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  1. B

    Question Graphics problem in certain games

    Hey everyone, I have a problem and I hope someone can help me solve it. My problem looks like this: View: https://imgur.com/e8fXbfB I was playing World of Warcraft and Monster Hunter: World without any problems at all, in League of Legends this problem would appear on the start of a new game...
  2. N

    Question Only monitor not primary monitor

    I'm stuck using an old phone to type so have to make this short. I have a single monitor setup. Some time ago, an old monitor broke so I replaced it. However, it left a ghost monitor I couldn't get rid of as Monitor 1 and added the new monitor as Monitor 2. For a while I just ignored it and...
  3. A

    Question Blinking Yellow DRAM Light on 2 Motherboards

    Hello! Apologies in advance as I am a complete rookie with computers, so I may not be using the proper terminology and whatnot. Here are the current specs of my PC: Case: Zalman Z11 Neo PSU: Thermaltake 750W Graphics: ZOTAC 2070 Super Twin Fan Motherboard: ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming x570 Plus CPU...
  4. Adroarith

    Question I replaced my ssd and my monitor did not show any display Urgent Help

    I transferred my system files on my ssd into my HDD because I wanted to change to a bigger ssd and I took out the ssd and replaced it with a bigger storage and switch on but it did not show me any display help asap
  5. A

    Question Laptop automatically triggers the action set to "What happens when you close the lid?"

    My laptop somehow automatically triggers whatever action I set to "What happens when you close the lid" I have talked to the Dell support and have basically replaced every single part along with hard formats. There are no magnets nearby, nor do any of my peripherals cause this problem. Does...
  6. V

    Question PC blackscreen because of booting in safe mode

    Hi guys, today i tried to boot my PC to safe mode because i wanted to reinstall my graphics driver, i tried using the startup options settings and restarting into safe mode but several times my PC just restarted but my monitor would not show up anything, and after a few seconds my PC would shut...
  7. Yash_v

    Question Display Issue ( LG - 22MK600M )

    hello guys I am facing an issue with my monitor ( model - LG 22mk600m ). It seems as if there is another screen below it that has shifted slightly to the right. I am using a VGA cable. Attaching some photos. If anyone knows what is causing this, please let me know how to fix this. Pc specs...
  8. S

    Question No signal to monitor

    Hi, My monitor does not seem to be receiving signal from my desktop PC, I have tried swapping the cables and using different monitors and it does not receive signal. I opened the side panel and turned the power on to check that everything was working, and the GPU fans, case fans and CPU all...
  9. Sky01

    [SOLVED] New desktop not connecting to monitor

    My 6 year old desktop died nearly 2 months ago and I've been working on a budget build for my graphics design job so far everything appears to be working fine except the boot LED is on and this is because I'm trying to boot of my old hard drive from my old PC I I plan to just wipe the hard drive...
  10. A

    Question RX 590 Display problem

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz84c_SVeUI Hey guys! I've problem.Can you help me about that ? What I need to do for fix that.It's not happening when I playing any games but happen I'm using vfx software like Maya,Blender etc.By the way it's not happened when using Houdini.I really...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Disconnecting display gpu clock speed locked at 300mhz

    Hi everyone! I’m kinda new to this forum but I was having some weird issues and thought someone might be able to help. I have a triple monitor set up with a Gtx 2080 ti. The problem arose when I went to unplug a monitor to plug in my valve index VR.(keep in mind I’ve done this a lot) When I...
  12. A

    Question No Display on Ryzen 1600 New Build

    I have the following configuration of new build AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF 3,2 GHz GIGABYTE AORUS B450 I PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0), socket AM4 G.Skill 16 GB DDR4-3000 (set of 2) GIGABYTE GeForce GT 1030 Low Profile 2G Crucial MX500, 250 GB SSD Toshiba P300, 2 TB HDD After completing the build, the...
  13. JoacoTRC


    So, I built my pc around a month ago and i havent had a problem until one week ago when a blue screen appeared while playing cod warzone. When the pc restarted by itself didnt have display on the monitor, fans when running super fast and an orange led on my mobo (ram issue) appeared. I decided...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] What to do if motherboard damaged and can not connect display on motherboard but it works fine with external monitor?

    What should I do, my laptp's motherboard is damaged and I can not use any display but it works fine with external monitor with hdmi or vga but I need to make it portable?
  15. 9

    Question When i plug Ram in motherboard A1 socket then my pc donot display anything

    When i plug Ram in motherboard A1 socket then my pc donot display anything and not even my keyboard numlock light is getting on means that pc is not giving power to my mouse, keyboard and LCD What can i do when i change slot it displays properly is this a problem of ram slot or not can i send my...
  16. T

    Question Samsung TV display problem..

    Hello, I have an issue with my Samsung tv. The model code is UN55KS800DFXZA. I left the tv on to go on an errand, and when I came back the tv shows only bright colors with streaking vertical lines that randomly change every once in a while. Here is a picture to better explain the problem.Image 1...
  17. S

    Question Cant boot pc (ASUS Z390-H Gaming)

    This isnt my first computer, It is actually number five this year. Build: Case: h500i Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-H gaming Cpu: i7 8700 Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO RAM: Corsair vengeance 3200 2X8gb Gpu: EVGA 2070 PSU: EVGA 650W G3 Drives: Samsung 860 evo - WD Blue 1tb This build went really...
  18. G

    Question Yellow target sign on my monitor

    Hey, I started up my PC this morning and long story short I'm having a bit of a strange problem. Theres a yellow target sort of sign on the middle of my screen. Initially I thought its monitor related but when i reboot it the sign goes and reappears after about 30 seconds. Its a permanent sign...
  19. D

    Question Peculiar display problem.

    Hi, I got a new Samsung 28" 4k Monitor, the cheapest one out there with 10bit color depth. not for gaming but for media production or other hobbies. I play all my games in FHD or 1440p. BUT, if I use 4K in games, or do an alt tab while in game or anything that uses 3D, it starts turning off and...
  20. R

    Looking for silent PSU for low power system

    I have a system that has no fans except for the ones in my PSU. It's started to get a bit noisier and there's kinda a bit of rattling that's started from the fan. I live in India so I thought it might be the dust or something of the kind but I checked it out and haven't found any source for the...
  21. B

    Strange Computer Problem - Could it be an Electricity Problem?

    Hello everyone. I have a REALLY strange computer problem. So let me explain. I have recently bought TWO new computers (specs below). Now the problem is, that when I turn on the UPS and press the computer switch, they just do not work as if there is no power or something, but the UPS has power...
  22. E

    cpu bottlenecking gpu performance

    hi i have a amd fx 4100 and i am getting a msi r9 390 tomorrow, i know my cpu will bottleneck my gpu but i was wondering how much performance would i gain from my new gpu? if any?
  23. DayQuil_Man

    DDR4 z170 ram help.

    Hey guys, I'm still kind of a noob when it comes to building PC's. In my upcoming first build I need some help on the ram. Here is the spec list if interested, http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cFfmTW The motherboard is the new z170 and I was just wondering if the Corsair Vengeance lpx memory will be...
  24. C

    Computer not sending VGA signal

    I'm trying to hook my computer up to my tv via vga cord but it isn't receiving the signal. I've tried with 2 different monitors and neither of them get a signal. I've tried using the on-board vga port and my installed graphics card vga port but no dice either way. I cant get the full system...
  25. D

    Best option for my set up?

    Hi everyone, first off, thanks for coming by. I'm building a gaming PC for the first time and you all have been so helpful. To begin, I'd like to mention that I'm building this computer to be more professional streamer and just have an overall better gaming experience. Here's my build so far...