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  1. C

    Question Import Foreign Disc

    I just installed a new windows 10 (home verison) to my new ssd, now my hdd shown up as foreign disk in disk management. There's "Import Foreign Disk" option, but will it wipe the data in my hdd? (I want to keep the files in my hdd) screen photo: https://ibb.co/sRWHdCC
  2. R

    Question My disc D: disappears when playing World o Warcraft.

    Hello, My HDD disc D: disappears after some time playing World of Warcraft. Once I reset my laptop it comes back but disappears again when I run the game. I tried updating drivers, scanning disc for problems but it shows that the disc is healthy and there are no issues even though it...
  3. P

    Question M2P slot on motherboard does not work/does not detect disc Gigabyte Z590D

    My components: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590D Memory: 32 GB DDR4 CPU: Intel i7-10700KF I bought a new NVMe M.2 SSD disc today Samsung SSD 980, after installing it the bios does not recognize it. It says M2P slot is empty (N/A). In the slot M2A it showed my previous M.2 disc that was still...
  4. mark520fay35

    [SOLVED] How to split encrypted files for long-term storage on DVDs?

    I'm not sure if this question belongs in the “hardware category,” but I can’t find anywhere else to ask, so here it goes. My computer was hit with ransomware last year, and I have video files that have been encrypted (via RSA and AES-128). I know the possibility of decrypting it is slim, but...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Will any of those SSD's fit and work with my motherboard?

    https://anni.si/trdi-diski/ssd-disk-240gb-sata3-patriot-ssd-burst.html?search_query=ssd+sata&results=1311 https://anni.si/trdi-diski/ssd-disk-240gb-sata3-integral-p-inssd240gs625p5.html?search_query=ssd+sata&results=1311...
  6. B

    Question Windows 10 - Boot - Is my computer dead? Desperately needing help

    At this point, i'm very desperate really don't know what to do. Basically, i come back to my computer after a break and its all frozen. I shut it manually, by holding pressing the power button. When i tried to start it, it kept loading forever and ever. I turn it off again and try to...
  7. Helpless02

    Question Unable to Boot Windows 10 Installer

    Recently I had the misfortune of having my Hard Drive die 😭. I don’t know what happened I was installing a new Powersupply, my guess is that I shorted my hardrive. Anyway, I recently bought a new SSD to be the replacement and once I got everything installed I popped in the Windows 10 disk to be...
  8. pivodrums

    [SOLVED] new GPU suggestion

    hello, so I just bought a new DELL S2719DGF monitor (upgrading from classic 27" FHD 60Hz IPS). Last year I bought a new pc: i5-8600K, 16GB 3000MHz, GTX 1060 6GB Strix OC. And since this monitor is QHD with 144Hz (155Hz OC) and unofficially supports G-sync I will probably have to replace my new...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Helping Friend Make a Pc

    So my friend is trying to build a gaming pc so I helped him create a part list but I would also like recommendations on what I should change. PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XZntTB Price breakdown by merchant: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XZntTB/by_merchant/ CPU: AMD -...
  10. C

    Is it compatible?

    If I want to have a different processor and memory do I just need to buy a new motherboard and make sure the RAM and cpu are compatible with it. https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c04738714 (My computer)
  11. N

    New cpu, less gpu usage.

    First off im relatively new to pc gaming, so forgive me if its a stupid question. I built a new system last year and i started playing ghost recon wildlands and the cpu usage was pegged at 100% and gpu was reading around 1900mhz. I went and switched out my i5-6600k and msi gaming m5 for the new...
  12. V

    Do I need a new CPU?

    Hey guys, couple months back my computer went down on my wife. She was working in lightroom and had an internet browser open. Not gaming or overclocking. it just went black, no shutdown nothing. one second its on, the next off and wont turn back on. I look around and don't see anything wrong...
  13. J

    Ultrawide Monitors Questions

    Hi, I've asked a few questions recently, I really appreciate the help! So I'm currently planning on spending about $1,800 on a gaming PC. I'm leaning towards going 1440 resolution over 1080p. I'm trying to decide if I want to go with an ultrawide monitor (probably 32ish inch) or with two...
  14. M

    Zotac amp 989ti running hot as 2nd card in sli?

    So I had an evga hybrid 980ti for a year and a half and I just bought a amp 980ti to sli. The zotac is in the second pci slot and I have the DisplayPort cord plugged into the hybrid card in the first slot. At full load, the zotac runs at 81 degrees and and at a constant 99% usage. The hybrid...
  15. R

    Usb 3.0 or Usb 3.1 for external hdd

    Hi I have an internal Toshiba X300 5tb hdd. I am going to purchase an external caddy/dock so I can use this drive as an external for backups. I have a Gigabyte Z170x gaming 7 motherboard with usb 3.0 and usb 3.1 I am confused between usb 3.0 and 3.1. Usb 3.0 is 5Gbps which is 625...
  16. C

    can i upgrade the ram of my presario CQ56 to 8gb

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  17. atarisafari

    can i install an oem version of windows 7 again onto my new ssd

    i just bought a new ssd and am wondering if i will be able to install windows again onto it. i bought an oem version of windows. if not, how should i go about transferring it to the new ssd from my current hard drive?
  18. S

    Power Supply Connectors

    I'm having some problems with my graphics card (not major, but low fps, and low benchmark scores compared to other users with the same card). The card required two 6 pin PCIe connectors. My PSU comes with PCIe cords with two 6pin connectors attached to each. Is it safe to attach both of them to...
  19. K

    PC freezes completely

    Hello! I recently bought AMD FX 9590, and installed it to my computer, but now the computer freezes completely after seconds to minutes while the computer is running. I've reset the CMOS, updated the motherboard, double-checked the wires, but it is still freezing. The computer is running...
  20. J

    Connecting 780 to PSU

    Can anyone help me out with connecting my 780? The 780 is 8 pins. I only have 7 pins from my PSU, which doesnt supply enough power to run the card. Inthe box were two cables though with 8 pins to connect. I tried using 4 pins from the PCI marked connection and the other using the cables out of...