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    [SOLVED] Secondary HDD disconnects randomly when playing any game.

    I used that HDD as primary for some years and then I bought an SSD, so now the SSD is primary (has windows) and the HDD is secondary. I formatted it and I use it mainly for storing games. Everything used to work well for some time, but now when im playing games it randomly disconnects, the game...
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    Question Second monitor randomly disconnects

    I recently got a second monitor (ASUS VP249HR), and it has started to randomly disconnect from my computer. I think it has been doing this since I first got it, but it has been happening more and more frequently. I can fix the problem temporarily by unplugging the HDMI and plugging it back in...
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    Update bios using windows or usb?

    I got this mobo and i need to update it for a ivy bridge cpu im replacing the sandy bridge with and my motherboard cd has a app for updating the bios in windows but im not sure if it will work so i might use it with usb,so what is the better option? Motherboard:Foxconn H67MX-V
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    HDD or Hybrid

    Looking to get a new drive thats 1tb or moreand im wonder if i should get a hybrid drive or a hdd. I'll be using this website www.mwave.com.au if you are bothered enough to look. Any response would be great.
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    crysis 3 fps? fx 8350 + r7 260x 8gb 2400mhz

    crysis 3 fps? fx 8350 + r7 260x 8gb 2400mhz resolution 1366x768 settings:medium FXAA fps?
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    Serious Dayz Problem! With Picture. Please Help!

    I just bought dayz and when I started it right away the graphics are from 1998. I don't know what went wrong I tried uninstalling and installing it again but nothing. Here's a pic. I literally can't read anything because of how blurry the text is. And I tried changing the resolution in the game...
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    Older gaming rig

    Q8300 quad 6gb of ram if I drop a new video card into this will it play the newest games on decent settingS