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  1. TheSaddestGamer

    Question Getting no display when I turn on recently built PC?

    Hi, I recently purchased a new set of components for my new build about 6 months ago and everything’s has been fineness until recently I tried going on my PC and it come so on but I get no display on my monitor. For Info my build is AMD Ryzen 5600x CPU Gigabyte RTX 2060 mini-itx GPU Gigabyte...
  2. N

    Question HDMI and Display Port duel Monitor setup doesn't work together anymore.

    I have had my my Aorus GTX 2070 since around the launch of the card and i haven't had many issues with it (despite the Aorus software). Although after buying a new 4TB HDD and installing it i cant seem to be able to connect my two monitors at once anymore, it only chooses one monitor. I have...
  3. J

    Question Monoprice monitor issue

    Hi, We recently moved to a new home, and when I was setting up my PC I plugged in my Monoprice monitor (monitor 1) and it wouldn't display any video output. The odd thing is when I plugged in my older view sonic monitor (monitor 2) and looked into why the other one wasn't working I found that...
  4. S

    Question code 43

    I have built a pc with the following specs: i7-8700k 16 gb gskill ripjaw ram MSI mpg z390 gaming carbon pro AC Originally had GeForce gtx 980 currently has GeForce gtx 1660 originally tried windows 10 pro 1903 currently running windows 10 home 1903 Originally I had the 980 in with 10 pro...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] What video inputs work with Microsoft basic vga driver?

    I've just bought a new GPU and it's the first GPU I've bought that doesn't have support for a VGA monitor so I tried hooking the HDMI input to my TV but because the NVIDIA drivers arent installed there's no signal and I was wondering would dvi-d work with the microsoft basic driver? just so I...
  6. B

    system recovery tool

    i am trying to restore my laptop to factory settings. System recovery is not available and the F11 key is not enabled. what do I do? I have already backed up my system. just need to perform system recovery
  7. S

    Simple question about Thermalright Macho Rev A

    Hey, So i have to ask does the heatsink fit in Bitfenix Ghost case on GA-Z87X-D3H motherboard?