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  1. Ringwraith34544

    Question Discord overlay sometimes doesnt work on games

    when I open valorant I can show discord overlay sometimes but sometimes it just doesnt open up is there a way to fix it cause alt tabbing from the game wastes a lot of time
  2. M

    Question Microphone quality horrible in live calls over Internet

    My friends have recently been unable to understand me well through Discord. My audio is choppy and the volume is inconsistent. Apparently, the same thing happens when using voice chat in the online game Phasmophobia with them. I've tried making a recording of myself talking, and I sound...
  3. G

    Question Microphone crackling only in discord/teamspeak

    Ive been trying to fix my problem for the past 2 months without success so here i am seeking help. I will just say the basic parts of my hardware and il explain why afterwards Cpu i5 8600k Gpu gtx 1080 motherboard msi z370 gaming m5 audio interface scarlett first gen 6i6 microphone akg p120 ok...
  4. H

    Question NZXT H510 Front Panel Audio (Mic) Not Working

    I recently upgraded CPU, mobo, and RAM from an i7 4770k (MSI Z87 MPower Max) to an i7 10700k (Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite AC). Both in the same case, had no problems using the front panel audio connection (3.5mm) for mic, and sound with the old MSI board. After upgrading and installing the new...
  5. M

    Question Looking to build a desktop to run tabletop simulator

    Hello, I would like to build a desktop machine that can both Tabletop Simulator and Discord with video at the same time. My wife and I laptops are woefully underpowered to run them. And our grown kids who live all over the country would like to host family game nights. Since I need to build...
  6. PrinceSjtP

    Question Headset audio is picked up through discord

    I've tried 3 seperate headsets (Hyper X Cloud 2, Astro A50 TRs and some random £10 amazon headset) And all headset audio is picked up at the same sound through discord, my friends can hear it louder than i can. Ive checked through all the settings i can without success including changing the...
  7. Bittex_TW

    Question Discord picks up my PC audio

    I am currently using the Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset and for some reason when i'm in a call in Discord people can hear my audio, whether i'm gaming with friends or just watching a Youtube video. I tried a couple of fixes like updating drivers, trying a different plug, and more. What could be the...
  8. D

    Question Is there a program that lets me combine the audio of a specific program, with my microphone, into a single input.

    I want to combine the audio output of discord, with the input of my microphone into a single input. So whoever i talk to (on another program), they will be able to hear the person on my discord through the combined microphone-discord input as. Is this possible?
  9. T

    Question Looking for more Chat and Bot Commands in Discord?

    I play lot of games using Game Bots on Discord with friends. I'm finding a bit difficulty to locate more chat and bot commands. This here is the closest list of commands that I've been able to find. Do y'all know of any source that could potentially add to what I've already discovered or is that...
  10. svpaz

    Question Cracking sounds when using Discord w/ headset connected to a USB port, even after full windows reset

    I've been having problems when using any headset connected to a USB hub, which is then connected to my Razer Blade 15" (2019) Advanced laptop. There's audio cracking whenever I'm in a Discord call, even when using Discord in my browser. There's no problem when using my laptop speakers or any...
  11. Question People can hear my computer audio

    Okay, so I know this question has been asked so many times at this point, but how do I fix this issue. Discord will pick up every bit of audio it can, I can temporarily fix the issue by turning automatic input sensitivity, but this is annoying because even then game and audio from music or...
  12. Question Discord Getting Suspended

    Hello sirs/mams, having a bit of an issue with discord. Every time I try to open discord it just doesn't work, It gets suspended each time in my task manager. What I've tried Uninstalled A/V and then tried Discord Firewall OFF Reinstalled Discord and Discord Beta Used an Uninstaller for...
  13. Saugetsu

    Question My internet only work completly when restarting my pc

    Lately I started having problems with my internet. What happens is that it works halfway, sometimes (not often) websites on chrome dont load, but everyday when i turn on my pc the main things I use (discord and league of legends) dont work, but i can use chrome fine, without lag or anything. In...
  14. C

    Question Playing a specific game makes all other processes hitch and delay

    Hey everyone, I've had this problem for a while and believe me, I've tried everything. I play planetside 2 a ton, but when I'm in game other processes have a hard time working. Discord voice chat becomes choppy and takes a while to activate push-to-talk (it can take multiple seconds)...
  15. Nialie

    Question somic g951s pink stereo gaming headset with mic discord problem

    Hey, when I am in a call with one of my friends or more they can hear me watching youtube videos even though I have plugged in my headset completely to the computer itself. I did not have this problem before a couple of weeks ago to this day and it is starting to get irritating, so I am...
  16. L

    Question Discord and the green light of death

    So ominous title aside I've kind of tried everything to no avail with this and have yet to find a solution so let me explain the issue here and see if anyone has any clue whats going on. So recently i decided to get a Xfinity service upgrade to the new Xfi wifi router gateway combo thing...
  17. 1Poseidon3

    [SOLVED] Rainbow Six Siege (and other various programs) just randomly crashing

    So before today, everything was running perfectly other than I was getting some pagefile BSoDs here and there. My friend recommended I turn off pagefile settings to prevent that BSoD from happening so I did that and I haven't had any problems until today when every time I try to load into a game...
  18. K

    Question Everyone is able to hear my sounds - even when im muting my microphone

    Hey there guys, Im legitimately at the end of my robe with this issue. Went through different computers, and headset. However I always have the same issue. Everyone can hear my sound on Discord, even when my headset is muted. I've gotten it to work a couple times, not sure how but it resets...
  19. Ab3s

    [SOLVED] Something weird happened.

    So i was playing with my friend Rocket League earlier when the party was suddenly destroyed. We didn't mind and went on. The very next match we had like 200 ping (we usually have around 30). Then all of a sudden we both got disconnected from rl, Steam altogether and Discord. The network didn't...
  20. lordvanko

    Question I can hear myself on my friend's microphone

    I don't know how to explain it, my friend just got a new headset ( it has a seperate jack for mic and for the audio ). And I can hear everything he does in discord. I can hear his discord notifications, his music, him watching videos and I can hear myself. Any fix ?