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  1. S

    Question Did Gsync kill my GPU?

    So basically my (now dead) 1050ti started showing signs of dying around 4 months ago. Which is the same time around which I got a Display port cable and turned on Gsync. The issues i had at the start were display going out, crashing into a random colored screen and PC randomly restarting. Is it...
  2. hmorlang

    Question Some Monitors not working with display port to hdmi adapter.

    Hi Guys, hope you're doing great. I have an issue. My current setup is this one: i5-10400 Gigabyte B450M DS3H Vengeance pro RGB 4x8GB Spectrix XPG 512 nvme Gigabyte RX 5500 xt 4GB. The graphics card has 4 ports, 1 HDMI and 3 display ports. I have 3 Monitors, 1 cheap chinese - 19", Benq 24"...
  3. M

    Question Nvidia 1060 Strix 6GB not working

    Hello, Today was just a casual day. I was playing dark souls 3 on my pc. Then my game froze and the screen turned black. My fan started to ram up. I turned off the pc and turned it back on. Then my monitor said 'DP no signal' . I thought maybe my monitor was not working. I tried unplugging the...
  4. D

    Question "No signal" problem that’s a little more strange than any other post/article I have read

    I originally wanted to make a post starting with. “I have irrational fears about handling computer hardware and now this situation has happened where I’m going to walk away with real irrational fears please help me understand what happened.” I just built my first pc ever. And my prior pc was...
  5. K

    Question my monitor doesnt have displayPort and my GPU doesnt have DVI port what do I do ?

    I recently ordered a RTX 3070 but I found out that it doesnt have a DVI port it only has hdmi and DisplayPort but my monitor only has dvi and hdmi ports what do I do ? I dont want to use hdmi because it doesnt output 144hz at least thats what I think.
  6. S

    Question Display port to DVI, no HDCP?

    Hello, I just bought a new to me gaming pc, and I'm having a problem with HDCP and prime video is not letting me watch in hd. I feel likes its a problem with either my monitor or the cable I had to order for it. I have one monitor that is connected with display port and it shows it supports...
  7. tkobylecky

    Question HELP- Display Signal shuts off when I install GTX 1050ti to my HP Elite SFF 8200 PC ?

    I have a hp elite sff 8200 with 16gb ram and 1tb ssd running windows 10. I tried to install the gtx 1050ti. But every time I boot up with the 1050ti installed and hooked up to my monitor, I get no video signal at all. Also if I plug in the card while the pc is running, it immediately shuts off...
  8. E

    Question DisplayPort Signal cutting in and out during boot ?

    So I've got 2 monitors both on DisplayPort connections to my EVGA GTX 1080. When I'm booting up it takes some time to boot and I won't even see the BIOS screen with the key prompts. I'll get to see Aorus and a loading circle spinning then the display turns off again. I get the connecting...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Will I notice a difference in my monitor if I change the displayport version of the cable? (from dp1.2 to dp1.4)

    Hello, I recently bought the Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q 27" Gaming Monitor and I went to gigabytes website and saw that the supported version of the display port was 1.2 , and that the Aorus FI27Q-P supports 1.4. However, if I upgrade to a new display port 1.4 cable, will I notice an upgrade? Or is...
  10. S

    Question Samsung Monitor & DP issue

    Hi I just purchased a 43 Samsung Ultrawide for my wife as she works from home permanently now. The issue is we have 2 computers connected to the screen, her work PC with HDMI and our own PC with display port. Our PC also has a TV connected with HDMI for my cycling software so 2 monitors. On...
  11. sidcrimson

    Question 5.1 Audio From Pc to Soundbar Via HDMI / DisplayPort

    Need help with setting up 5.1 Audio out on my Pc! My rig Asus H81MCS * No TOSLINK OUT/ HDMI audio out * i3 4130 16GB RAM Windows 10 Video Card : GTX 1660 Super TV : LG UJ725T Soundbar : LGSL8YG PC right now is connected to the TV via HDMI ( Using HDMI 2.1 ver Cable ) And My soundbar is...
  12. Rostropovich

    Question HDMI and Display Port trouble

    Hi, forum. So, I've been away from home for about two and a half weeks and when I came back and wanted to watch a movie on my TV which is connected via HDMI to my Nvidia RTX 2070 Super card, I noticed that the computer just wouldn't send the picture to the TV. My ASUS VG27AQL1A monitor was...
  13. devin45

    Question Display Port loses connection when launching a game

    Monitor TUF VG27AQL1A Motherboard TUF X570-PLUS(WIFI) GPU TYF 3080 OC edition I have the display port connected to the gpu it works when just on casually using it but when I open a game like cod Minecraft or Red Dead Redemption 2 it says it loses connection. I can get it to show something after...
  14. M

    Question How to use 3.5mm Audio Input while using Display Port

    So I have an ASUS VG248QE I've had going for 7 years now. I like to use the built-in speakers for music when away from my PC. I run it through a 3.5mm splitter to get audio to both monitors. However, when I switched to using Display Port from DVI since I upgraded my PC I lost audio from the...
  15. jollypirate

    [SOLVED] HDMI 2.0 vs DP 1.2

    I ordered a new 1440p 165hz screen, and it just dawned on me my gpu has older dp standard (1.2 vs monitors 1.4) Im have been doing some reaserch but its from a bunch of different sites and forums and i wanna verify: From what i understand DP 1.2 can do 2k 165 hz, but does not support freesync or...
  16. V

    [SOLVED] Which Output Cable Should I Get?

    I have a GTX 1060 & right now I am using a very old DVI Cable. Which is the best output cable I could get for the GTX 1060 to be able to run 1080p 144hz as good as possible? ( Monitor --> Asus VG248QE 1080p 144hz ) Thanks :) !
  17. Envelion

    Question VGA converter Display not Detected

    Hi there, I have a GTX 1660 graphics card and I was disappointed to find out that it only had HDMI and DisplayPorts. Both of my monitors are VGA for the time being. I was able to use an VGA-to-HDMI converter to get my main display on. However, the graphics card only has 1 HDMI port, and the rest...
  18. J

    Question Do I need to plug my monitor in to my gpu for it to use my gpu?

    I have a gtx 1650, and an intel graphics 630 (which is integrated). My monitor doesn't work unless it uses a display port, but I can't plug my display port cable into my gpu, is my pc using the 1650 or integrated? The 1650's fan is running and for reference I get 140 fps on medium settings on...
  19. F

    Question Display Port is stuck in GPU

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone can help me with my current situation. I bought a new case for my PC. I was able to disconnect all the cords connected from my system except for the display port which is connected to the gpu. Looks like the “button” or the locking mechanism is jammed. Is there a...
  20. D

    Question HDMI vs DP for docking stations

    Hi, I’m saying goodbye to my gaming desktop for college and replacing it with an XPS 13. I have 2 QHD, 144hz monitors, but after looking into docking stations, none of them support 144hz. So what’s the point of finding a dock with dual DP over dual HDMI. The only advantage of DP over HDMI that...