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    Question Download speed varies from desktop to laptop

    Hi all, My PC, when connected to my router using an ethernet cable, downloads games from steam at 27 mb/s. My laptop, using the same cable to the same router, clocks a max of 11.1 mb/s. Does anyone know why this is, or how I might be able to increase download speeds on the laptop? Many thanks...
  2. A

    Question Download speed is much lower than in Task Manager

    Hi, pretty much for 3 years I've had very slow download speeds compared to other people even when I would have the same or better ping in games. I'm using an ethernet cable and the broadband is "sky" with a package that should have 11mbps on average. I tried using different ports on the hub and...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Can a really bad Download/Upload speed affect latency (ping) ?

    What i've understood is that latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from point A to point B and to come back from point B to point A. Download/Upload speed would be the amount of data that is Received or Sent in 1 "trip", so, in theory, they should be unrelated. My question is...
  4. A

    Question download speed slowed down and pc speed slowed down

    Hello I had 2 small problem with my computer first is my internet it's not a big problem and it won't be a big deal if it doesn't get fixed a month or 2 ago my download speed went down from 20MBps to between 5 and 10MBps i don't mind it that much but I would be grateful if someone could help me...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Why is one of my devices getting gigabit internet speed but not the other if they both support it?

    Today I got Fios gigabit internet. My desktop PC that has a MSI 970A-G43 Motherboard which I think is supposed to support up to 1000Mbps but I'm only getting around 300-400Mbps download and 600Mbps upload on an Ethernet connecting with a Cat6 cable. The technician who installed Fios connected...
  6. briansalinasssss

    [SOLVED] Question about Wired Connection vs Wireless

    I recently got a 80ft ethernet cable. After multiple test I noticed my wireless connection was a bit faster on download speeds but the latency was lower. Is it always better to keep my pc wired for gaming or should I go for the slightly higher download speed? I have a very small knowledge about...
  7. S

    Exclusive: Razer's New 'Mecha-Membrane' Switch And Ornata Chroma Keyboard, Hands On

    Razer created a new switch--a sort-of-mechanical "Mecha Membrane" affair--and baked some into a pair of new, squarish keyboards paired with the biggest, squishiest wrest rest I've ever seen. Exclusive: Razer's New 'Mecha-Membrane' Switch And Ornata Chroma Keyboard, Hands On : Read more
  8. Zaney2522

    Missing USB 3.0 header, GND meaning, etc.

    I recently ordered an i4 4460 to go with the Asrock h97 anniversary board. I installed it into my Cooler master 932 case with no issues, until I started to find that some of the plugs from the front panel on the case weren't lining up correctly with the board. For example, I have no USB 3.0...
  9. R

    mouse pointer is working but selecting the icon is not working why? and what is the solution?

    the mouse pointer is not clicking the icons while we choose the icons. the pointer is selecting the icons but it is not performing the functions why? give me the solutions for this problem
  10. S

    New System Build Suggestion - Budget $800

    Hi Folks, I need your suggestions in building my new PC. I already have a PSU as CM GX-750 & a HDD 1GB Seagate SATA and currently using i5 2400s with GTX 560Ti. I would like my new PC to run all the upcoming games at Full HD 1080p with Ultra or Very High settings. 4K would be a plus if possible.
  11. P

    Power supply upgrades for SFF Lenovos

    Hi gang, I am a fan of Lenovo's series of SFF desktops. I currently have a 57p (9196-A1U) with an MSI GT 610 low profile graphics card HDMI out), SDD and additional 2.5 secondary drive, DVD drive managed thru a controller card. The computer currently goes to an Onkyo 626 AV receiver, to my...
  12. G

    Any Filipinos out there, living in Metro Manila? If you are, then could please help me on my gaming pc build?

    What I currently have: HDD 1: 2 TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM HDD 2: 500 GB Seagate 5900 RPM RAM: HyperX FURY Blue 4GB @ 1866 Mhz GPU: MSI GTX 650 2GB GDDR5 OC -I got these second hand items from my uncle. What I need? PSU (80+ True Rated), MOBO, CPU and a CASE (with good airflow if possible...
  13. G

    12 gb ddr3 7.96 usaable

    I have a amd 8350 processor gtx 970 and 12 gb ddr3 4 x 4gb 1333 all same speed gigabyte 970a-ds39 only 7.96 usable. Windows 7 ultimate 64bit I had 2 x 4gb installed and 8gb usable and installed another 4gb ddr3 and now only 7.96gb usable have tried all sticks in all different slots and new ram...