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  1. mxritz

    Question why do all windows on my second monitor shift to the right, while I am ingame on my main monitor?

    Hello everyone, whenever I am playing a game on my main monitor, and I have something open on my second monitor, everything moves a bit to the right (on my second monitor, but also windows that are open on my main monitor move the same distance to the right, so they are displayed on the second...
  2. jipd

    Bluetooth earphones issues with laptop

    I bought the TWS earbuds ''Soundcore Spirit Dot 2'' some months ago and generally, I'm happy with them.One thing that has been bugging me though, is the connection with my laptop. They are able to connect just fine, but whenever I play video or music, I hear a short distortion in between. This...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Slight but weird distortion on screen during intensive tasks

    Here's my current rig Motherboard: Asus H81M-CS Processor: i5-4440 3.1Ghz Ram: Kingston hyperx fb-dimm (4GB) SSD: Kingston SSDNow 300 (128GB) HDD: WD 1TB Graphics Card: GTX 750Ti PSU: Antec VP450P So this problem has recently started. Whenever my system is performing an intensive task, a...
  4. G

    Question Distorted desktop apps

    Hello to the community I have an issue regarding my desktop apps, and it doesent matter which. As linked in this post. The pictures you see is directly print screened, and i have no idea why it occurs. When i open an app it slowly becomes more and more grainy until it is almost impossible to...
  5. SamLindler97

    Question Audio Bug? Distortion & Stuttering

    So, I noticed about a month ago that the sound coming through my headset(Razer ManOWar) was a little distorted/jittery out of the blue. I can't for the life of me remember if I updated Windows or any other drivers when it started. Anyway, fast forward to Halo Reach coming out on Steam and I...
  6. D

    Question Strange Color Distortion

    Upon further inspection, I've found this is actually a display issue not a GPU issue. To reiterate, these blue lines have started showing up on my monitor but only when certain colors are present and contrasting. For example the CMD window is pure black when maximized, except blue lines at the...
  7. T

    Same PSU brand using same cables?

    Am I able to use the cables from my old psu in my old one? The first one I had was the Corsair rm 1000x and the HX1000i.
  8. Anguxilion

    Fps and Vsync question

    I recently bought a ps4 and the 30fps feels smooth (Don't get me wrong, ofc 60fps is a lot smoother but 30fps on console games are not that bad) but for some reason on pc games when i lock them at 30 fps it feels much much worse than console, micro stutters and those kind of things. i normally...
  9. J

    SSD on OS Query.

    So I am looking to have a 60GB SSD just for my Windows 10 Pro, 120GB SSD for the games of my choice and then a 1TB HDD for all applications/games ect. Would this be suitable? Would Windows 10 be suitable on 60GB SSD without any maintenance needed?
  10. N

    Will this increase gaming preformance?

    I was going to buy this graphics card: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MCUYOWK/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= My current specs are, GPU: AMD Radeon R5 200 Series CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor, 3800 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Motherboard: System Model...
  11. hbake17

    Audio converstion toslink/usb?

    Are there any devices on the market that will allow me to plug the USB dongle from my logitec headphones in that will also accept a toslink cable? I want to set my systems up so they all funnel into my headphones so at night I can play games on the TV through a console or just watch the TV. I...
  12. G

    New custom PC randomly restarting

    Edit: It turns out one of the cables in my PC had become dislodged from the PSU. I've corrected this and now the PC seems to be fine. So around 2 weeks ago, I bought a custom-built PC from CeX, and for the first week or so I had no problems with it. However, now I am having a few issues...
  13. S

    Low HDD performance

    I'm experiencing low HDD performance on my laptop and launching programs takes long time here is HD Tune Pro report : http://uploads.im/3T0jM.png
  14. G

    Computer wont boot right

    I start my computer and it shows the logo but its flashing and it asks me if I want to boot in safe mode but I can barely read it. What do I do? The computer is a Compaq Presario with a amd semperon 3100+ and some kind of asus motherboard.
  15. M

    Building A Gaming PC

    Hi Guys, I'm about to purchase the parts for and put together the below build but thought I'd come get some advice first. Graphics Card: MSI R9 390x 8 gig, 512bit (Already purchsed so can't change but hearing some opinions would still be appreciated) Motherboard: MSI 990 FXA ATX Processor: AMD...
  16. L

    Horizontal lines across monitor screen on dark colours? (DVI-D)

    Hi there. I'm having an issue with my display on my gaming PC. There are horizontal lines running across the screen, and are especially visible against dark backgrounds, such as the black background colour of the Steam Library or in game. So far, I have been unable to remedy it, so I thought...
  17. J

    Ram is set to 1866MHz but been used at 1333MHz?

    Link to the RAM being used: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory Timings: CL10 ( 10-10-10-30 ) https://pcpartpicker.com/part/kingston-memory-hx318c10fbk216 RAM is 1866MHz 1.5v but in Windows 8.1 Pro it says its running at 1333? Screenshot of task manager...
  18. J

    Weird PSU problem

    I have ASRock FM2A88X Extreme 6+ mobo with A10 6800K CPU - no graphics card. I have 3 24 inch (1920x1200) monitors hooked up to this machine - DVI, HDMI and DIsplayPort using Eyefinity. At some point I decided to replace the PSU because the old junk was driving me nuts. I installed a modular...
  19. M

    New Budget Computer Build For WoW/LeagueOfLegends

    Hi all, hope somebody can help me as I'm going round in circles, I'm after building a pc capable of 'gaming' but nothing big such as bf4, all I'll be playing is World Of Warcraft and League of Legends and would prefer the max FPS I can get such as on medium/high, My budget is around £300 as...