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  1. P

    Question Cable Modem Signals too high

    I work from home, and tomorrow I start a new job as an IT Help Desk Analyst. So, in true form I have been trying to fix my own problem, but I don't think there is a solution I can do from my end. Though, I wanted to see if someone else might have a recommendation. Even a temporary one. I live...
  2. Vezium

    [SOLVED] Computer BSODs with 'CRITICAL PROCESS DIED' Whenever trying to download large files.

    Hello, See my specs below :- Intel core i7-7700k ASUS Z-170A Motherboard 16GB Ballistix sport 2400Mhz RAM 2 x 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD (I think it's 850) GTX 1080-TI EVGA 1000W Platinum I'm having some issues downloading large files. Everything else runs fine on my computer, installations...
  3. B

    Question Where to put the installation download on steam?

    Hey guys i want to buy gta 5 on steam , download is like 80 gb, i have only 98 gb space , do i have to delete some of stuff to get some space ? Or just download the game?
  4. I

    Question Please HELP!

    I have a new self-build pc, the part list is here: Everything is good except the internet connection, I have rogers 150u internet plan for my home, other devices and laptops can reach download speed more than 20MB/s, however, the new pc only have download...
  5. georgens

    Question Steam Downloading Failing

    I didnt know what to list this under but, basically I am unable to download games onto my ssd where steam is installed, it just brings up the allocating disc space while downloading it and then cancels and uninstalls automatically, i've tried reinstalling steam, and changing the download...
  6. N

    Question I have a problem with my powerline Internet connection.

    Hello, I apologize in advance if my English isn't perfect. Here is the problem: I've been using Powerline plugs since almost two years now, to be able to get access to Internet on my desk Computer. The router is in the living room, which is not far at all from the office, but I don't have a...
  7. mangaman

    Question How do I download bought movies on the playstore to my computer

    I purchased a few movies awhile back on the play store, when Google was giving out coupons. I would like to download these movies and put them in my personal collection, but how do I do that? I've search online about this, but so far only mobile users can download the movies for later use. I own...
  8. teqq

    [SOLVED] Sites not loading while downloading

    Websites just won't load if i put something on download. changed the router 2 times and it does the same on wi-fi and phone, what can it be? it's like some QoS stuff not working(not leaving bandwidth for web) but same on different routers, so wtf?
  9. D

    Question Disk filling up during downloads (read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH)

    Hi. I'm new here, so this might be the wrong sub-forum. Sorry. Seems that was fixed. Thanks. Anyway, here's the problem. For a few months now, Steam has been acting weird while downloading games. Whenever I start a new download, no matter what size the game actually is, Steam "prepares local...
  10. S

    Question Loseing LAN internet connection durring big file downloads

    Good day everyone. I have a really wierd problem, every time I want to dowload a big file, after 2-5 minutes my internet completely shuts down and I need to restart the modem to regain acces. My home network is the following. I have a modem to acces the internet, whitch connects into a TP link...
  11. Pau91

    Question Router halves the download speed

    Greetings everyone, I humbly ask for help about my internet speed. My router (TP-Link TD-W8960N ) halves the download speed after max 1 day from its reset. By "reset" I mean that once in a couple months my connection goes completely away (router lights flashing at all), so I sistematically call...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] cant download a program

    I was trying to download a landscaping software, I have it on my laptop and it works fine, but as I was downloading it on to my desktop I lost internet for a split second and it stopped downloading and now it wont download at all. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the downloader but all it...
  13. H

    Question Download Apps on mobile phone via PC lan

    Hey, so, I know there is a way to use the mobile data from my mobile phone to use the internet on my PC. Is there a way the "reverse" that? Like connecting my phone with my PC via USB, and download apps with the PC Internet connection to the router. With best regards, HansLuft778 :D
  14. gergi2000

    Question SSD Steam Download Spikes.

    Hello firstly sorry for my bad english. I have a Crucial Bx500 ssd Ahci mode enabled when dowloading a torrents its do very fast but when downloading in steam i get random stops/spikes. View: why steam do this? My pc...
  15. mandache.eduard48

    Question Why does my downloading speed slowly get lower over time?

    A lot of time when downloading movies/games/apps I noticed that the speed at which the files download gets lower , usually by a couple Kb/s , until it halves or worse. For example , when I started a download recently everything was nice and good , about 800Kb/s , even let the thing download...
  16. Mo.R


    hello, I want to know how long a windows 10 installation would be. as i am intending to install windows 10 on an SSD. I am worried this will take an awfully long time as my internet is very slow the ssd is Kingston a400 120GB google speed test says this: download = 5.89mbps, upload =0.60mbps...
  17. T

    Question How to download Adobe Flash CS3?

    Hello! My younger brother rushed to me and said that he needs to perform some practicals on ADOBE FLASH CS3! Now how and from where i can download it? Thanks in advance :)
  18. S

    Question Interrupting while downloading

    Hello guys! I want to ask you about my problem which appeared like a week ago. So when i start to download some files or things from internet the pc focuses on max download speed which in my case is 23Mbps. My download speed on speedtest site is 200Mbps and Upload 50Mbps. So when i download i...
  19. N

    Question Download speed is VERY slow ONLY on my new laptop.

    I have an ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD that I just bought recently, I upgraded it with an 1T SSD alongside the old one, so my warranty is voided so I really hope I don't need to use it.My problem is that it downloaded at 1 mbps from a site that my phone downloaded at 10mbps, I have been looking...