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  1. discoloration on my laptop screen (screen panel or screen cable)

    i want to know if this problem in the pannel or in the screen connector
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    Question Blue/Red pixels in Black/Gray area of Monitor.

    Hey, I have a problem with my GPU or Monitor. After a bit of playing video games, my monitor gets a wierd wellow tint on bright spots and a blueish tint on dark ones. This gets even worse over time, and the pixels now can get red aswell (Some colors are even pink because blue/red combined). I...
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    770 or 780

    Is it worth spending the extra $180 (US) to upgrade from a gtx 770 to a 780? Update: Using this desktop for gaming at 1080p, so would it be worth "future-proofing" and getting the 780 or saving my money and getting the 770. Sorry for not making my question clear. The 770 is able to play modern...