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  1. mraroid

    Question Disk Clean up will not delete compressed files windows 10

    Hello... I am running Windows 10 and have all the updates installed. I run windows Disk Cleanup every month or so. When I launched it yesterday, I found a listing that says: Compress your OS Drive ---- 112 GB I have never used windows or any other application to compress my hard drive. I...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] Upgrade R9 270X to RX580 on FX8320? Is it worth it?

    Dear experts, I would like to upgrade my PC a bit and hope that you can help me. Meanwhile I suffer from missing graphic details. I am playing titles like CoH2, Civ6, XCOM2 or ESO. Average FPS in CoH2 with MAX details is below 30 FPS. ESO is not playable with FULL details. I am bound to 1080p...
  3. O

    [SOLVED] Computer been freezing for months

    My pc randomly freezes wether im in a game or just on chrome it freezes for a few seconds then unfreezes. Sometimes the audio continues while the screen is frozen. It actually just froze while typing this but slightly diffrent to usual, I could move my cursor but couldnt click anything video...
  4. M

    I don't know which to get

    I have an and athlon ii x2 245 CPU in my old rig, but i want to upgrade to a quad core CPU. I have a biostar mcp6p Mobo and have a price range of no more than 45 dollars. I was thinking of the athlon ii x4 645 or a phenom ii but idk. Is there another CPU that's better for the price and compatible?
  5. L

    Can I run SotTR?

    Hi everyone, simple question - will I run it on the minimal requirements? If not, what should I do? Update my drivers or upgrade something in this old buddy? Please help! My PC: Windows 7 64 bit CPU: i3-3240 @ 3.40GHz RAM: 4 GB RAM GPU: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Minimal requirements: Windows 7...
  6. T

    LGA 775 socket best cpu?

    For budget build upgrading a old HP office PC I got for nothing. Upgraded to 16 gigs of 1333Mhz ddr3 and putting in a 4 gig Vram 1050 TI gpu in it. But it has a core 2 duo E7600 CPU in it and I want to upgrade. Rig will be used mainly for Divinci Resolve video editing and some light gaming...
  7. I

    Evga GTX 1060 6gb non-sc

    As the title says, i have the EVGA GTX 1060 6gb Gaming and, to put it short, its hot. Under default fan curve it steadily goes to 83c and stays there because of thermal throttle. 100% fan speed manages to keep it at 76c under full load, but the fan is disturbingly loud. As such, i have ordered...
  8. T

    Should I keep or swap PSU with questionable ''Power Good'' Value..?

    Hello everyone, After a destructive short on either the Mobo/GPU caused probably by leftover moisture after cleaning the pc i am awaiting replacement parts and currently deciding on wether to keep the PSU or get a new one. The new components will be Gigabyte AORUS Ultra LGA1151, Intel i7...
  9. A

    Internet is slower just on 1 device

    Hello. My internet has suddenly dropped form 800-1000 Mbps (download speed*) to 100-250 Mbps (download speed*) last week just on my PC and didn't do anything. I didn't download anything , didn't change a setting or a component. I have a wired connection from the router and a Network card...
  10. S

    How to salvage Windows 10 install on new HDD

    I have windows 10 installed on an HDD that won't boot. I can't seem to fix the boot problem so I'm thinking I'd like to install a fresh Win10 on another HDD, then salvage the old installation (programs, configuration), etc as much as possible. Question: If I have a clean install of Windows...
  11. G

    Riotoro Debuts Two New PC Cases At CES 2018

    Our team on the ground at CES 2018 got a little hands-on time with Riotoro's brand new Prism RGB full-tower and CR488 mid-tower chassis. Riotoro Debuts Two New PC Cases At CES 2018 : Read more
  12. T

    Game performance and living streaming issues

    Before mentioning the issue I would like to show my PC specs- ASUS 540UP Notebook PC OS - Windows 10 64 bit CPU- Core i 5- 7200U , up to 3.18 Hz RAM- 4 gb graphics - Intel HD Graphics 620 + Radeon HD 8500M 2GB 6 mbps internet connection I play games such as call of duty modern warfare 3 ...
  13. L

    PC will not boot with 2 sticks of ram (think i've tried everything)

    I have a set of 2 new 8gb corsair vengence DDR3 Sticks (cmz16gx3m2a1600c10r) from a recent RMA with corsair (replacing the excat same sticks i brough back in june) now if i mount them both my pc will not boot to bios but with one stick it boots as normal. i have tried each RAM stick in each...
  14. N

    Artefacts on VGA display using Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

    So after trying and failing for hours to get my display to stop black screening when using AMD drivers, I decided to just give up and use Microsoft Basic Display Adapter until I can get a new GPU. however there is still the problem of these artefacts showing up on screen...
  15. P

    Can powerfull gpu kill low spec pc?

    Hello guys, i want to ask you something, i found a good gpu (gtx560 1gb ddr5 256bit) which i can buy cheap , but the problem is that my pc is low end 4gb ddr2 ram and amd athlon 64 x2 (if im not mistaken) 2.20ghz, so if i put this thing on it, can it harm the pc somehow (too powerfull to handle)...
  16. S

    Are all PSUs universal ?

    Hello everyone I was curious about if I buy an PSU from North America and use it in Europe ? Btw I'm planning to buy EVGA G3 850w. Are there's any difference about Voltage/Watts for regions ? Thanks for helping
  17. C

    I7-7700K extremely slow performance

    I recently upgraded from an i5-650 to an i7-7700k. I changed to have more leway on multi processing. Since the upgrade performance went down the drain. I was running it on a g1 ga-z170mx gaming 5. I then switched to a Asus Maximus hero IX (hoping it would be better). Now on the hero the PC is...
  18. M

    wd 1tb hdd bad sectors not recovering

    Hi, My PC is 3 years old and since a few days i was facing few problems. it started with GTA V. few days back it froze and crashed. i verified steam files and 40 files failed. so, I formatted DRIVE H: and tried to reinstall then after 20GBs of download steam started showing CORRUPT DISK. i...
  19. J

    Windows 10 Home

    Can I connect to a workgroup with windows 10 home??? I can't see any other computers on network...even though I have the same workgroup name.
  20. H

    Pc won't start

    Hi, so I have this kinda low end motherboard (it's hp's don't know the exact model), the problem is that my old graphics card was not working so I recently bought Rx550 gigabyte 2gb, and it had windows 8 but the card wanted win10 so I upgraded to Windows 10 64bit but the thing is that since that...