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  1. Z

    Question Docking station activity light constantly on

    I just bought a new 10tb internal hard disk, which I connect to my pc, by running a usb cable to an external docking station. For some reason, the docking station's activity light is constantly blinking, for this new hard disk. I would like to know why this is happening, and whether I should...
  2. N

    Question Which of these for a Software Engineering student?

    1) Lenovo Thinkbook 14 G6 with Ryzen 7 7730U or Ryzen 5 7530U or Core i7-13700H 2) Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 5 with Ryzen 7 7730U or Ryzen 5 7530U 3) HP Pavilion Plus 14 with Core i5-13500H 4) HP ProBook 440 G10 with Core i5-1335U 5) Asus Zenbook 14 with Ryzen 7 7730U or Ryzen 5 7530U 6) Acer...
  3. P

    Question Issue with transfer of data out of SSD via docking station

    Hi, I am new to the forum and not very adept with the IT jargons used, so if my question comes off as too confusing, please let me know and I will try my best to correct myself. I have a Crucial mx500 SSD connected to my main PC via an MAIWO 2 bay SATA HDD docking station I use to store my work...
  4. D

    Question Toshiba dynadock PA3927U-1PRP Ethernet Performance

    I have the Toshiba dynadock U3.0 (PA3927U-1PRP) that is paired with a Toshiba Qosmio X70 AST3GX1 (ancient I know, but it still performs well), and it works fine, but the ethernet port is not producing gigabit speeds. According to the specification sheet (linked below), it does have gigabit...
  5. B

    Question Need advice on a KVM switch

    I will be working from home for the first time (the dream) I have a company docking station that will work with my laptop. It has several inputs and could work with my existing peripherals. I don't want to move the cord from the end of the day from laptop to (c to usb adapter to) PC and was...
  6. H

    Question Best docking station for hybrid Mac/PC setup ?

    Hey all, I'm looking to purchase my first docking station to decrease cable clutter on my desk. Currently, I plug in 2-3 cables to my laptop whenever I want to use my monitor (1 usb-c for power, 1 usb-c to HDMI for monitor, and one USB 2.0 for a logitech webcam). I also have a separate set of...
  7. BraveTiger55

    Question No docking station I buy works with my drives anymore ?

    These are the docking stations I have bought and ended up returning for a refund:
  8. cstooch

    Need help with simplest setup for 2 laptops -> dual monitors , own mouse/keyboard

    The in-laws have a desk where they want to easily be able to swap in 1 of their 2 laptops, as needed (one laptop will be used at a time). The laptops will have their own mouse and keyboard connected to them. There are two monitors, and the connected laptop should work on both monitors. They may...
  9. X

    Question Problem with connecting external monitors via docking station

    Hi, I have two external monitors and I successfully connect them both to a Lenovo Thinkpad gen2 docking station by DisplayPort 1.4 cables. Afterward, I use a USB-C/USB-C cable to connect the dock station to my laptop. This setup works on my multiple laptops. But my desktop PC does not connect...
  10. L

    Question Dell Inspiron 16 7610 - I need to have 2 external HDMI monitors in addition to the laptop Will this docking station allow me to do this? My husband's Dell 16 7610 needs to use the monitor that is built in, plus he needs 2 more monitors connected with HDMI. All of these devices are less...
  11. dmwc9061

    [SOLVED] Docking Station Help (USB-C 3.2h

    I’m trying to figure out if there is a docking station that will allow me to use the USB-C 3.2 port on my computer to the dock to an HDMI monitor (dual monitor if possible). I have tried to different (albeit cheaper) versions, but it won’t recognize the HDMI on the docking station. For...
  12. I

    Question Advice on connecting all peripherals via docking station ?

    Hi guys, I have a pre-built MSI Aegis Ti5 with the following main specs Intel® Core™ i9-10900K MSI GeForce® RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X 64gb DDR4 ram 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU I also have the all peripherals- 2x 75hz monitors, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, Webcam. Currently i connect all my...
  13. N

    Question Anyone know a HDD dock that takes m2 and 2.5"? UK

    Hi, Been looking everywhere for a single cable solution, my pc has a 10gb type c and type a so either will do, just can't seem to find a dock that takes both :(
  14. C

