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  1. TheJunta

    Question Random crashes; DMP file points to win32kfull.sys and ntoskrnl.exe ?

    Hi all, would really like some help here as I am stumped. I've been having issues with random system restarts. No BSOD or errors, just full on restart with no warnings. Another forum user pointed me toward the Reliability app in Win 10, which shows the events: Imgur list of screenshots from...
  2. Z

    Question Two Steam Games Crashing on Startup

    I am having issues with two games in my steam library. Tekken 7 and Black Ops 3. To start with Tekken, I have never been able to play this game. It crashes on launch every time. Black Ops 3 I have had for a while and put 60+ hours into the game. All of a sudden, it now starts to crash on launch...
  3. Koehlerskorner10

    [SOLVED] Can someone read these .dmp files for me

    I've been getting BSoD for a while now saying that I have a critical structure corruption. I've tested the RAM and it came back fine. Ran the check disc and it made things a little better (longer between BSoD) but didn't fix the problem. I'm out of ideas. Hopefully I figured out how to upload...
  4. A

    Ryzen ram overclocking advice

    Hey guys, I just built a system for the first time, thanks to the people of this forum it helped me learn a lot. I am now trying to overclock and all and have a few questions. I run a MSI B350 Tomahawk with Ryzen 1600 and GTX 770 4gb and crucial ballistix sport 2400 mhz single 4gb dual rank...
  5. C

    afox gt 730 ddr3 4gb

    I have a problem with my graphics card, showing all the time display driver stopped responding and err_gfx_d3d_init on all games how to solve this problem please help... I tried all the drivers and did not want it... sorry for my bad english my spec motherboard foxcon g41 2.0 quad core q9400...
  6. S

    dual ram ddr4 sleep problem

    hello to everyone, I have an MSI z170a krait gaming motherboard with 2x8 kingston hyperx fury 2666mhz RAM, os: windows 10 64bit . my problem is when i put the computer to sleep and then i wake it up the monitor won' wake up. i tried a bunch of staff such as disabling hibernate, checked devises...
  7. S

    Connecting old HDD to new build PC

    Guys I am having some data on my Old PC's HDD so I want that data on my new build PC so can I connnect that HDD to my new PC without worrying about Viruses? How can I check if that HDD has any Virus? Or do I even need to check?
  8. kempiedempie

    PC next to window safe?

    Hello, So my pc is placed next to a window, is that bad? The sun never shines trough the window because it's faced north. Thank you! PS: sorry for my bad English