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  1. gaz1984

    Question Fluctuating mhz issues on 144mhz monitor when gaming ?

    Hey! I'm a bit if a Noob.. I recently purchased a z271 acer predator 27 inch monitor. I'm using a DP cable and I'm getting 144mhz on windows. Great. Well I load up 'squad' and my mhz starts jumping up and down causing lighting issues ect. Any idea why this would be? Any advice would be great...
  2. K

    Question BenQ 24" GL2460 keeps shutting off ?

    Hey everyone. I keep having an issue with one of my monitors which has now been temporarily replaced with an older one till i either buy a newone or fix this issue. For the last couple weeks the monitor will randomly shut off and the power button goes off with it (sometimes) but for example...
  3. Ceneq10

    Question CPU then steady DRAM red light after changing the PSU

    Hello, I am in a very bad week. I bought 4070ti, (coming from 1070) and I find out that I don't have enough PCIe cables then I just decided to get a new PSU since my current is considered c tier. Anyway after I installed the gpu and the new psu (RM850x). no screen no power to usb devices, fans...
  4. F

    Question Windows 11 adaptive brightiness turn off

    Hello! Recently I installed windows 11 and adaptive brightness is on. I have a desktop PC and there is no option for this. It's very annoying. When on screen is a dark image the brightness goes low, and when an image is bright it goes up. Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on...
  5. Kyrios213

    Question Bios won't display using the GPU and instead would use the IGPU

    I have a nvidia 1650, a ryzen 3 2200g and a gigabyte a320m motherboard. Everytime I try to go to bios, since I have dual monitor plug in my gpu, there will be no display. I know I'm in bios cuz if I switch the cable to the IGPU the bios shows up.
  6. unav4ial8le

    Question My TV box does not wake up my monitor from idle/sleep mode.

    It's good to keep in mind that I only have this problem with my TV box (with my computer the monitor works as expected). So basically I use my monitor as TV and as second monitor for my work. I live in Korea, so the montior brand is not that known (Udea) and the TV box is a cheap random one...
  7. Mfmf_18

    Question Random loss of signal to monitors ?

    Hello everyone, about 2 months ago I mounted a pc, everything worked perfectly until a week ago when it started to have random signal loss that force me to restart it from the power button on the case. I've noticed that if the first 10-15 minutes the pc don't "crash" it will not crash as long as...
  8. Lasith

    Question Mouse pointer acting weird on Adobe applications ?

    As you can see, when I click on the eraser tool the screen goes insane. I have tried almost every possible solutions including drive update, reinstalling PS, installing different version even changing the mouse pointer icon. But after some time this issue popped up in the MS office application...
  9. PhoenixLord1994

    Question Why everytime I plug my charger into my extension lead my pc loses display output and I have to re-install my graphic drivers?

    Hi I recently bought a new AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT 4Gb and my whole system is plugged into a 2kva UPS incliding both my screens, however everytime I plug my phone charger into my extension witch is also on the UPS or when I plug into another plug that is close to the UPS's plug I loose any and...
  10. Ewan_Partridge

    [SOLVED] does anyone know how to diable this setting?

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/777270648686641183/951606981905481788/unknown.png does anyone know how to turn this setting off? so i can drag tabs around and them acually moving not just the outline?
  11. A

    Question Can I use a 4k monitor with a i3 6100 and Gigabyte h110m-s2-cf Motherboard?

    I am currently using a 24 inch 2k monitor and it seems to work just fine with my old i3 6100 desktop. Although, I am planning on upgrading my system, I was wondering I could buy a 32 inch 4k monitor now and upgrade my system later. What are the things I should keep in mind? Will I face any...
  12. SilverPigtail

    Question So I decided to oc the monitor...

    Hi all, I have an Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ1A 27" that has the option to overclocking it. I decided to try just because some graphic drivers reduce my Hz to 120 (that problem is solved). When I did this, I could see a box in the center of the screen that was on another resolution. This could be...
  13. Cinzoul

    Question My PC seems to be losing video output randomly ?

