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  1. Starboss

    Question Code 43 on RTX 2070 ?

    I bought a gpu that gives error 43 and I do not know what to do. So it happened when I tried to install latest version of Medal of Honor game. It has been confirmed that it is the gpu since that is what I bought and the pc’s are using different specs. I don’t know if this is normal but the...
  2. kamwo

    Question My computer does not detect 2nd GPU - sometimes

    My configuration is Asrock X470 Master SLI, Ryzen 5850X and 2 x 1080Ti. Till today all worked well with SLI and 2 GPUs - on default UEFI settings. Today I upgraded CPU from Ryzen 3600 to 5850X and problems arised. After installing it suddenly computer started to detect only 1 gpu - the one in...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] GPU still getting a Code 43 after fresh OS install, and even a DDU and driver reinstall

    Hi folks, I made a new account in hopes to get a different perspective on the issue. 2 days ago, I got an error 43 on my GPU (980Ti). Device Manager would show that the device has stopped due to this error. dxdiag also tells me the same thing. Initially, after scouring the internet about this...
  4. E

    Question Black Screens, Error 43 on GPU and Please connect PCI E cables message when booting

    Hello, So I started having having problems with my pc for some weeks now and it's behaviour is quite strange, so what happens is that it works fine the first time I turn it on per day and then after sometime my pc black screens ( I can still hear sound and I hear the windows sound of something...
  5. T

    Question Issues trying to get RX 570 cards working in crossfire

    Hi, I have been trying to get my two RX 570 (8GB and 4GB) cards to work in crossfire for a while now and every time I install the other card it comes up with error 43 in device manager, it has power and fan spin, it has new thermal paste and I have reseated it more times than I can count...
  6. Shield07

    Question My display resolution really won’t change to 1080p

    I have been trying to upgrade my dads pc to a new ssd with win10 on it. It works fine except the display resolution. It doesn’t do 1080 and is stuck on a weird low res setting. I’ve tried new monitors, new monitor drivers, and more. Even CRU doesn’t work. Apparently it is an issue with the...