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  1. N

    Question GPU fan not spinning ?

    Okay. So. About two weeks ago my pc shut off. I opened up the case and found somehow I had knocked over my vape mod, and e liquid spilled directly onto the GPU. I replaced the GPU (it was put into the secondary PCIe lane since it wasn’t fitting in the first one) with a AMD RYZEN 5500 XT...
  2. Frapple

    Question PC not displaying on my monitor.

    Hello! My PC was working fine till I installed a new GPU into my PC. Everything was working the iGPU display GPU display. Now when I installed the new GPU my PC wont even display anything to my monitor all 3 of them. Is my Mobo possibly cooked?
  3. WittPebble

    [SOLVED] No signal to display after power was cut from pc

    So coworker of mine has been using a computer that I built him for a while now no problem with anything until just recently. While he was away from his computer his sister unplugged everything while it was on now no signal is being sent over to the monitor. Everything seems to be getting power...