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  1. DefNotWaffle

    Question Issue with laptop's DisplayPort to external monitor ?

    So i ran into some problem when I try to use external monitor on my laptop since my internal screen is dead. My laptop is Asus Rog GL503GE and i just recently bought an LG 24GN600-B 144hz monitor for it. When i first try it using hdmi it only supports up to 120hz @ 1080p and it was connected to...
  2. Question Monitor Display Issue | Bad Display Port? | Pictures Below

    Don't know what happened my other monitors are fine but my main is having issues I can't explain. The weird this is my Monitor settings menu doesn't do this. Any help with the image below would be much appreciated. UPDATE: Changed display Port cable and it's still doing this.
  3. J

    Question Viotek monitor not displaying HDR correctly ?

    Hello there! I have had this Viotek Q2711SH monitor, it is 144hz, 1440p, and supposedly has HDR. Even in windows settings it says Use HDR is supported. I've had this computer for a while and thought possibly the issue had to do with the fact that my current cable was a display port, or that my...
  4. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] No ghosting monitor

    Hi, I have an msi optix g32c4 and it have a HEAVY ghosting, I think the problem is the red or the blue, the green look fine. Some one know some 32" monitor fhd or 2k with no ghosting(122hz)? Anyway does displayport is better then hdmi for ghosting?
  5. X

    [SOLVED] Which to second monitor with keyboard

    Hi, My set up is a PC connected to my monitor via the display port and tv through the HDMI PC monitor for keyboard games(desk) TV for Controller games (couch) at the moment, every time i want to switch from the monitor to the tv i have to do in to control panel and change it there. ive had...
  6. Baraa_Al Turk

    Question Cable Connection Opinion

    Hello guys. hear me out, I know this can get a little bit confusing but I'm trying the best solution in here. so I have a 1660 super that has 3 ports: DP, HDMI, and DVI. My Dvi and HDMI are not working for unknown reasons and what I want to do is, I'm trying to connect 2 monitors on the DP port...
  7. Question Gigabyte Aero 15 broken image above 60hz via Display Port on a LG 32GN600

    Hi, everybody. I'll edit the earlier thread since the problem changed. I bought a LG 32GN600 and connected my Gigabyte Aero 15 notebook with a mini display port to display port. I can use any resolution up to 1440p (display's native) but if I go above 60hz the image breaks,glitches and goes...
  8. Z

    Question Hdmi to Display port adapter for Ps5 sorta not working. Is there an adapter that will work?

    I have this display, the hdmi port doesn't support 4k, but the dp does. I got this adater adapter but my monitor doesn't detect the Ps5. Is there an adapter that will work with it that anyone knows of? I plugged in the adapter, the monitor said no signal still. But I took a screen shot on the...
  9. Z

    Question Hdmi to Display port adapter for Ps5 sorta not working. Is there an adapter that will work?

    I have this display, the hdmi port doesn't support 4k, but the dp does. I got this adater adapter but my monitor doesn't detect the Ps5. Is there an adapter that will work with it that anyone knows of? Update I plugged in the adapter, the monitor said no signal still. But I took a screen shot...
  10. KenTanjiro

    Question NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 DisplayPort not working ?

    I recently bought this card as this is the only card available on market right now. The card has two ports: DVI-I and HDMI, the HDMI port works completely fine as it connects to the monitor. However, when I use the DVI-I port to connect to my monitor it just shows "No-Signal". I am using DVI-I...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Only 1 out of 2 monitors goes black for roughly 3 seconds randomly while gaming, and consistently when using the steam app

    For awhile now my monitor (AOC Q27G2G4) has suddenly been going black for about 3 seconds while I'm playing games, and happens consistently whenever I open up a games store page on the steam app. The frequency of the black-out varies from game to game, but it seems to be the worst in Tabletop...
  12. B

    Question Monitor Believes the Cable is Disconnected Immediately After Entering Sleep, Then Powers Off

    Issue: So I've recently installed a Quadro M2000 gpu in my system (4 display port outputs). However, the monitor now has a very annoying issue where once the monitor sleeps, the monitor immediately complains that there is no cable plugged in and powers off 10 seconds later (so you have to power...
  13. AMGTony

    Question 2nd Monitor Won't Display Signal (Details below)

    Hello! I recently got an old monitor from a friend, a Dell E2311H, I'm using it through a DVI to Display Port cable into the GPU (Palit RTX2060 Super JS), but it doesn't get detected. I've checked windows, Nvidia Control Panel, and nothing, no sign what so ever. The weird thing is, when I...
  14. M

