stock for a decent price but i found this evga 1060 6gb on...
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    My GPU died, has it killed my Motherboard too?

    My computers been having some issues. About two weeks ago, my cheap cases built in fan controller melted, letting out lots of smoke. I didn't think it did any damage to my computer, since it wasnt really connected, so I just moved all the fans over to my motherboards controller and left it...
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    Kkkeeybooaarddd doing thiss

    How do I fix thisss? It thinks I'm pushing it multiple times.. Ii don't ppushhh iiiit multiple times or hold iiit down long enough fooor iit to do that. I didn't fix thee missppeellings so you can see whaat it dooooooesss to mee...
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    looking to buy new one, need help.....

    this is my setup, just need options on what i could get with it. https://gyazo.com/e9a988ea9b0fc384b5a510e376511864
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    Need a water cooler to overclock AMD FX-6300

    I want to overclock my AMD FX-6300 so it doesn't bottleneck my Nvidia gtx 970. Which water cooler do you recommend and how much will it overclock the 6300 to? Some coolers I have seen...
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    i suddenly lose fps !!!

    please HELP when i play games life max payne 3 or cs:s i get 60fps but, suddenly i lose a lot of fps then after about 5 minutes it goes back the way it was on 60fps this thing keeps happening to me and i really want to fix the problem