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  1. B

    [SOLVED] Please help with dump files

    Hi please help with BSOD on Windows 11. (laptop is Razer Blade i7 7th gen ). I upload last 3 dump files. DMP Files I tried clean install of Windows 11. Checked RAM with memtest86. Thanks
  2. TheJunta

    Question Random crashes; DMP file points to win32kfull.sys and ntoskrnl.exe ?

    Hi all, would really like some help here as I am stumped. I've been having issues with random system restarts. No BSOD or errors, just full on restart with no warnings. Another forum user pointed me toward the Reliability app in Win 10, which shows the events: Imgur list of screenshots from...
  3. j_needs_BSOD_help

    [SOLVED] New PC has had 88 BSODs in 11 months...~ntoskrnl.exe~ ?

    Hello, I built this computer back in October of 2020. I have had issues with BSOD since then, randomly. At first I was not concerned about the BSOD because this computer is my first build and I thought maybe some drivers needed updates, etc. The BSOD were rare, but as time has gone on the past...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] How to read DMP files ?

    TLDR; I have random BSODs. They usually occur during mundane tasks, not during gaming or any other intensive tasks. I used WinDbg to analyze DMP files but I do not know what the results mean because it's a lot of technical stuff I do not know. Can anyone help me figure this out? Been having this...
  5. Samsssx

    Apex Legends Crashing Story

    The Problem: Whenever I attempt to open Apex, My entire PC crashes. I have done pretty much everything I have read/know but nothing has worked. Here's a list of debugging steps I've gone through; Temperatures are stable (60c), Every other game is fine, Reinstalled Apex (Five), Repaired Game...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] BDOS Screen while gaming/browsing

    I've assembled this pc almost one year ago and these crashes started to happen from a week ago. CPU: I5 9600k; Ram: 8GBx2 HyperX Fury; MTB: MSI z390-a PRO; PSU: Corsair VS650; GPU: MSI Nvidia GTX 1660; SSD Samsung, where Windows 10 is installed; HD: WD blue 3 TB. I've already done twice a...
  7. Rolix

    [SOLVED] BSOD's and game crashs while playing Minecraft

    Hello, I hope your all doing good at times like this. Recently I had multiple BSOD's and game crashs while playing Minecraft. I tried everything if it's reinstalling Nvidia drivers or updating my drivers, doing a windows update, format my pc, in some different recommended ways. The problem shows...
  8. javster22

    [SOLVED] BSOD Issue (System Thread Not Handled Error)

    Recently been having bsod problems and also pc telling me to scan drive errors frequently whenever there is a random shutdown. I downloaded HD Tune Pro and both drivers seem fine so I don't know if there is any correlation there. I'm going to post two of the recent dmp files I have below. Any...
  9. javster22

    Question BSOD

    Hello, I recently did a reset on my pc because of some bsod problems I had which seemed to have fixed them for a few weeks now, but just now the pc crashed again (I'm certain it's not the same issue I had before with bsod) and would like to know if anyone can help me out by giving me some info...
  10. R

    Question Game Crash on my Windows 10

    I know maybe it a bit wrong topic here. But i hope someone still can help me here. Because my problem in my Windows 10.. I got Mk11 few days ago. And it can't launch. Crash on Logos.. With .DMP files. I've checked this game on my another SSD with Windows 7. (ON same PC). It's work. So...