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  1. M

    Question Dolby Noise Reduction Sounds Muffled...

    Hi, I got a JVC KD-V6, released in 1983, which has Dolby B and C Noise Reduction. I've noticed with playback of Noise reduction, the audio is extremely muffled. I've seen other people have the same issue. Is there a way of fixing it? Thanks in Advance for help...
  2. A

    Question Is Dolby Atmos support in normal 4K TV?

    Hi, My 4k TV has only Dolby audio & DTS HD. So, If I buy Dolby Atmos Soundbar & connect it with HDMI arc. Will it work? or support true Dolby ATMOS?
  3. P

    [SOLVED] ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card: dolby headphone on or off?

    I'm aware that selecting 8 channel output in the STX's menu provides surround sound audio for gaming when using headphones, but what I can't seem to figure out is if that surround sound audio is enhanced or degraded when the dolby headphone option is selected. Can anyone explain to me what...
  4. J

    Question A peculiar lag in GTA V

    l have noticed a peculair lag issue in GTA V with every driver since WHQL 398.36. I have constant 60fps during gameplay. However, when encountering an explosion nearby in which the camera is directly facing the explosion, the framerate jumps to 20-30 fps and stays there for a long while (around...
  5. S

    Question help please gpu fan so fast

    I am using rx 580 and the temp max is normal at 75c but the fan spin so fast it reach 3000rpm should i repaste my gpu or what should i do? I am tested it with software named furmark, i ran it for four minute thanks
  6. G

    FSP Releases New Modular Flex ATX Power Supplies

    FSP, the OEM behind the Flex ATX power supply form factor, introduces fully modular Flex ATX PSUs in 220W and 250W versions with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. FSP Releases New Modular Flex ATX Power Supplies : Read more
  7. D

    [SOLVED] best audio connection options from a TV to a music system

    If we connect the TV to the music speaker, will the sound come through the speaker? Will the sound go through the TV and then to the speaker or from the source itself(e.g a USB device containing movies connected to the TV) to the speaker? If it comes through the TV, the sound quality will bear...
  8. S

    Ryzen 2700x with B450 asrock fatality ??

    Hello Guys , I;m thinking on buying Ryzen 7 2700x and i wonder if Asrock b450 fatality gaming k4 is a decent mobo for this cpu and if it will work correctly on this mobo with boost clocks etc.
  9. S

    How can i connect wireless headphones to my Samsung UN28M4500

    I have been trying to figure out if I can somehow connect wireless headphones ? Thank you in advance for your help. I dont know if this matters but my tv is the 28 inch. Its the 4Series. Model information is above.
  10. O

    How do I know how many cores my CPU is utilising?

    Hey guys, I have a new new PC with an i7-7700(non-k), basically I'm just wondering how do I know if all the cores are enabled and I'm getting the best performance out of it? Thankyou :)
  11. S

    GPU/PSU causing PC reboots?

    So I've recently upgraded my whole pc which includes the PSU and GPU. Every time I play BO4 or an intensive game, 30-45 minutes in, my pc decides to just black screen and reboot. After I stress tested my CPU and memtest86'd my RAM, I figure those are not causing these issues. I also kept an eye...
  12. Umair Shariff

    Gigabyte comparison nightmare

    G' Morning everyone, I am on the verge of buying the Gigabyte Aero 15x for work/gaming. One of the reasons why I chose Gigabyte is that I already have a 512 GB NVME SSD and would like to be able to use it, rather than have it waste away and since Gigabyte is the only laptop (that I know of)...
  13. A

    Old camcorder for experimentation

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a digital sd camcorder, but I don't really care about definition, it just has to be practical, cheap, easy to find (on ebay or local markets I guess). Could you list me some? I need it to take notes and film things for myself, put some stuff together. PLUS, I ran...
  14. H

    im trying to upgrade my brothers old computer

    the pc is a dell deimention4700 with a pentium (R) 4 cpu 2.80GHz with a 330 watt psu what graphics card should i get
  15. C

    If i'm getting a new headset, will i have to delete the drivers for my current one before i use my new one?

    Going to get a new headset, will i have to delete the drivers that this headset automatically installed before i use my new one? And if i do, how?
  16. O

    6000 HD graphics means how much gb

    I want to know how much gb in Intel graphic 6000
  17. L

    Can my motherboard run gtx 1060?

    Hello i bought a new computer but there is bad graphics card ( gtx 745 ) and i would like to change it with gtx 1060 but i'm not sure if my motherboard can run it can somebody please tell me if it can run it? there are specifications of motherboard: Manufacturer Acer Model Aspire XC-780(KBL)...
  18. S

    Does b350m need a BIOS update for ryzen 3 2200G?

    Hello, I was just wondering if I need to BIOS update my b350M motherboard in order to be compatible with the ryzen 3 2200g. Does anybody know? Thanks in advance.
  19. T

    NFS Payback abandond cars to slow

    So i get that the cars are abandoned, and they are basicly stock, but the fact that i cant over 80mph and the police are so much faster (120 sounds right but we dont know) it makes it close to impossible to get away... Especialy if they have me go into the dirt. Then they throw the car killers...
  20. A

    My dell latitude e6400 cant turn on

    I opened my laptop then i removed my ram and returned them... From that moment when i turn my laptop on it runs but does not display and after few seconds it turns off..... And the caps lock Led light blinks... Also when i tried turning it on it just runs and then off without even displaying...