    Docking stations with charging for Asus Flow x13 laptop

    I would like a docking station that supplies charging to my Asus Flow x13 laptop. The laptop has a 100W charging requirement and an Asus representative said only docking stations that supply 100W for charging are acceptable. My confusion is that some docking stations list "100W power delivery"...
  15. BT80

    Question Repurpose old NAS into docking station

    I have seen plenty of videos on how to convert an old pc into a NAS. But I sort of want to do the opposite (well almost).. That is I want to repurpose an old 5-bay NAS into a no brains docking station. The two old NAS systems I have are long past there manufacturers support life and not...
  16. Mitch021

    [SOLVED] Docking station for Razer blade

    Hi Guys, I've got a Razer Blade 15 with RTX 3080 running under Ubuntu 18 and I've installed all required NVIDIA drivers. To set up a double screen I need to buy a docking station which I'm not sure which brand or model is compatible with (because I've heard some docks may not work with laptops...
  17. E

    Question Advice on getting a Docking Station

    Hey there ! PC user for over 9 years now. About to get a new laptop - DELL 5590 i7-8 gen 16GB ram NEED to find a solution so i cant use my current setup : 2 Screens : - Benq XL2411 ( super old 144hz display - uses DUAL-DVI ) - Samsung S24R650F ( 75hz DisplayPort/HDMI ) Keyboard Mouse...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Setting up 2 external HDMI monitors for Macbook Air (Retina, 13 inch, 2018)

    Hi, We have a Macbook Air (Retina, 13 inch display, 2018) that we are hoping to set up with two external HDMI monitors to allow for an extended desktop. Our Macbook Air has 2 x USB-C ports that can function as Thunderbolt 3 ports. Neither of us have any experience with adaptors or external...
  19. N

    Question Connecting to a Docking Station

    I am trying to connect my laptop to dual monitors so that I can work more efficiently. Setup as follows: Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen Notebook Type 81M9 running Windows 10 Pro 64 Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen2 HP ProDisplay P232 x2 The Dock is working, bios fully updated etc. and is charging the...
  20. Bessel Raj

    Question How to setup external monitor for my HP 15" CE062 TX Laptop using a docking station?

    Hi all. I have an HP laptop, bought in 2018, 15"CE062TX. I also have docking station given to me from work which is the Dell WD19 180W Docking Station (130W Power Delivery) USB-C, HDMI, Dual DisplayPort, Black. I want to use my personal laptop with this docking station to output the display...
  21. P

    [SOLVED] 4 hdmi monitors, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 external hard drive, with 3 computers.

    Is there a way to share these peripherals (4monitors,mouse,keyboard, drive) with 3 computers? Like a KVM switch where i can switch which computer has control/uses these. 2 X49" 5120x1440 and 2X34" 1440x2560
  22. L

    [SOLVED] Need a new cable for an HP USB C Dock G4

    I've got an HP USB C Dock G4 docking station. A while ago the USB C cable that connects the laptop with the docking station (USB C on both sides) got damaged (no way of repairing it). I've posted a very similar question on the official HP support forums and haven't gotten one single answer in...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Recommend a external hard drive docking station to wipe drives

    I have decommissioned a Western Digital MyCloud EX4 and I need to wipe the 4 drives that lived in the NAS. I have a Sabrent SATA to USB connector and tried to wipe the drives from Ubuntu, but when viewing the drives with gdisk -l and lsusb, I could see a ton of errors, for some reason. I...
  24. busets

    Docking station Mackbook/windows 2 screens

    Hi everyone I am looking for a docking station that works with both a Macbook Pro (13" 2018) and a windows 10 laptop. Both laptops have USB-C ports. I'd like the docking station to support two external monitors. I have not decided which ones yet, but most likely two "normal" (i.e. no gaming or...
  25. mikekazik1

    [SOLVED] Are docking stations more reliable than external USB hard drives?

    I had a Western Digital Passport from 2011 that died on me a few months ago. I was thinking about getting something else so I can do external file backups. I came across some hard drive docking stations that you can stick regular desktop hard drives into and have that be your backup device...
  26. Art89

    Question Any dock that supports both a laptop and desktop?

    Here’s the situation, I’m working from home and my work laptop and two monitors (along with dock) are currently taking up my personal desktop space. Is there any solution/dock to simply add in my desktop to the dock to keep using the same monitors, keyboard and mouse? My desktop has a GTX 1080...
  27. dolokhov

    [SOLVED] Can docking stations harm laptops?

