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  1. manineedhelp

    [SOLVED] Games crashing pls help

    Hello, today while playing gta v it randomly crashed and i didnt want to open it again because i didnt mind and so i decided to open half life 2 and while playing it also crashed, interestingly none of the games produced a crash log (or at least thats what i think). i got a bit worried and...
  2. Koushik Das Sunny

    [SOLVED] DH67BL, I5 2400, 12GB Ram. GTA 5 installation Issue

    I have Intel DH67BL Mobo, I5-2400, Gt 1030, Win 7 64bit, 12GB RAM I want to install GTA 5 but ISDone.dll & Unarc.dll file missing and I downloaded & Paste System32 from Google. Is there Good or Bad ?
  3. G

    XBOX ONE OR PC? please help

    Hello I'm looking for a new platform to game on...I was thinking on getting a Gaming pc (Fx 8320 & r7 260x) or an XBOX ONE and i dont know which one is better for me since there are some factors to keep in mind... - I live in chile and there are many people who play on PC and PS4. (the xbox...