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  1. aidfarrell70

    Question blurry and distorted screen

    Sometimes, but not all the time, whever I boot my PC up the screen is blurred and distorted - almost looks like a 3D filter. Wondering if anyone knows what it might be? I use a dual link dvi to dpi connector so that could be the problem. looks like this - View: https://imgur.com/a/4Lb1Fh9
  2. P

    Question BENQ RL2755HM no display output when connected to the PS4 through HDMI Cable.

    Hello Guys, I am having this issue where I am not able to get any output on my Benq Rl2755hm monitor when connecting to the PS4 via HDMI. The PS4 is working fine with no issues and I have tested the HDMi cable too. I tried all possible steps that I found online including reset the PS4 and...
  3. M

    Question Lenovo Thinkpad E580 - RX550 is installed but Intel HD 620 is being utilized

    I have Lenovo Thinkapd E580 with RX550 2GB version. After windows update and AMD Drivers installed and fully updated, my Intel 620 is being utilized for everything. Benchmark programs dont even show my AMD Card, and automatically uses Intel gpu for benchmarking. But in my Device Manager i can...
  4. bludyvenom

    Question Blurry text and icons in Windows 10 - FHD Display

    I have a 20 inches LCD with ratio 16:9 working fine and a recently bought 24 inches FHD LED. Now as I have connected the former one with a VGA cable and the latter one with an HDMI cable with my graphics card Zotac GT710 2 GB DDR3, the FHD seems very blurry and unusable. I've changed the...
  5. I

    Dark spot on back of cpu

    My P.C. wont post. After taking it apart to reseat the cpu I noticed a darkspot on the bottom of the CPU. I thought is was thermal paste but after wiping it with alcohol nothing happened. What is this. https://imgur.com/a/Szv573t Specs I5 7600k Rx 470 Msi z270i bulldog 16 GB ddr4 adata 2400mhz
  6. A

    Screen Displaying No signal on using Graphics Card due to drivers

    Hello, My dad has a PC with intel i5-6600k, Nvidia 1050, Asus Z170 mother board and 8 gigs of ram with Windows 10. Basically what's happening is, whenever he connects the monitor to the HDMI port of his graphics card, he's getting a No signal display but the monitor is working fine with the VGA...
  7. D

    Screen frozen on shutting down screen

    My Toshiba Satellite has been on shutting down screen for hours
  8. T

    Old Pc upgrade

    Hello i own and old pc The interesting specs are : -mobo : asus p5qle -cpu : intel core quad 2 q6600 -gpu : asus gt9500 Is there any chance reviving this old thing ? Can i upgrade the cpu in this mobo with a new one ? If i leave this cpu buying a new gpu would make a difference or it would...
  9. D

    PC freeze and restart

    Why is this happening? It happens every few minutes after booting up my pc
  10. C

    Noctua NH-D15 and COrsair 100r

    Would the Noctua NH-D15 be compatible with this case?
  11. Mason Methot

    RAM usage 90%+!!! HELP!

    I don't know why but suddenly my RAM spiked up to over 90% and won't go down! I built a brand new computer many months ago and installed 8GB of Kingston ram and never had it go over 60% Only like 3 programs open and it is being fully used while CPU idles at 30%! I checked task manager (which...
  12. M

    Can I do Crossfire with two R9 290's on ASRock H97M Pro4 ?

    Hey,I was wondering if i can do Crossfire with two 290 on ASRock H97M Pro4 ?
  13. R

    Flagship vs Cheaper Motherboards.

    Is there any reason for anyone to pick something like , for example , the Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK over the cheaper yet equally impressive Z97X-Gaming GT assuming they don't pick it for the wow factor? Does the increased price offer equally increased features (in other words is it worth...