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    [SOLVED] How to enable bitlocker for domain laptops?

    Hello, my question is about bitlocker. I have gone through many different tutorials and websites, and been trying to get this to work for 7 hours now. No luck so far. My simple question is how to enable bitlocker for domain laptops? So if it gets stolen for example, and leaves domain, then the...
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    How to boot after deleting uefi partifion on hp Envy X2

    Product Name: Envy x2 (HP Envy 11-g010nr ) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Hello everyone, I want to install Linux on my Enxy X2 (HP Envy 11-g010nr )and I have tried everything. However, due to some incompatibilities it's practically impossible to achieve.I though it would be...