    Question MSI GTX1050TI Strange HD Audio Problem

    Hi chaps, Running Windows 10 64-bit here on a Dell Optiplex 790 PC. I have just installed a second-hand MSI GTX 1050TI. I use an old TV connected to the graphics card via the Display Port connector. When I am using a media player, MAME or a web site such as YouTube there is no sound coming...
  15. jqt

    Question Display port to HDMI adaptor stop working

    For the second time, my "Display port to HDMI" adaptor stopped working after I used it at a client on their HDMI setup. Can anyone tell me what went wrong and what I need to do to avoid in the future.
  16. O

    Question Z590 Vision D Motherboard and PCIE Graphics Card questions

    Hello, I am very new to installing graphic cards in general and my Motherboard is unique in that it has a Display Port in. I have a Gigabyte Z590 Vision D Motherboard and want to install a NVIDIA Quadro m4000 graphics card via PCIE. From my understanding, I need to go from the Display port...
  17. Kamykaze2019

    Question No signal after boot, not detecting monitor on display port

    Hello! So I have a problem when I connect a philips monitor to my pc with a hdmi to display-port. When the pc starts is shows the motherboard boot scene but when it goes to windows it says no signal. I tried to connect 2 monitors to my video card(rtx 2070), one to hdmi and the other to display...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Low Hz and Resolution on Boot Up

    This problem started a few months ago. My GPU is an RTX 2080 XC ULTRA, and my monitor is a BenQ XL2420TE (1080p, 144hz). A few months ago, my computer crashed, where the monitor turned off, but it sounded like the audio was still going (through the headphones), and it wouldn’t respond to me...
  19. lewisdc

    Question Flickering, horizontal noise bars but only when at 144hz with Displayport ?

    Hi all I've had a new PC for roughly a month now and it's been great, however two days ago I started to notice flickering bars of noise across the screen. It happens at random intervals and locations across the screen, and when idle and under load (I say load, I've only been playing Darkest...
  20. Ragnorian

    Question Gpu BSOD errors

    Have spent the last 3-4 days troubleshooting this error and haven’t gotten very far. SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED nvlddmkm.sys Blue screen error upon plugging monitors into gpu, gpu not recognized by BIOS, device manager, unable to install drivers, or they aren’t recognized if they are...
  21. help_plz

    [SOLVED] No signal to monitor after pc crash - recently built and panicking!

    I recently built my first pc, and I've run into my first big problem. It has been running with no issues for about 3 months. I just got an ultrawide 144hz monitor. While testing out settings on a game, it crashed occasionally, but it was never overclocking the cpu or gpu - I kept the specs up on...
  22. MaxDorLachs

    Question USB ports and HDMI/ Displayport not working ?

    So, my friend asked me to build his pc with him bc i've already build a few pcs, and everything seems to be working, lights(ram, case, fans) are on, fans are spining, the ez debug led has a white light on cpu and i think that's how it is supposed to be. But the problem is that when we connect...
  23. S

    Question Samsung Odyssey G7 Display disconnecting issue

    I recently bought the 1440P, 240hz G7 Odyssey 32" monitor. My monitor is connected via display port into my PC. However , every time my monitor goes to sleep, after I wake it up, it keeps disconnecting then reconnecting. It happens mostly when I try to maximize a window such as google chrome...
  24. P

    [SOLVED] Which Cable Should I Use For 144hz?

    I have a 1080ti connected to an EG220 from Acer (the cheapest brand new FHD 144hz monitor I could find), thing is , I have two cables : an HDMI 2.1 and a Display Port 1.2 . Should I use the HDMI because it is newer and has a higher bandwidth, should I use the Display Port even though it is...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] Dp cable

    I think my recently bought DP cable is causing screen to flicker or go black for a few seconds when I move the monitor slightly , and my GPU have a red light turned on when Pc is OFF , what is weird ... never happened before ,the cable seems to be much thinner than my old cable that I only...
  26. Dean0919

    [SOLVED] G-sync problem

    Hello, I'm in this situation currently: Bought new monitor - Dell S2721D. It's a freesync monitor, but people say that they made it work with G-sync without problems. I tried it too, but somehow G-sync clearly didn't work. Someone mentioned on forums that he used Display Port 1.4 interface...
  27. odbmeister

    [SOLVED] I bought a monitor ASUS VG248QE but i can't find a cable for it..

    So, i bought a monitor (the Asus VG248QE) and at the moment i'm using a HDMI to connect to my laptop but i can't get the 144hz that the monitor can do. The monitor came with a DVI-D cable but i can't use that because my laptop does not have that type of port. (My laptop btw is the Omen by HP -...
  28. rus4u

    [SOLVED] How to make HDMI(PS5) to take over Display Port(PC) connection for my monitor?

