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    Question Corsair HS60 Headset: Discord and other applications pick up desktop audio

    When i'm on discord, teamspeak or in a video game's voice chat, everything playing through the headphones can be heard through the mic, I've tried everything at this point, I've disabled stereo mix, uninstalled and reinstalled my realtek drivers, tried different settings, pretty much everything...
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    Question Lots of Connection Issues not from my Network

    First off, actually read this. Y'all are really bad about skimming and then asking people looking for help questions they've already answered in the OP. I tried to be thorough here, all the information I have and that y'all regularly ask for is here. Now to the problem itself. My desktop PC is...
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    Question Random Freezes

    So i did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my system but i am experiencing something really strange, when ever im in CS:GO randomly my Discord will stop working like im still connected but my MIC is not working same issue in game. I try going on google Chrome, it freezes and stops responding, then...
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    dvd/cd driver missing

    I have a toshiba laptop with windows 10. I have not installed or uninstalled anything new. computer shows updated. went to watch a movie and could not it stated driver missing. received the same error trying to burn cd. Have watched a movie and burned cds in past. went to Toshiba support and...
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    how to record live on youtube with eos m3

    i want to stream live on youtube with my Canon EOS M3. I've watched many tutorials and haven't quite found out how to do it in detail. I hoked up my M3 to my computer with a usb cable and downloaded it's software. it still hasn't connected and i'm not sure why. Also i'm using OBS to live stream...
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    Windows 10 recovery disc needed?

    I bought a new copy of windows 10 pro. Do I need to make a recovery disc still, or will this cd be good enough?