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  1. Ash_GameKiller?

    [SOLVED] Signal Loss? - HDMI to VGA Converter

    I've a VGA monitor. I'm thinking of buying new graphic card. That graphic card has HDMI port. So, if I use HDMI to VGA converter, will there be any signal loss? As you guys know that, VGA work on analog signal and HDMI only uses 0 or 1. [One more question] My motherboard can provide 4K thru...
  2. M

    Question 6-bit + FRC IPS or 8-bit IPS ?

    The answer is simple as 8-bit is better. But I want to choose a monitor among the two. LG 22MK600M (or) LG 22MP68VQ. LG 22MK600M - Newer model. Less Power Consumption. 6-bit + FRC IPS Panel. 2 HDMI Ports. LG 22MP68VQ - Older Model. More Power Consumption. 8-bit IPS Panel. 1 HDMI Port. Both are...
  3. C

    Question horizontal lines on my display, what could it be?

    recently ive been getting these horizontal lines that are like white translucid, like it was some kind of interference i guess you could say, on my screen whenever im playing something intensive it spikes up, but when i quit the game the screen goes back to normal and if theres any lines...
  4. T

    Question New set up

    Hello there...Aftet i made a new set up i get a perma black screen that says "Cannot display this video mode,change computer display input to 1920x1080@60hz"and i have a permanent black screen...My old graphics card works fine with the VGA cable when i connect it but the RTX 5700 isnt with the...
  5. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Is 144 Hz worth it?

    I am having trouble deciding between two monitors: Dell U2719D and LG 27GL850. I am currently using two HP 27er (60 Hz) which I am considering upgrading from due to the low PPI. I prefer the design of the U2719D since it has smaller bezels but it lacks support for G Sync and 144 Hz which the...