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  1. NewMemberLooking4Help

    [SOLVED] 100% Disk Usage during startup/opening new programs

    Hello since quite a time im experiencing a huge performance loss on my MSI GE 62 Apache 6QF gaming Laptop running a 1TB HDD. I was searching in the web for some solutions what till now didn't help at all. Windows 10 allowed me to see the cause of the sluggish behavior, as task manager reports...
  2. J

    Question 100% Disk Usage/ Screen goes crazy and clicks all over

    I have an HP Envy M6 laptop I have been having a few problems with. I noticed in the task manager the disk always jumps to 100% and the computer locks up on me. I factory reset my laptop and added more ram thinking that would help it. I added 16 GB ram from Crucial. Webpages and programs load...