    My old PC was experiencing this same issue. Figuring it was a video card issue, and due to the current state of the market, I decided to purchase a prebuilt from Redux (PC currently under 1 month old). When the PC arrived, I installed a 2nd NVME SSD in it from the previous PC as well as a...
  14. SeparatiX

    [SOLVED] Monitors going black and flickering when playing indie games

    Hi, so as the title says ... I tried to play some indie games and when i do my monitors start to black out randomly and bright horizontal lines appears on them (doesnt matter if the game is fullscreen or windowed or on what monitor i play the game). I tried using different port on gpu and...
  15. whiteofcrime

    [SOLVED] Laptop screen flickering, jumping & shaking ?

    Hello, my laptop (Lenovo G580) has been flickering a horizontal line at the top and bottom of the screen. The screen also jumps/shakes after every few seconds. The screen flickering and jumping occur right after I turn on the laptop. I have tried following the videos in YouTube like updating...
  16. SeparatiX

    [SOLVED] Monitors randomly starts to black out and horizontal lines appear when playing some games ?

    Hi, so as the title says ... I tried to play some indie games and when i do my monitors start to black out randomly and bright horizontal lines appears on them (doesnt matter if the game is fullscreen or windowed or on what monitor i play the game). I tried using different port on gpu and...
  17. C

    Question Two identical monitors but one is flickering black ?

    I have two identical monitors, one connected via HDMI and one connected via VGA. The VGA monitor started flashing to black and back like it was turning off and on randomly but the power light doesn't change. I tried switching the input to DVI but the issue persists. I assume it's not an issue...
  18. T

    Question Which monitor to choose?

    Hello friends. As the title says i need help with chosing myself a monitor. My current best pick is Asus vg259qr for 410 usd (i also found vg259q for the same price and vg249q for 100 dollars less, i dont know which of the first 2 is better) My budget is around 360 (420usd) euros max. If you...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] Looking for a 40 inch + hdmi 2.1 monitor

    Are there any monitors in the market with the following or similar specs: Panel: Any 40 inch + 120Hz 1 - 4 MS HDMI 2.1
  20. J

    Question Laptop screen has artifacts that disappear when window is refreshed

    My Acer Helios with 1060 is starting to often display the display image with such artifacts. Most cases a window resize or refresh fixes it. It happens to browser windows or for example MS Visual Studio or other apps that are not refreshing the picture being rendered. I am thinking that the GPU...
  21. mbilal2

    [SOLVED] Just got two more monitors. Can't enable Nvidia surround for a triple monitor setup.

    Only two monitors show up. The third one is unchecked, saying "only two monitors can be selected". See screenshot. I saw on some other forums that's it's a driver issue but I can't figure out which driver to use. Images
  22. F

    [SOLVED] Trying to enable multiple displays with igpu and graphics card

    Hello. Trying to run dual monitors using gpu and igpu. It's my understanding that igpu needs to be forced on in the bios, but even when forced, it is still set to off after restarting. I have only hdmi compatible monitors, and the gpu has only one hdmi port. Money and resources are an issue...
  23. D

    Question Damaged at the side, whole screen colour affected

    Hi So game stuff happened and i threw my phone and it bounced and hit the right edge of the monitor ( https://www.samsung.com/sg/monitors/curved-c27jg50/ ) and now theres no dead pixels and anything i heard of before but the whole screen's colour now is lighter than usual, idk how else to...
  24. C

    Question No Display (sleep mode) with multiple graphics cards

    My computer has no display when installing 2 of the GPU I have, one is a GIGABYTE AMD Radeon R9 280X and also a Nvidia GeForce GTX 760. When I install it and put on my pc the screen stays in sleep mode does not even go to the BIOS screen, nothing happens. I have tested different monitors and...
  25. Joke2k

    [SOLVED] Can i use 144hz on hdmi with this monitor??

