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  1. pewpew135

    [SOLVED] Laptop display freezes and stutters after an amount of time

    Hi! I got this problem probably around last week. After using it for coding and playing games, the laptop monitor stutters and freezes but leaves a small amount of space above thats completely working. It goes like this every 30 seconds or so, with a random interval. It usually happens late at...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Need Help with failing GPU

    I own a gigabyte gtx 660 that i bought in 2012. i have been using it till now but have swapped out the rest of the components in my pc. Here is my current specs CPU: i5 600 with coolermaster hyper 212x fan Ram: 8gb hyperx motherboard: msi b150 pc mate PSU: corsair cx600. this current setup...
  3. C

    Question PC Display/GPU Issues

    I’ve had a custom built PC for the last three years now which has worked great for the first two years until I began experiencing significant issues over the past ten months or so. All of them seem to be connected in some way to my display, and I’m interested in purchasing a new GPU but want to...
  4. B

    Help Needed for Transferring Windows 10 to my new SSD

    Ok so I JUST got a new SSD. The Samsung 850 evo 250GB. I would like to move my Windows 10 from my Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD to this new SSD. I have 900 some GB of data used on this HDD and obviously I can't transfer all that onto this 250GB drive. How would I just get the OS ONLY out of my HDD...