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  1. O

    Question Is MajorGeeks website safe to download from?

    Hi everyone, is MajorGeeks website safe to download from? I downloaded LatencyMon software from the following link: Many thanks.
  2. O

    Question Chrome downloaded a file when typing in faulting path?

    Hi guys, I was checking reliability history and saw there was a faulting application. I copied the description of the faulting application path into Google Chrome and it downloaded the file to my downloads folder. Why did it do that? I was hoping by typing that in the URL Google would search for...
  3. PaPies

    Question Slow Steam Downloads, I can temporarily fix the problem /w Video

    CPU: 10700k CPU cooler: 360ML AIO Coolermaster Motherboard: z490 Gaming X Gigabyte Ram: 16x2 3200Mhz SSD/HDD: 4SSD/2HDD GPU: RTX 3080 PSU: V750 Gold Coolermaster fully modular OS: Windows 11
  4. T

    Question How to download YouTube videos in high quality in a convenient way ?

    For the longest time I used to use the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (Dev Edt.) add-on for Firefox, but it seems to be dead now for somehin like 2 months And before anyone yells "That's piracy!": Kurzgesagt channel is an educational channel which encourages it's users to share their free...
  5. SaloFulleda

    Question Help regarding wi-fi adapter

    Greetings everyone, not sure if this is the correct forrum to post this thread, but ive been having problems with my wifi adapter lately. Due to the location of my room and the router, a wired connection is impossible, so I decided to buy a wifi adapter. I purchased the Realtek RTL8811CU, it...
  6. PaPies

    Question Why Is My Internet Slow? (I've only accidently fixed it)

    Describing Screenshot: I've paused and unpaused 3 times, it jumps straight to 21-22Mbps instantly no built up and it stays there. (Steam) I have a 1gbps fiber going in, but it's limited to 100Mpbs(that's what I'm paying for) seems to be fine, Here is an example: Download and...
  7. SocratesCrab

    Question Why will my computer not download a driver?

    tried to pull a driver from this website and others that's spouse to allow me to edit my Utech smart mouse yet it keeps showing up as a word document instead. Tried from they're website and from this one both show up as a word doc. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. T

    Question The Unicode font containing all signs - does it exist?

    Every now and then when doing some graphic related stuff I run into trouble of using a font which does not have some unusual / rare Unicode signs like ◗ ● █ The simplest way to cope with that would be to have on my operating system a font named like Unicode version XXX - which, in its...
  9. Q

    Question Low SSD write speed when downloading via Steam

    Good afternoon! Could anyone explain to me, why I have low write speed with SSD when I am downloading a game in Steam? I have an internet connection with stable speed of 1500+ Mbits/s. So, since I have an SSD, I expect a downloading speed of the game via Steam of about 1500/8 ~ 190 MBytes/s...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] 0mbps Upload on Ethernet

    My friend has been having the same issue with his New pc that his old pc had where he is only getting 0mbps upload on ethernet but download is fine. He just tried wifi and apparently is fine. No one else in his house is having ethernet issues after doing some speed tests on other pcs. He tried a...
  11. Arturovski

    [SOLVED] Download a website

    Hi, I want to download an entire website for offline viewing. There's a website on which I can view all my grades from school, as well as all comments and other information. However, since I'm done with school, I will lose access to my account and won't be able to view them anymore. My school...
  12. StarGuy96

    Question How do you change what drive things are installed on after reinstalling Windows?

    Hey fellas, so recently I finally undertook the task of reinstalling Windows 10 Pro on another drive, specifically a Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe 250 GB SSD. I've been planning to do this for a while, since I've had Windows 10 on an old 1 TB HDD for the longest time I wanted to have faster boot...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Iso Web Crawling Bot

  14. NoobxCamper

    [SOLVED] Asus PCIe Card Disconnecting When Downloading

    I keep having this problem with my Asus PCIe wifi card that keeps disconnecting me if I am downloading any large file(s) after maybe 5-10 minutes of downloading. However, this only happens when I am connected to the 5ghz network, and works fine on the 2.4ghz network, albeit slower. I updated all...
  15. X

    Question This is a long story

    So around a month ago my pc suddenly started freezing and playing a brrrr sound while I was playing games, I looked online and thought that it was my cpu overheating. While it was quite warm at around 80 degree or so, I bought a liquid cooler and stuck that in there. The problem persisted. So I...
  16. Pookie_yeboi

    Question Download speeds jumping up at random times

    I have been downloading a lot of videos from in the past few days and noticed a weird trend. I will be downloading the file around 1Mbps it changes slightly but not much. Then randomly for around 30 seconds it will spike higher from 4-10Mbps then go back down. Why is it doing this
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Only 50% of internet usage while downloading

