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  1. jafrankl

    Question Why is my dock only detecting 1 monitor?

    Hey guys, got a strange one here. I just got a WavLink WL-UG69DK1 Rev. B1 so I can use my desktop monitors with my laptop when I work from home. I have an Asus VN248 and an Acer XB270HU. I know the dock works properly, it detects my desktop PC connections and is able to run the Asus monitor via...
  2. B

    My first PC build

    I was going to buy a pre built asus desktop. However, i started to look into building my own. I would like some advice onto if my build is good, or what i can improve. I know i want an intel i7-4770k,gtx 760 graphics, 2 tb hdd, and 8 gb (2x4 dimms) of ram. the total of my built PC is about 100$...