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  1. A

    Question Hdmi to display port UHD @60hz

    Hello, I've recently pre ordered a ps5, I have a Acer Predator XB281HK monitor. Which I read only does 4k at around 24hz with hdmi. What hdmi to display port adapters would work in getting the full 4k 60hz from the ps5 to my monitor? Thanks.
  2. D

    Question Not getting 4k 60Hz Option while using HDMI 2.0

    Hi, I've got a problem with a new Monitor i purchased a few days ago. The Monitor is a Samsung U32R592CWU, which supports a refresh rate of 60Hz at 3840x2180. It came with a HDMI 2 cable. My Laptop is a HP-Pavilion 15 (cs2101ng) running Win10, which should (!) have a HDMI 2 output, at least...
  3. K

    Question 1080p-144hz with 2nd monitor 4k?

    Hello, I recently built a new computer that I will use for gaming an to watch movies. Since I will use it for work, I need two monitors. I was thinking about getting a 1st monitor 1080p 144hz for gaming and a 2nd monitor 4k 60hz that I would use for watching movies and everything else. Would...
  4. Ori2mil

    Question My PC won't boot due to my monitor

    Hi, I recently bought a new 4k monitor, the BenQ PD2700U. I had an Asus monitor 1080p 60hz and everythings worked fine. The problem came when I connected both of them. My pc wasn't showing any signal, only three long beeps and three short beeps (hp bios). The thing is that if I turn it on only...
  5. Y

    Question Duplicate monitor caps fps at 30

    I have 2 4k displays, 1 monitor 1 TV and I used to be able to duplicate screens and get 60fps on both. For some reason now if I select to duplicate displays my monitor turns off and then turns back on but its set on 30hz. Has anyone had this issue and does anyone know how to fix?
  6. Icon-Army

    [SOLVED] What is the best color accurate and bright display for 4k gaming?

    As the headline says. I am not trying to do better than 60FPS Not doing hardcore gaming. I just want to admire the beauty of games like Tomb Raider and Black Desert Online. Price is not a factor if you can suggest a range of monitors that would be helpful Thanks.