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  1. Openupitsdave

    8600k VS 7700k

    They say if you want to buy something now, then you should buy it now instead of waiting for the next best thing......EXCEPT THIS TIME RIIIIGHTTTT???? No, actually though. Should I wait for 8600k or just get a 7700k now?. I only game. Sometimes stream...dont care too much for it. While I get...
  2. P

    PC freezing every couple of minutes.

    Hi, Everything on my PC seems to freeze once in a while. Usually this happens if I open an any application but not on every occasion. My screens freeze then around 30 seconds later everything works again and the applications open fine. Even right clicking to correct a spelling mistake when...
  3. I

    sodimm in sdram slot?

    i have a gl553vw 8g ram ddr4 sdram 8 Go DDR4-2133 DDR4 SDRAM i need to buy a other 8g or 16g (is compatible max is 32) I cannot find a sdram i can find so-dimm only ,ddr4 so-dimm is compatible with ddr4 sdram? (sure is 2133) &thanks
  4. D

    Computer will not detect new SSD

    Im helping my friend to finish his PC, and he bought a 120GB SSD for his pc, i plugged it in made sure the connections were solid both to the power and mobo, but for some odd reason the pc will not tell us the SSD is there. It seems to detect that there is something in the SATA port, as it...
  5. N

    Laptop LCD Help

    So I have a 14in HP Envy m4 1015dx and I just recently bought a new LCD for it. It was given to me for free due to a 'broken screen' So I got rid of the old LCD and got this one. I went to go and hook it up just a little while ago and it seemed to be going well at first, HP logo was shown as...
  6. O

    Is My Graphics Card Dead? Graphical Glitches

    My graphics card is a SAPPHIRE 6950 2Gb. A bit old card that i got for cheap.I wonder if it's dead, giving me really weird screen glitches. Windows 10, windows 7, older drivers, latest drivers still glitching. The interesting thing is that when no drivers installed its fine.(low resolution but...
  7. E

    RCA high current discrete amplifier glitch.

    So I'm watching netflix on my ps4 or even my phones music though an 1.8mm cable plugged in a console then inside the amp/receiver and then BOOP some scratches in the sound like some cables disconnected while the amp is open and then nothing. No sound and the amp stays open and some popcorn...
  8. O

    how to disable vsync in pes 2017 using intel hd

    hi i have played pes 17 on high settings with resolution 768*1366 getting 28 to 60 fps specs : i5-6200u intel hd 520 ram 2 * 4gb ddr3 1600mhz 500 gb hdd win 10 pro creators so the game looks slowly sometimes even if the fps still in 60 and clearly it is the vsync who causing that . is there...
  9. L

    Best brand for GTX 1050 Ti?

    Which is the best brand for GTX 1050 ti? Zotac, MSI, Asus, EVGA or Gigabyte? I assume the dual fan version is the one which is OC and the single fan is the one which isn't? Is there some other card I can get in the same price range that would be better?
  10. S

    I have an acer aspire and was working fine and we still can see on tv screen thru hdmi cords, but nothing on the screen. Total

    Black screen on our Acer aspire laptop. Can see thru hdmi cables on our TV, but looking for a way to get the screen back?
  11. StealthNinja

    EZ XMP switch on my mobo

    My Asus z270a Prime has an XMP switch that I only realized today. I have xmp enabled in the bios so will anything happen if I turn the switch on?
  12. mprospero

    The Best Universal Remotes of 2017 (All Happen To Be From Logitech)

    Logitech’s Harmony remotes are pretty much the only ones worth purchasing right now, and the better ones can control your smart home devices. The Best Universal Remotes of 2017 (All Happen To Be From Logitech) : Read more
  13. yamahahornist

    Windows 2016 server and Group Policy on Windows 10 Computer; blocking settings problem

    So Microsoft really screwed up Windows domain users for Windows 10 computers. I am setting up a Group Policy for students at our school and the problem I am facing is the metro UI settings vs the control panel (Windows 7) settings. The group policy control panel settings will block users from...
  14. B

    extra Usb 3 connection for card reader.

    Do the usb 3 card readers use usb3 for the cards or just the ports. If it does provide faster read/writes for the SD card then naturally it would be preferred.. The case options will use the usb3 connector on the z270 front. How can I add another usb3 for the reader.
  15. D

    New Gaming Build for Crysis 3 - 1440p - Ultra - 60fps

    Hello folks! Introduction, Listing of parts I am about to build my first gaming pc. I have already selected the parts and would appreciate your comments and opinions, to assure that what I selected makes sense and there is no significant bottleneck. So, first, here is the list of parts I...
  16. V

    Dell 15 3000

    My forward slash on keyboard does not work. How do I fix it
  17. P

    keyboard not working

    asus keyboard not working having to use ease of access keyboard have tried restore but still not working. Asus R540S
  18. V

    AMD CPU Bottleneck GTX 1050 Ti?

    So, I have been looking at a lot of threads lately, and I saw one that caught my eye. A better CPU than mine, being severely bottlenecked by a 1050 Ti. I have a AMD APU A8-5600K, while they have a AMD APU A10-7700k. Will my CPU be bottlenecked while gaming? Im mostly going to be gaming, and I...