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  1. A

    Accidentally disabled my integrated grahpics and my cmos battery is dead.

    Hello , I have intel mother board and i have accidentally disabled my integrated graphics and my cmos battery is already dead for like past couple of months. I have tried to reset my bios through cmos jumper and by removing cmos battery but it does not reset. Please tell me any other way by...
  2. lillozzer68

    Will my system run VR

    I’m pretty sure I can just wanna know for sure System https://pcpartpicker.com/user/lillozzer68/saved/68rXHx
  3. T

    Pls help me

    Fps in my games suddenly drop for no reason. My computer just got cleaned i install some games and when before i had 70 fps now i got 10 in the menu. I played games like Tf2,Insurgency,CS:GO,Fallout 3,PayDay 2
  4. D

    how to get average temps while gaming

    So I am thinking of buying a cooling pad but I want to see if it will affect my laptop at all while using it. so my question is: is there a program that can give me average temperatures while gaming?
  5. D

    Old CPU cooler/ new CPU compatibility question

    Hi, I have an old computer that I bought 7 years ago and I used Arctic Freezer 13 as my old CPU i5 2400 (1155 socket) cooler. I want to buy an intel i5 8500 (1151 socket). https://www.arctic.ac/worldwide_en/freezer-13.html in the product site I see that it is compatible with the new socket...
  6. G

    GTX 1080 an upgrade from the Titan X?

    Hey all, Quick question, and I haven't been able to locate this particular answer through various searches: I currently have an EVGA Titan X, and while watching the E3 shows I got wondering if it would be beneficial to upgrade. From what I've gleamed from benchmark charts, it would [i]appear[i]...
  7. K

    windows 10 dell laptop spinning circles

    dell laptop comes up with logo and spinning circles. Did the option to repair and still does the spinning circles once rebooting
  8. W

    connect speakers to old tuner

    I have a Yamaha stereo receiver RX-496 and Yamaha cd player CDC-675. They use speakers with wires. I bought these in 2006. Where can I find speakers that still have wires. how can connect wireless speakers?
  9. G

    need to buy a new msata ssd, please give me some advices.

    Hello. I am a newbie here, Hope you don't mind me if I should ask this question elsewhere. I want to have a new msata SSD for replacement on my laptop. Some I am looking for an overall good(durability, speed, price) one. Any recommendation should be appreciated. You have my thanks.
  10. D

    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX + Kraken x62

    SO, ive read multiple threads on if the nzxt kraken x52 & x62 fit in this case.. but all of them are either the ATX version of the case or top mounted. So my question is does anybody know if the x62 fits in the ITX case front mounted?
  11. G

    Clicking noise after removing virus on computer

    I recently had a virus attack on my computer that i spent $600 on parts to build it. (so you can imagine why i dont want this problem.) i think i got rid of the problem because my internet explorer wasnt working until i installed a virus remover. the virus remover says that there are 15 malware...
  12. R

    Ryzen 1600 GTX 1070 cost benefit ?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a build at a very bad time I know! , but I'm in need of a lot of it, and I can not wait to go there when I expect it to be worse. I made the decision to buy this month. Some tips to save some are always welcome (I'm going to buy m2 SSD for the following month). First of...
  13. M

    PC keeps shutting down randomly

    Hey guys so I really need some help. Allow me to explain my issue I have a self built gaming PC that i belt a little over a year ago and i mean a little over a year ago maybe a year and a 1-2 months if that matters. my parts i5 6600k non overclocked asus h110me.m2 corsair 550watt cs gold...
  14. B

    Do i need an adapter for NVMe ?

    I have an Gigabyte X99P-SLI-CF motherboard, I thought that is compitable with NVMe PCie chips. But after i opened my computer case i couldnt find the slot, so i search on google and I think I need an adpter like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Lycom-DT-120-PCIe-Adapter-Support/dp/B00MYCQP38/...
  15. F

    Converting Alienware to custom build

    Hello im wondering if it will be easy to convert my alienware into a custom build i am having some problems with it so i was thinking about just gutting it and rebuilding it into a new computer does anyone have any suggestions, here are my specs: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version...
  16. O

    Need help please

    Guys I have pentium g2030 dual core @3.0 ghz ,6gb ddr3 ram,1TB toshiba hdd @7200 rpm ,zotac gt 1030 2gb , 450w psu. The problem is that when playing gta 5 i get 100 % cpu usage but only 20-30 % gpu usage and whatever settings i change in game. The game stutters a lot. I have seen videos of...
  17. F

    PERMANENTLY remove Yahoo from Firefox

    Firefox has somehow made Yahoo it's default search engine. Replacing it in Firefox's menu only works until Firefox is reloaded then your using Yahoo. Using about:config then searching for Yahoo then deleting or moding key values didn't work either. How do you terminate the Firefox-Yahoo...
  18. R

    Installing new ram on an old acer g45t/43t and getting a long beep with no boot

    Hello, I just ordered some ddr3 ballistix sport ram (2g 1600mhz ddr3 ram). I know the mobo's max is 1333mhz but i've been told that computers underclock ram automatically. I've tried adding it in with the old ram (2X2g 1333mhz and 2X1g 1333mhz) and also by itself and all I get it a long beep...
  19. Y

    Slow Network Error

    We are constantly getting "slow network" error. The only way to fix it is to turn the router/modem off and let it recycle. Would a new router/modem help? We are on Frontier network, using one of the ancient NetGear7550 outfits. I am electronically challenged, but my husband is pretty good...