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  1. Nikhilniks

    [SOLVED] What is the purpose of black film on motherboard??????

    I have seen some of motherboard areas are filmed with a black layer of some material. What is the purpose of that material??????Is it for heat dissipation ????? black film on motherboard image
  2. Takenfal

    Info Lenovo products have a really bad fan management

    My Product: Model: Lenovo ThinkPad E560 CPU: i5-6200u GPU: AMD R7 M370 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 SSD: PNY CS900 240 GB Purpose of this topic: help the community and (maybe) the designers and developers I want to write this post to inform the Lenovo community and all the users that Lenovo designers and...
  3. L

    i have to mount my SSD inside down, does it matter?

    I have to mount my SSD with the logo upside down, will it affect anything
  4. P

    What kind of wattage am I looking at?

    Hey guys I'm going to build my new pc this week and I need to know what kind of psu will I need? My specs are I7 4790k Gtx 960 Asus z97 mobo One Dvd drive One 1tb hdd at 7200 rpm 8gb ram 1600Mhz I'm on a tight budget so depending on my power requirements I was going togo for the corsair cx or...