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    Question Download speed is much lower than in Task Manager

    Hi, pretty much for 3 years I've had very slow download speeds compared to other people even when I would have the same or better ping in games. I'm using an ethernet cable and the broadband is "sky" with a package that should have 11mbps on average. I tried using different ports on the hub and...
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    Question Slow Download Speed

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with my download speed. I remember that back in April and May, my wireless desktop PC was able to get about 70 Mbps down and now my down speed is at 10 Mbps. The office computer that is plugged into the modem/router with an ethernet cable is capable of going over...
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    Question Internet sharing is half working

    Okay, so recently I built a new gaming PC and the motherboard doesnt have a wireless adapter which is fine as I was going to connect through ethernet cable. Turns out my dad doesn't know much about the internet and refuses to let me plug an ethernet chord into the router as he thinks he will get...
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    Question Desktop Internet slower than other devices

    My desktop download speed is significantly lower than other devices. Whether they are on Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable does not seem to matter. Phone and tablet on Wi-Fi are getting over what I’m paying for. Same for PS4 & Laptop, except they are directly connected to the router with ethernet cable...