    Hi all, I have my computer connected to my Acer ConceptD CP3271KP monitor with Display Port cable and my PS5 connected with HDMI cable. At the moment if I have my computer on and switch on my PlayStation the Playstation connection won't take over PC so I need to change the input on the monitor...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Did Gsync kill my GPU?

    So basically my (now dead) 1050ti started showing signs of dying around 4 months ago. Which is the same time around which I got a Display port cable and turned on Gsync. The issues i had at the start were display going out, crashing into a random colored screen and PC randomly restarting. Is it...
  30. hmorlang

    [SOLVED] Some Monitors not working with display port to hdmi adapter.

    Hi Guys, hope you're doing great. I have an issue. My current setup is this one: i5-10400 Gigabyte B450M DS3H Vengeance pro RGB 4x8GB Spectrix XPG 512 nvme Gigabyte RX 5500 xt 4GB. The graphics card has 4 ports, 1 HDMI and 3 display ports. I have 3 Monitors, 1 cheap chinese - 19", Benq 24"...
  31. M

    Question Nvidia 1060 Strix 6GB not working

    Hello, Today was just a casual day. I was playing dark souls 3 on my pc. Then my game froze and the screen turned black. My fan started to ram up. I turned off the pc and turned it back on. Then my monitor said 'DP no signal' . I thought maybe my monitor was not working. I tried unplugging the...
  32. D

    Question "No signal" problem that’s a little more strange than any other post/article I have read

    I originally wanted to make a post starting with. “I have irrational fears about handling computer hardware and now this situation has happened where I’m going to walk away with real irrational fears please help me understand what happened.” I just built my first pc ever. And my prior pc was...
  33. K

    [SOLVED] my monitor doesnt have displayPort and my GPU doesnt have DVI port what do I do ?

    I recently ordered a RTX 3070 but I found out that it doesnt have a DVI port it only has hdmi and DisplayPort but my monitor only has dvi and hdmi ports what do I do ? I dont want to use hdmi because it doesnt output 144hz at least thats what I think.
  34. S

    [SOLVED] Display port to DVI, no HDCP?

    Hello, I just bought a new to me gaming pc, and I'm having a problem with HDCP and prime video is not letting me watch in hd. I feel likes its a problem with either my monitor or the cable I had to order for it. I have one monitor that is connected with display port and it shows it supports...
  35. tkobylecky

    [SOLVED] HELP- Display Signal shuts off when I install GTX 1050ti to my HP Elite SFF 8200 PC ?

    I have a hp elite sff 8200 with 16gb ram and 1tb ssd running windows 10. I tried to install the gtx 1050ti. But every time I boot up with the 1050ti installed and hooked up to my monitor, I get no video signal at all. Also if I plug in the card while the pc is running, it immediately shuts off...
  36. A

    [SOLVED] Will I notice a difference in my monitor if I change the displayport version of the cable? (from dp1.2 to dp1.4)

    Hello, I recently bought the Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q 27" Gaming Monitor and I went to gigabytes website and saw that the supported version of the display port was 1.2 , and that the Aorus FI27Q-P supports 1.4. However, if I upgrade to a new display port 1.4 cable, will I notice an upgrade? Or is...
  37. sidcrimson

    [SOLVED] 5.1 Audio From Pc to Soundbar Via HDMI / DisplayPort

    Need help with setting up 5.1 Audio out on my Pc! My rig Asus H81MCS * No TOSLINK OUT/ HDMI audio out * i3 4130 16GB RAM Windows 10 Video Card : GTX 1660 Super TV : LG UJ725T Soundbar : LGSL8YG PC right now is connected to the TV via HDMI ( Using HDMI 2.1 ver Cable ) And My soundbar is...
  38. devin45

    Question Display Port loses connection when launching a game

    Monitor TUF VG27AQL1A Motherboard TUF X570-PLUS(WIFI) GPU TYF 3080 OC edition I have the display port connected to the gpu it works when just on casually using it but when I open a game like cod Minecraft or Red Dead Redemption 2 it says it loses connection. I can get it to show something after...
  39. M

    [SOLVED] How to use 3.5mm Audio Input while using Display Port

    So I have an ASUS VG248QE I've had going for 7 years now. I like to use the built-in speakers for music when away from my PC. I run it through a 3.5mm splitter to get audio to both monitors. However, when I switched to using Display Port from DVI since I upgraded my PC I lost audio from the...
  40. jollypirate

    [SOLVED] HDMI 2.0 vs DP 1.2

    I ordered a new 1440p 165hz screen, and it just dawned on me my gpu has older dp standard (1.2 vs monitors 1.4) Im have been doing some reaserch but its from a bunch of different sites and forums and i wanna verify: From what i understand DP 1.2 can do 2k 165 hz, but does not support freesync or...