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  1. Info soon to pop (pop_os build)

    Everything but the gateron silent black switches an backlit rubber key caps, an some gpu treaking an finishing up oc tweaking and VMware installation, but other than that within a week and a half this will be my new for the first in 12 years primary pc pop os /win10pro combo, and within a month...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] How do I get Type C 10Gbps without spare PCIe case hole?

    Hey guys, bit of trouble finding a solution to this. I'm getting up to date on the Type C devices so i figured its about time i stopped using adapters and got the real deal on my PC. As you can see, I have a "homemade" issue with PCIe case slots when i make a second version of this :ROFLMAO...
  3. J

    Swapping Asus X550CA motherboard for more performance?

    Hi, This is my very first post on this forum so please correct me if I'm not doing something according to the tradition. So I am a college student, tight on budget and all but I have a huge passion for computers. After a long long time of saving, I was eventually able to buy my first laptop...