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    Question Change resolution before and after gaming in nvidia control panel

    So i play csgo on an old monitor(1366by768) at 1024by768(4:3 Stretched). At this resolution i can get 75 hz(usually i get only 60 hz) on my monitor, but it is a real hassle to change this before and after gaming, so is there anyway i can do this automatically?
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    Gtx 1060 HELP URGENT

    I just bought a gtx 1060 super locked and I noticed it need an additional power supply to reach its full potential..... come to find out I checked my PSU and I don't have the right pin connectors I believe, I'm kinda lost.... I'm going to provide pictures to help with the details. On the side of...
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    Hertz and Speaker

    I have a new VG248QE monitor. I also have a displayport (1.4) to use with the monitor. I have a couple questions. First, what is this Ultra HD resolution you can get with a DisplayPort? With my Dual-link DVI, I can get native "PC" 144hz 1920 * 1080 in the Nvidia Control Panel. However, when I...