    So I was downloading a game and normally I would have 10mb/s, but now i only have 5mb/s. It has happened to me a couple of times now, but all those times were fixed by just turning the internet on an off. This didn't work this time. So I looked at task manager and I saw it only used around 50%...
  18. C

    Question (WEIRD) Download speeds for Steam stuttering, not using full gigabyte connection

    Hello, So my Steam downloads are taking forever and keep jumping the speed around like crazy. So far, I have cleared my Steam DL cache, changed DL servers, uncapped DL bandwidth, tested my external SSD for read/write speeds, set the priority of Steam in task manager, and have even gone as far as...
  19. Sumsar07

    Question Help please

    Hello, i am having a problem with downloading on steam. Ever since i built my PC my steam downloading was going very slow. Whenever i download using other launchers, my speeds are Fine, but steam just does'nt work. I have watched videos, and none seem to work, so i come here for support. The...
  20. J

    Question Awful Download Speed.

    I just got my first gaming PC. It has a 3060 TI, Windows 10, Ryzen 5 5600G, 16GB of Ram. I have tried to download multiple games, on multiple applications, and the download speed is terrible, maxing out at around 9MBPS. Is there anything i can do to improve this?
  21. Rhyyy01

    [SOLVED] DDU freezes while running ?

    DDU freezes while running. i run DDU to remove my gtx 1060 3gb driver. But then i realize it's frozen and I cant move the mouse cursor. I ran it at safe mode also (I watch Jayztwocents turorial) but then I realized it’s a couple of hrs. Is it safe to shut down the system and turn it on again ?
  22. ToroHanushka

    [SOLVED] Downloads stop intermittently but uploads still work ?

    Hello everyone. I just witnessed really strange behavior from my Internet. I just got new router from provider and it works great. But when I play games or download files my download speed will every 30minutes or so drop to 0 and "disconnect" for 30s. And the weirder part is that the upload...
  23. P

    [SOLVED] find ofc2016 win download pg?

    Hello: have- pdt key for MS ofc 2016 windows. Want: find the MS download site for the pdt. Problem: a) have had chat pg open more than 30m w/no response. b) going to the "normal" MS d/l site leads only to "upgrade to latest version" (365) page & no other links seen. I do have MS acct and...
  24. JimmyYeetsWorld

    Question Network speed/download speed Slow

    Part of this is for my understanding, another is to help diagnosis and apply fixes for my knowledge. Any help is gladly accepted. With that said, I was downloading Halo Infinite today and noticed in my PC is was way slower than on Xbox. This seems to happen a lot on PC and I want to finally get...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] 100 Mbit Internet Max Win 10

    Weird thing. My router is hooked up to my Firewall ( a fortigate) every port on the firewall is configured the same. My Win 10 PC with a Asus Rog Strix B450 F Gaming only gets a maximum of 100 mbit via DOWNLOAD only, File transfer ( from server to pc or vice versa works) works with 1 Gbit Port...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] Gaming hogs my bandwidth ?

    Hi, I have a 1Gbit Internet connectivity with 100Mbit/s upload and 1000Mbit/s download. It happens that when I open any game on Windows (also happen to me with Davinci Resolve video editing software, when after I close it the speed is resumed, and that software that use any bandwidth), suddenly...
  27. alanvatrox

    Question Can't open/drag-drop files in programs

    Every time I try and upload a file to Teams (both app and browser version) it fails, saying "File does not exist" but it's right there in the Desktop. Another is Vegas, it doesn't let me drag&drop and if I import it'll say "File could not be opened. Make sure the file exists and that you have...
  28. L

    [SOLVED] Download failed - network error

    Hi everyone, since I installed Windows 11 I seem to have an issue with downloading anything over browsers. Every download gets stopped, and I get message "Download failed - network error" so I have to resume it 5/10/50/10000 times (depending on the file size) until it's finally downloaded. I...
  29. M

    Question Game downloading significantly slower than DL speed on client and speed test. Any idea on why?

    Downloading MS Flight simulator and my ISP DL speed is a bit over 400 Mbps. The client download speed will fluctuate between 10-100 Mbps, but the overall progress only goes up by what it looks like 10 mbps. Any help or idea on why this is or how to improve the download speed? Images for...
  30. M

    Question Serious download speed issues!! PLEASE HELP!!

    Build: Motherboard: ASUS ROG B550-E CPU: Ryzen 7-3700x GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Super Ram: 32GB TridentZ 3600mhz Storage: 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD I built my pc in july of 2020 and after a few months i noticed my download speed was horrendous.. i pay for 300 down and 35 up which i was getting on my...
  31. Kab2k

    [SOLVED] Problem with download speed and ping with windows 10

    Just recently, I reseted my pc and noticed that it had much slower download speed and higher ping than I should. I than tried to plug my laptop into the same ethernet cable and the speed and ping got back to normal. Before I reseted my pc the download, upload, ping was around (850, 850, 2) but...
  32. