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    Question Screen Won't Take Up Monitor Display

    Hello, I have a Macbook Air and an LG monitor. What I want to do, is connect the Macbook Air to the monitor as a work setup. I would prefer if the Macbook Air was the said workstation, but each time I plug in the monitor, the desktop won't take up the whole resolution of the monitor. Instead...
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    [SOLVED] Had three displays, now only two - - - please help

    GPU: 1060 3 gb i had three displays running fine two display port one hdmi, went away came back, only two working hdmi and displayport. checked the system settings display options and only found two of the three. tried to detect with no joy, looked in control panel for display options and its...
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    my headset is not working in asus laptop

    My laptop hanged and our IT reinstall the windows system 8.1 on it. I discovered that as I used my headset, it cannot detect my headset. Please help me what to do about this.