    Hi i am planning to buy this monitor AOC C24G1 24“ and iv Heard from some people that it supports 144hz HDMI and other say you need a DisplayCable to run it at 144hz or it will be locked at 120hz is this true? Cus i dont have a Displayport on my pc? Can anyone give me an real and honest answer here?
  26. RoguE46

    [SOLVED] Gaming on a HP 4K Z27 Dispaly - Bad Idea?

    I'm currently exploring some options for a new monitor. I'm a creative and work quite a lot in Photoshop, Illustrator, Light room, etc. On the other hand I also do a little gaming on my free time. I just built my first PC and picked up Gears 5. It has opened my eyes to how much better gaming on...
  27. K

    [SOLVED] Choosing second monitor

    Hello I am looking for buying second monitor with a budget about 150 euro or 100 dollars. I will be working on it, programming also I would be playing games some times. My GPU is Radeon RX580 8GB. My first monitor is Acer v226HQL. For now I am thinking of buying Acer Nitro QG271bii.
  28. D

    Question Acer XB321HKbmiphz Predator alternatie?

    Hello, is there any other alternative to this monitor? Currently I have BenQ BL3201PT 32'' 4k monitor. I have it for a few years and I'm considering it's replacement with the new one. Unfortunately, the options are very limited and I'm unable to find another one than Acer's Predator which is...
  29. M

    Question Can i have 144h with HDMI on Viewsonic XG2401

    Hey guys, I have a Dell G3 Laptop 3579 (i5 8300H, GTX 1050ti, Hdmi 2.0) and i was wondering if i bought this monitor : Viewsonic XG2401 Would i then be able to get 144hz through the HDMI. thank you !
  30. Katlina1`8

    [SOLVED] Can i conect VW195D direct into the power switch without power supply

  31. N

    Question Being a VA panel, is BenQ EW3270u good for photo editing??

    Hello folks, Currently I was using a mid 2017 MacBook Pro 13inch for my programming, web designing, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and designing. After two years display of my MBP is giving me some issue and now it’s totally dead! And Apple gave me an expense of $650 for...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Best way to have 2 screens in different rooms run off one PC

    I've recently bought a house and am moving in 2 weeks. I have a high end gaming rig that I want to put in my office (top floor) but my wife wants it to control the livingroom (middle floor) tv like it has for the last few years. These rooms are on different floors but one is right above the...
  33. R

    Question Higher resolution vs Higher Quality

    So, i just bought an i7 4770k with a gtx 1070. Now all thats left is to buy a display. Im not planing on buying a fancy gaming display from Asus and stuff. ill just buy a decent widescreen display(60 hz). So, my real question is should i buy a 1440p display or a 1080p display. My main target is...
  34. pwncakes

    Question Help for buying 2nd Monitor

    Hello there guys! I would like your opinion on what should I get as my 2nd monitor. Currently I have the ASUS VG278Q with 144hz refresh rate. Basically, the main reason of buying a 2nd monitor would be streaming for me. Instead of spending tho 250$ for a simple monitor to do my work, I could...
  35. J

    Question 4 good choices for 1440p & 144Hz

    So here is m pc: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YKRFV6 Here are the screens (I live in China): 1. BenQ EX3203R 32inc VA free sync HDR400 = 521usd 2. Acer Predator XB271HU 27inc TN G-sync = 521usd 3. AOC AG322QC4 Free sync 31.5inc VA HDR400 = 447usd 4. Samsung CJG5 31.5inc = 596usd I already...
  36. T

    Question Please help me choose the right monitor.

    Hello! I am looking for a new monitor with the following features: -27-inch display - at least 75 Hz refresh rate -IPS led technology -VESA wall mount compatibility -good colour accuracy I am in a dilemma since I do not know which resolution to pick: 1080p or 1440p. Currently, I am using LG...
  37. G

    GPU shuts down computer under load

    I just built my new system about a week ago and when playing TF2 it usually completely shut down the computer after about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. It cannot be turned back on until I flip the psu switch off and back on again. My temps are fine. Not even close to hot, but when playing...