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    Question Effectiveness of WD-40 in mice ?

    Hi. I've read some users' take on WD-40. Some have said that spraying WD-40 in mice have fixed their scroll wheel/button problems, not working. Some said that their double click stopped. How effective is WD-40 really? Surely, can't be a permanent solution but how long do the effects last?
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    Question Razer's demonstration shows problems with Chinese Omron switches double clicking

    Razer's own demonstration shows EXACTLY how the double click happens in this video. How the metal contact point is the real reason. The Razer Optical Mouse Switch - YouTube View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b12B48EcUtM&ab_channel=R%CE%9BZ%CE%9ER Skip to 0:18 should you please. Thought...
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    Question Question on Zowie mice double clicking on Huano switches.

    Hi. Do the Zowie mice with the Huano switches double click? They had a product recall a few years back because the products they were selling at that time had Chinese Omron switches. But then they moved to using Huano switches. Has anybody using these new Zowie models with Huano switches...
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    Question Mouse switches impression of the community (CN Omron, JAP Omron, Huano, Kailh)

    So, us gamers who've been around many different mouse models spanning from logitech, to cougar, to zowie to razer have faced one problem. The dreaded double clicks. We know that the Chinese Omron with the prefix D2FC are the biggest culprit for which Zowie switched form them to move to Huano...
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    [SOLVED] [Logitech G402] Mouse Double Clicks with a Single Click

    As my title suggests, my Logitech G402 double clicks almost 90% of the time, a recurring issue which has worsened by the time. I've come across hardware and software related fixing methods. Seems like it's a hardware issue and I'm assuming it's due to the reason my mouse aged at over 1.5 years...
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    Question Mouse is double and triple clicking for no reason?

    Lately my Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR RGB mouse had been double and triple clicking when I would Click one time. I figured it was my mouse so I bought a new one which is a Razer Naga Trinity but this mouse is having the same issue? What could be causing this and how can I fix this issue?
  7. [SOLVED] A specefic apllication crash explorer.exe

    Hey, i need help because today i downloadded radeon software so i an upgrade my graphic card bur for some reason every time i right click on it or double click epxlorer.exe crash
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    Question Other way to fix mouse double click from click once than new mouse or screwdriver?

    Is there any other way to fix mouse double click than new mouse or screwdriver?