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  1. CapeTown

    Question PC66 RAM question

    Hi All This is my virgin post on TH so I apologize for any jank formatting or missed procedures, I will learn. I appreciate your time and responses regarding this post…. I’m currently building a OG battle station and had a quick question regarding upgrading the RAM Currently it has two of the...
  2. Jowala117

    Question Gpu memory speed downclocked itself

    I was playing a game earlier today and the power button on my pc was pressed when I booted back in, I noticed my gpu memory clock was 200mhz lower than it used to be I have a 3060 ti so it went from 7000mhz to 6800mhz. This also affects my overclock its a +920 mhz oc which now results in a final...
  3. L

    Question Ryzen 9 3900x temperature goes up to 95 with water cooling | Is there a way to lower the cpu temp?

    Hello, I got a problem with my Ryzen CPU: the temp goes up to 95 degrees when I play or I benchmark my system I've already tried to use the cooler that comes with the CPU, change the thermal paste, enable the "ECO mode 45W" setting in the BIOS, change the fans position (mount them on the back or...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] i accidentally oc my cpu help !!!

    hello , first ik nothing about oc and i never tried it or did it .... i had a probleme about voltage my cpu core voltage while doing nothing minimum is 1.300V to 1.350 V , i asked some people and they said that you need to update your bios maybe it's gonna help , so i did update it for the...
  5. O

    Question 1080ti not downclocking at idle, BUT after a GPU crash it downclocks properly?

    My 1080ti never downclocks when idle, it always runs at about 1500~1600mhz, even when idle on the desktop. HOWEVER Over the past couple of days, Overwatch has been crashing the GPU at the hero select screen - the temperature spikes to 90 and I get a 'rendering device lost' message. This...
  6. 1

    [SOLVED] AMD phenom 975 Voltage

    I have an amd phenom 975 CPU an I was wondering what base voltage the CPU runs at because my motherboard has it down clocked to 3.3ghz at 1.5 voltage, is my motherboard voltage monitor not working properly? Or is that the correct way it's supposed to be... P.S. I bought this CPU as an amd...
  7. borislav1212

    How do I make a mouse key type out a whole text.

    I recently got a gaming mouse and it seems to have two additional buttons at the side. So I wanted to program them for something useful. I though maybe one can type out my username and the other, my password.Is there a way to to that ?
  8. D

    Cheapest 1151 mobo with a lot of pci ports?

    Hello, im looking for a 1151 socket mobo where i'll be able to put from 3 to 6 graphics cards, while suggesting tell me if i can mix nvidia and AMD here, If there is like 3x 16.0 pci-e slots and 3x 8.0 slots i can use adapters, right?
  9. M

    2nd RAM Slot causing monitor to not turn on

    I bought a second stick of RAM that arrived today, which I tried to install. When I put it in the 2nd RAM slot, the PC will turn on and the fans will run, but the CPU fan stops after around 10 seconds, then starts back up again a few seconds later, repeating that cycle. The monitor also will not...
  10. starspazattack

    cheap msi 760gma-fx replacement motherboard?

    I need an affordable replacement mother board for my msi 760 gma-p34 fx mother board. i need one that supports my AMD fx 4300 CPU, and msi gtx 960 GPU, atx form factor, more pci express ports. thanks in advance.
  11. CodyMondo

    CPU vs CPU

    (NO OVERCLOCKS JUST STOCK SPEEDS) Pentium G3220 G3240 G3250 G3258 Core i3 4130 4160 4370 6100 Core i5 2500 3570 4460 4590 4690k 6500 Core i7 980X 990X 2600 3820 3960X 4770 4790 4960X 5775C 5960X 6700 So how do all of these CPU's addup? what FPS can these CPU's get in games like Black Ops 3...
  12. B

    Upgrading to a GTX 750 Ti

    Hi, I want to upgrade my graphics card to a GTX 750 Ti. On the Nvidia website is says that the minimum PSU supply should be 300w (mine is 240w). Now this is the problem that I have been having. I have been going over many forums and some people say that a 240w PSU is enough to power a GTX 750 Ti...
  13. X

    Underclocking GPU to prevent high notebook temps?

    I've been really pulled in by ultra-thin gaming notebooks like Gigabyte's P35G (V2-CF2) and MSI's GS60, both of which come with either a GTX 860M or 870M. However, I've also heard that both run quite hot - as in irresponsibly hot. Would it be possible/easy to underclock and undervolt the GPU...