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  1. C

    [SOLVED] is there a way to enable HDR via DP 1.4 for games that only support HDR via HDMI?

    Hi All for games like AC origin, AC odyssey, Farcry 5 , GR break point, GR wildlands etc where it demands a HDMI 2.0 connection in order to enable HDR , is there a way to get it done via DP 1.4? my monitor is g-sync compatible and loosing that as well as the native 120 refresh rate to get HDR...
  2. Tomm013

    Question Display Ports on graphics card suddenly not working

    Hey, A few weeks ago my monitor started to turn black for a second and get back on. A few days later it didn't go on anymore. I thought it was the cable so I ordered a new one. Also with the new cable is the problem still there. My monitor is connected with a DP to HDMI cable. Me and my friend...
  3. akashnai

    [SOLVED] Do i have to remove graphic card to get ouput to my monitor using igpu?

    I got a new workstation. Hp-z230 sff. And its motherboard got 3 displayports, but no vga no hdmi. Only 3 display ports. So i tried to use dp to vga converter thing. And it didn't work. Also i have installed gt710 graphic card. But I'm thinking of returning it. If i can get output using dp to vga...
  4. almo89


    Hello, everyone. This is not so much a How to but it's where its best placed among the thread types. TL;DR at the bottom. So I have a PC with Windows 10 Pro (64bit) and a GTX 970 card, and recently got a LG smart TV. After that I bought a HDMI cable to connect them, and to my surprise, the...
  5. F

    Question My third screen wont turn on

    Hey! I have a tiny problem when setting up my 3 monitor setup, i have two monitors that use HDMI and one that uses DisplayPort. Two of the monitors have turned on but the last one is just black. All of the monitors are connected to my GPU, The GPU is a Asus ROG STrix 1070 if that helps
  6. M

    Question Are display port to hdmi cables bidirectional?

    I have a Dell monitor E2016H and Lenovo ThinkPad T480s. Monitor has VGA and Display port input. Laptop has HDMI out. (It also has thunderbolt and USB3 which I use for charging) I want to know how can I connect this monitor as second screen to my laptop. When I searched Amazon India for HDMI to...
  7. L

    Laptop Brightness set to 0%

    I just turned my brightness all the way down, and now i can't see a thing on my laptop. I can reboot it and can open safe mode fine, but if i try to log back on everything is just black. I thought adjusting the brightness would just make it really dark, but now its just blank black. Any help...