    My old desktop used to skip when I used a docking station, and I always worried it was messing with the video card. Can docking stations harm your PC/laptop? I have a new Zenbook 14 and I am concerned about using a docking station but it doesn't have enough ports for the USB peripherals.
  28. V

    [SOLVED] docking station in another room

    Hi, I’m looking to have my workstation in a different room of where I will work. I was thinking to connect my workstation with a thunderbolt 10m cable until the next room where it will get connected with a docking station. On that docking station, I’ll connect monitor, keyboard and mouse. I was...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] HDMI vs DP for docking stations

    Hi, I’m saying goodbye to my gaming desktop for college and replacing it with an XPS 13. I have 2 QHD, 144hz monitors, but after looking into docking stations, none of them support 144hz. So what’s the point of finding a dock with dual DP over dual HDMI. The only advantage of DP over HDMI that...
  30. Jackie69

    Question All In 1 HDD Docking Station

    I have a all in 1 hdd docking station I bought at an estate sale in the box new. I'm presently using my Acer Aspire E 300. The docking station doesn't show up anywhere when I plug it into the usb port. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all three usb ports by going into device manager...
  31. L

    [SOLVED] Docking Station for Portable USB HDD

    Hi All, I have many external Portable USB HDD, from Seagate, WD, etc. They are mostly USB 2.0, and some USB 3.0. Every time I need to use any of them, after remembering what is stored in which portable HDD, I need to plug them into a USB port in my machine to access them. Is there any...
  32. rupertmcdougal

    [SOLVED] Docking a Laptop into a Desktop?

    I apologize for the complicated question... hopefully someone can direct me to a simple solution. Ultimately I am looking for a way to have the portability of a laptop so that I can work at home (with all of my files on my machine), have access to all of my files from my machine when I'm in...
  33. L

    [SOLVED] Can I connect a thunderbolt 3 dock to a ThinkPad T460s?

    I have two laptops, a ThinkPad T490 and a T460s. The T490 has a thunderbolt 3 port, but the T460s only has USB 3.0. I was wondering if it's possible to connect a thunderbolt 3 hub to the T460s through a thunderbolt 3 female to usb 3.0 male adapter. Will it connect all peripherals to the t460s...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] What Laptop for 4-6 x 2K monitors

    Just curious if anyone had any recommendations for laptop/docking station/monitor combos that could run 4-6 external 2K monitors? I was thinking one of the new Dell XPS 15 i9 8 core processor laptops or would I even need that much power??? For the monitors I was thinking I could even run 4 wide...
  35. S

    Question Can I set up a 3 monitor display with the following: ThinkPad P1 (laptop) + ThinkVision P27h 27" Monitor (x3, monitors) + Thunderbolt 230W dock?

    Hi all - I am looking to set up a 3-monitor system (where each screen is independent, and not just a mirror image of any other display) using my ThinkPad P1, connected to 3 ThinkVision P27h 27" Monitors using ThinkPads's Thunderbolt 230W dock (UK). Key questions are (links to the various...
  36. elhadi91

    [SOLVED] What's the name of this cable ?

    Hello, I intend to buy this docking station: Product page and i would like to know the full name of the USB cable: Thank you
  37. C

    [SOLVED] Personal Desktop and Workstation Setup

    Hi All, Below you will find a list of components I have at the moment: 2x Dell U2414h monitors (at the moment these are daisy chained to my desktop) desktop graphics card (EVGA gtx 970) ducky shine 3 keyboard logitech g502 mouse HP zbook 14 G2 ( work laptop) Dell d6000 docking station Right...
  38. C

    Question Docking station for laptop and Desktop PC

    Hi, Im thinking of buying a docking station to connect my 2 monitors and keyboard and as well as my PC desktop. However when I am not using my desktop (powered off), can I simply connect my laptop to one of the available usb-ports to use the 2 monitors and keyboard for my laptop? Thanks
  39. asem1123

    Question How do I shut down my iPhone if the touchscreen is 100% broken

    I can't find an option for iOS or iPhone so I'm posting this in the Macbook category. My iPhone's touchscreen completely stopped working and I'm wondering how to shut it down, because it needs to swipe and if the touchscreen is dead, obviously you can't swipe and if I tried hard reset it will...
  40. J

    What does VRAM affect?

    Does it affect how mamy frames I can get? Does it affect how high I can set the graphics to?