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    Question 100% disk usage during Windows update

    Heya, Since a while ago the disk usage of my pc starts to ramp up to a 100% and stays there untill I power off the pc manually. This happens immediately everytime when Windows update tries to install update KB4520008. This means I cannot use my pc for more then a few minutes untill Windows...
  2. Z

    [SOLVED] ntoskrnl.exe High Disk Usage

    My laptop runs for a short while (~30 minutes) after booting without much of a problem, but shortly after begins running hard and its fan goes into overdrive when I'm watching a video, I open a file (anything), etc. When I check task manager, the "disk" usage is always at least above 95%. After...
  3. R

    Question [Windows 8.1] Disk usage goes to 100%. System seems to be behind it.

    My laptop lags when it happens. From my experience, when I use Firefox and have 4-5 tabs open with one of them being Facebook, the problem arises. But when I close the Facebook tab, it disappears. Even having 5 non-FB tabs running, the problem does not appear. Lags go in 3-5 intervals; lags or...
  4. F

    Question HDD usage goes up to 100 after my pc is not able to start.

    Hello, so the other the day my (desktop)pc turn off completely while I was using it, afterwards, it refused to start, I tried some basic stuff like checking plugs, turning the PSU on/off but nothing worked, so I decided to take the computer apart, clean it, and then try again, it worked, but...
  5. E

    Question Problems with system drive usage ( 100% at startup)

    So, I've had this issue for a long time, where the disk usage is at 100% with only a few mb/s and the response time is extreme. Now, let me say this. The problem doesn't most likely occur from any specific software that I would have downloaded. Note that my desktop PC has an SSD, and my laptop...
  6. GlitchCo

    Question Random freezes in Gaming (Windows 10)

    So, I know this has been asked many, many times. Yet I tried all the options given to me on this forum and other sites without any good result. Alright, here we go again. Whenever I play a game, and something new happens in the game (so I assume the game needs to change data or something), it...
  7. J

    Question Windows 10 freezing randomly 100% disk usage

    Well i've just build a completely new pc and installed Win 10. And every few minutes or secs everything freezes, i usually can move mouse but cant send any input or do anything during the freeze, although voice call on discord keep working. I've looked what happens during this freezes and it...
  8. Y

    Question My SSD Causes My PC to Freeze

    Ever since I got an SSD to replace my HDD (for my main drive with windows 10; I have a secondary HDD) My PC often freezes for 5-10Seconds while my SSD's Disk Usage goes to 100%, I have scanned for viruses with several AV's because I was convinced that was the culprit but I have found none I then...
  9. SoumyaHD

    Question High Disk Usage

    I have a insider build 18362.xx and a normal october 2018 17763.xx build. Both consume lots of memory at least 2GB in ideal condition and 100% disk uasge and also how to shut down data collection and telemetry permanently? Slow app opening times and also slow booting and it takes 15 minutes to...
  10. A

    Question 100% Disk Usage (and malfuncioning fans)

    I bought a mid/high end PC around an year ago. Issue #1: Few weeks after purchase, it started making A LOT of noise when it would turn on, and the fans started malfunctioning. The lights would turn off/on randomly, it would decelerate, then accelerate, in syncrony with the loud noise. Anyway...
  11. P

    Amd e2 processor

    How can I overclock amd e2 proccesor
  12. L

    How to estimate the number of downloads of an app in ONE day?

    Apps on Play Store or iTunes. They only provide total numbers with wide band like from 500,000 to 1,000,000. That's a big difference. Anyone knows? Thanks a lot!