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  1. MeiLinG

    Question Should i use hdmi 2.0 or Mini display port

    Ok so i own an MSI laptop (GL62M 7RDX) and bought an external 144hz monitor. I connect using hdmi from tbe laptop to external monitor and the output from the external monitor is not 144hz. Do i have to use the mini display port to achieve 144hz on the external monitor ?
  2. C

    Question Inconsistent DisplayPort Detected Refresh Rate

    Hi! I am having problem with the refresh rate setting. I am using LG 24GM79G, which is 1080p 144hz monitor. My graphic card is GTX 1070 TI from GALAX. I have been using display port so far, set at 1990x1080 and 144hz. Just a few days ago, suddenly I started to notice my display is quite...
  3. E

    Question Select default video port for audio output

    I have a Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Nitro with 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI port. When only HDMI plugged in, audio goes through HDMI. When only DisplayPort plugged in, audio goes through DisplayPort. When HDMI and DisplayPort plugged, then audio goes via HDMI when I want it to go to DisplayPort. Is...
  4. M

    Question Second monitor works with DVI cable but not DisplayPort

    I recently bought a new monitor (VG27aq), and after having both hooked up via displayport to my gpu, it worked well for some time. One week into having my new monitor, my old monitor(VG248QE) stopped receiving signal. I tried updating my gpu's drivers and that didn't fix the problem. So...
  5. kojie2u

    Question "input not supported" from displayport

    Tried installing a new GPU but upon startup, my monitor displays an error popup of "Input not supported," I tried plugging in my monitor and TV at the same time but only the TV was able to display properly. The only difference I can think of between my monitor and TV is that my monitor is...
  6. Fairlady

    Question GTX 1050ti - DisplayPort to HDMI, would i need active or passive adapter?

    First time posting, so i apologize if theres any mistakes if theres any. And english isnt my primary language, so sorry for possible grammar mistakes. So i have a Gigabyte GTX1050ti 4GB Windforce OC Edition with 3 output : HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI. And recently im thinking to pick up 2 new...
  7. T

    Question DVI/DISPLAY PORT @144HZ

    Hey guys, I would like your help regardin the following issue: I have an AMD RADEON RX470 with only 1 DVI Port. So, I bought a new monitor a few weeks ago (AOC C24G1) and it doesn't have any DVI port on it (only HDMI and Displayport). Therefore I cant reach 144 Hz because I'm already using an...
  8. N

    Question How do i connec my third display to my pc

    Hi, I have a desktop pc with a GPU that outputs two DVI ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. I currently have two displays connected, one using an HDMI to DisplayPort cable going into an HDMI hub which also has an input connection from my laptop, the hub then outputs a signal via an HDMI to DVI...
  9. R

    Question Monitor getting no signal with DisplayPort

    I’m not that good with computers just before I start. I have two monitors and I usually have the DisplayPort plugged into one and HDMI plugged into the other. Now the DisplayPort just doesn’t work for no reason. I had the other monitor on doing schoolwork and I got up went to the bathroom came...
  10. J

    Question Is a Display Port GPU with HDMI Monitor OK?

    I am planning on buying an RTX 2070 Super, of which has three Display ports and one HDMI port. I use two monitors which both only have HDMI ports... Is it ok to use a convertor of some sort to use one of the Displayports to HDMI? Will this effect performance at all? Thank you in advance!
  11. A

    Question How to get 144hz with an RTX 2080 ti on a ASUS VG248QE?

    I have a Asus VG248QE that can run 144hz and my new RTX 2080ti only has display ports. I have a displayport cable but at 1080p native, I can only get 60hz. How can I get 144hz?
  12. N

    Question Connecting HDMI monitor to Displayport on GPU with adapater?

    Hello! I recently upgraded my PC in which i installed an RX 5700XT. This card only has one HDMI output, along with 3-DP. However, i run a triple monitor setup with 1 DP capable monitor, and 2 HDMI / DVI monitors which means that i can't have all of them plugged in at once.. I had a DVI-D to...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Triple Monitor Setup 144hz not working

    Hi, So I installed my 3 LG27GL650F monitors 2 days and plugged them in my PC, but I found out that the mount is directly over two monitor's displayports. Since my RTX 2070S only has 3 DP and 1 HDMI ports, I bought a HDMI to DP passive adapter. So now 1 screen is connected via DisplayPort, 1...
  14. kingston97bg

    Question HDMI vs DisplayPort?

    Hello there. Shortly: I'll buy an LG 24GL600F for my personal computer, so whats the best cable for maximum quality for transfer of data and stable 144hz? TY:)
  15. Z

    Question Displayport no signal and HDMI no signal pls help.

    For all I know this could be an issue with anything in my computer, whether it be RAM GPU or who knows what. Currently I have determined that the monitor and the cables I'm using work on other displays such as my TV and that when I plug in my HDMI cable into my motherboard it works, but i get...
  16. chromed

    Question Why did my PC stop recognizing my DisplayPort Monitor?

    I had a two monitor setup, one HDMI, one DP, and it was working fine. Today I briefly turned off the primary (DP) monitor via the monitors power button, and seconds later turned it back on. Ever since I can't get it to show up at all when plugged in via the displayport. System details: AMD...
  17. B

    Question KG241Q USB-C - DP Problem

    Hello everybody. I have a brand new Acer Monitor KG241Q, 23,6", 144hz 1ms. I have a simple question: I bough a new notebook MSI Rog Strix G531GW with a 2070 GPU (so is not really low). This notebook has the following Ports: 1x HDMI 2.0b - 1x TypeC (DP 1.4) Now: I want to connect the Acer...
  18. Question No video signal on my ASUS Z170-Deluxe iGPU outputs & no HDMI signal on my RX 5700 output

    Hi! I have 2 monitors connected with DP. I only get outputs on my dGPU's DP ports, not on my onboard outputs (DP and HDMI) AND not on my RX 5700 HDMI port. (I have drivers installed and it's not working from BIOS) Once I got signal from my mobo outputs, it's just bad. It's worked on a day...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] Problems with dual monitor

    Hi everyone. Thank you for reading this. So today I wanted to try dual monitor setup with Zotac GTX 1050TI as my GPU. The GPU has 3 port, HDMI, DVI-D, and DisplayPort. My main monitor used DVI-D port and it works fine. The problem is, my second monitor is an old model that it ONLY have VGA...
  20. H

    Question New Graphics card with old monitors

    Hi My current PC is from 2007 (!!!) and even though I have upgraded almost all the components in the PC along the way, I have decided to buy a new PC now. I´m already quite sure what components, motherboard / chipset etc. I am going to choose for my new PC. As of now it is my plan to get a...