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  1. Onl1X1

    Question The monitor does not turn on if the refresh rate is greater than 60hz ?

    I have two monitors( Philips 226V - 60hz and Acer vg242yp -165hz). If I shut down the computer when my main monitor's refresh rate is above 60hz it won't turn on (shows no signal sign). If I unplug the second monitor, the main works fine doesn't have a problem with the refresh rate. I have RX...
  2. M

    Question Can't enable integrated graphics.

    Hello. I have an A320M PRO4 with a Ryzen 3 3200G and I don't see an option to enable integrated graphics in my BIOS. I want to use an old VGA monitor as my secondary monitor. Please help.
  3. J

    I5 4690 issue?

    Hi im reporting to you, because my i5 4690 with stock freq reachs with intel turbo boost 3900.1mhz 3900.3mhz and i don'tknow that is a problem or not. Not ever is at 3900.3, normally stay at 3900.0 mhz. i shold sai too that in my socket lga 1150 fall some thermal paste but i believe that is...