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  1. S

    Question Is SMTP support to send and recieve emails a common feature included with domain registration?

    I'm looking to register a domain (example: and create an email address that uses that domain name ( However, I'm getting vague information about what email services are generally included with domain registration. only provides...
  2. Benkberg97

    Question Cannot join domain on Win 10 Clients, but Mac clients can

    Hi all, I recently installed a Windows Server 2019 DC and setup a static ip of for the DC. All of my Macs can join the domain, but on the Windows 10 PCs, I get the dreaded, "An active directory domain controller could not be contacted... Domain does not exist." I can ping the DC by...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Using a Domain as Processing Power

    If a person wanted to send a computer a really big request, maybe create a thousand Microsoft accounts, but their computer wasn't fast enough to actually handle the requests, because it's a thousand Microsoft accounts, then could they use a domain or website, and possibly use their computer as a...
  4. Question How can I stop nxdomain from spoofing my emails?

    I run Dmarc, SKIM, SPF on all my emails, so I run Dmarcian to monitor all outbound emails... and there are at least a few emails a day coming from China on nxdomain.. random ips, etc... How can I stop these... Can I publish a Dmarc policy for example to stop everything from China? or just...
  5. Z

    Question Unlimited Cloud Storage Easier and Cheaper W/ Your Own Domain?

    I've been trying to figure out what my next move is. I'm a digital hoarder and it takes me awhile to feel comfortable deleting something. I have a large media collection I've had over the years that always gets larger and larger everyday. I've been trying to decide my options as who I should go...
  6. G

    Question Computer picks up headset but not mic

    So I have a Hyperx Cloud headset that I got a little while back to go with my laptop, a Lenovo Y700-15ISK ideapad. Didn't seem to have any troubles with it, worked just fine on steam and discord, my friends could hear me, and I could hear them. However, when I recently installed a soundboard, I...
  7. E

    Msi GT72s 6qe Power problems

    Hi, hope you can help me. have a 3 year old Msi gt72s laptop that recently started developing a problem.. whilst gaming the laptop would freeze and give me a black screen, I also noticed the psu would switch off and I would have to unplug it completely and replug it back in to get my laptop to...
  8. D

    Help me out

    I have a TOSHIBA disk drive The white light does not light but i can hear the vibrations when i plug it on. I dont know whats the problem. How can i fix it?
  9. W

    Can't boot past windows loading screen, works perfectly in safe mode

    My pc has been working perfectly fine and this morning has decided to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It will sit on the windows loading screen (white dots, blue windows logo) and not progress from that point at all, even after leaving it for an hour. After trying to restart it a few...
  10. S

    Mother board lights come on but nothing else ? nothing happens when i press the power button

    I have got every thing but haven`t put a os on it . I have asus prime z270 a core i 7 8700 16 gb corsair vengens pilet gtx 1070 corsair hi 100 pro corsair sv450
  11. D

    Forza Horizon 3 Stuttered worse than Forza Motorsport 7

    I played Forza Horizon 3 with core i3 7th generation, geforce 920mx 2gb, and ram 8 gb, and get very low fps in very low setting (8-10 fps in city and 14-18 fps in forest, desert, etc.) BUT I played Forza Motorsport 7 that has a higher minimum requirements than Horizon 3 with the same PC spec and...
  12. S

    PC not booting up after installing new RAM.

    I just got 8 more GBs of RAM for my computer, it is the same RAM as the old one. When I installed it, the screen wouldn't turn on and the DRAM LED Red Light is on. I tried just using the old RAM, just the new RAM, and both again. I tried holding the MemOk button. Specs: EVGA GTX 1070 Intel...
  13. K

    should i upgrade to Q8200 over the E5800?

    so i a found a good deal for a core 2 quad q8200 for only 10$ is it worth it ? i wanted to upgrade my cpu but my current mobo only support core 2 quad models and core 2 duo. can i gain some extra performance with the q8200 or not ?? Guide me guys, i need some answers Thanks in advance❤
  14. Z

    SSD's on Sata II 300 or External HDD?

    Hello, I have this mobo Gigabyte H81M-S2H which has 2 x SATA 3 (600) and 2 x SATA 2 (300) I've already own 2x 240 SSD's, but I'd like to add more storage. Should I buy another 2 SSD's and use them on SATA 2 300 or it's a waste/bottleneck? Would an external disk serve good as an expansion disk...
  15. O

    My cpu gets very hot when playing games.

    Hello. I only have 2 cabinet fans in my cabinet, and a cpu cooler to cool my pc. I am looking to buy some more fans, but do you guys think it will fix the problem?
  16. T

    cpu upgrade question

    Do any of you know any APUs I could get that could replace my a10-5800b? if so please list them because i'm trying to upgrade to a newer apu and also my motherboards chipset is AMD A75 chipset if that helps
  17. A

    Trying to connect firestick TV to my reciever for surroud sounf

    Got 50" Samsung display with only 1 HDMI Jack & I'm trying to connect to my reciever for quality Surround sound, I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-74-TXVi Av reciever ,is this possible with my system??
  18. P

    Dell Precision T5400 with LGA1366 socket

    I thought my Dell Precision T5400 had the LGA 771 socket. But I just confirmed through CPU-Z and Speccy that it is indeed the 1366 socket (with Xeon E4406 CPU). Is it possible I have another system motherboard that was mistakenly place into the T6500 chassis? Everything I've read about the T5400...
  19. Z

    Ryzen 3 2200g + Asus strix b450 + gtx 1050ti

    What ram is good and compatible with these components? thanks
  20. I

    Weak signal to PC

    Internet works fine on my phone, table and laptop. Just got moved into a new place and now every internet signal that shows up even if its my hotspot shows up as a weak 2 bar signal sometimes one. No clue how to fix tried updating the network adapter and uninstalling reinstalling nothing seems...