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  1. BlackCancer

    Question Laptop Network connection drops access to the web randomly (except for Google Search, Youtube and Gmail)

    I hope someone can help. Recently my Laptop began limiting my access to the majority of websites randomly. I would try to search something using google's search engine in which I would get results, however; when I click on any of the search results I get an on screen message that says "This...
  2. E

    Question Internet cutting out constantly - DNS problem

    Currently all the Windows 10 PC's in the house are acting up with the same DNS problem, which is making it impossible to use the internet. We get about 1 second of connection before it cuts out for a minute (if we're lucky we can get about a minute of internet). This problem is happening with a...
  3. P

    Question Can't reach some specific sites

    Few sites like :- https://gogoanimes.co/ https://mangarock.com/ https://www.readlightnovel.org/ And few other anime watching sites like animeheaven are also not working and showing same error as below "This site can't be reached" "connection timed out" ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Although...
  4. W

    Question Windows 10 - Networking issue - DNS resolution

    Hi All, I hope one of you can help me as I have come to the end of my knowledge. Situation: Single Windows 10 computer on the network has constant network disconnects. The issue seems to be related to DNS not being resolved. Event ID 1014 (DNS server not responding) aligns with the failure...
  5. M

    Question Intermittent internet in Widows 10

    I have a severe problem with the internet on my PC. Frequently, the browser shows the "This site can't be reached" error, or the "(WEBSITE)’s server IP address could not be found." or some messages like that. The message some times shows "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" or "ERR_TIMED_OUT". When I...
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] DNS Changing Itself, Losing Connection

    A couple months ago I was having issues with randomly losing my connection. I found out that my DNS settings had been changed to use a specific address of with an alternate of This seemed to happen out of nowhere as I've been with this ISP for a while with nothing...
  7. jirokissawa

    Question I can use my internet on my gaming pc only when my other laptop is connected to the wifi

    hello everyone i got this really weird problem for the past 4 month driving me crazy my gaming pc cant connect to the internet unless my laptop is turned on and connected to the wifi sometime my gaming pc display only google/youtube the other websites are not reachable neither the download are...
  8. Farisfreiz

    Question Windows 10 update cannot connect internet

    After update windows 10 latest version, my laptop didn't have any internet connection i don't know why, i tried anything i found by googling but it didn't work
  9. S

    Looking to upgrade budget £1300-1500

    Hi everyone, I currently have an ASUS N552VW Intel Core i7-6700HQ 16GB 1TB + 128GB SSD NVidia GeForce 960M DVD-DL 15.6 Inch Laptop. I'm looking to make an upgrade (my uni have given me some money to upgrade so I'm making the most of it). I want to be able to play games and run...
  10. jazgreen99

    Cpu cooler brands

    Hi all Has anyone got the Nzxt Kraken x52 or he Corsair H100i platinum what are your thoughts
  11. K

    2600X vs 2700X gaming performance paired with GTX 1080

    I'm planning to upgrade my current rig, specs: Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1060 6GB MSI B350 Gaming Plus 1x8 HyperX Fury @ 2666mhz Now I'm planning to upgrade to a 1080, but I'm not sure what CPU to get. My current mobo won't do for a 2700X I'm sure and I found a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite for about £95...
  12. T

    SATA HDD not showing in Windows.

    Hay, I got a new SSD to run my Windows from. I installed Windows 7 and then upgraded to Windows 10. All was fine till I had to place the old SSD (with Windows 7) back in briefly. The reason for this was to deactivate the Windows key on it. Once done the new SSD back in (with Windows 10) and...
  13. M

    I7-870 w 1060 6gb Multiple screens

    I play fortnite and pubg and far cry 5 on an old i7 870 with a asus 1060 6gb, does it affect performance if im using more than 1 monitor.
  14. P

    Is this a safe overclock? GTX 1070

    After around 3-4 tests of Unigen Heaven, at Ultra settings (1440p) my MSI GTX 1070 managed to get to 71 degrees C. This was with a 2050 Mhz (Stock: 1873 w/o GPU boost) Core Clock and a 4752 Mhz (Stock: 4007 w/o GPU Boost) Memory Clock. I have a pretty Moderate fan curve I believe and I'm just...
  15. R

    Can ping websites but can't load them most of the times ALL DEVICES

    Hi guys I need some advise. For the past 4 days my internet has not been fully working across all devices which are listed below: Win 10 Desktop Samsung S7 / S5 / J3 iPad MAG 254 IP Box Issue persists whether wired or wireless. When i try to load a website it won't load 90% of the time and...
  16. D

    Can you tell me which is better

    All I need to know is if a msi geforce gtx 1070 gaming x is better then this https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16814126113
  17. S

    How To How to Keep your MacBook Pro Clean

    Keeping your MacBook Pro clean is essential for its optimal and full functioning. Here are the steps to follow when cleaning your MacBook Pro. Steps 1. Cleaning Products First ensure you purchase the right cleaning materials which are compatible with your computer and won’t damage it...
  18. D

    My GPU won't post even though the fans are spinning

    Hey guys! I installed a Watercooler for my CPU recently(masterliquid 120 lite) and now my GPU (Powercolor RX 480 Red Devil) won't post, even though the fans are spinning. The ezdebug debug less for CPU and Dram are on, the one for GPU isn't . I tried switching the PCI power plug but that didn't...
  19. packersfan036

    should i be affraid to overclock?

    should I be afraid to overclock? I'm using a i5 7600k asus maximus 8 hero motherboard corsair h60 liquid cpu cooler. I just don't want to fry my system it was expensive to build.
  20. B

    Scvhost 50% cpu usage

    Can anyone help with this? Never happened before. No viruses dedected. Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/gw2cjx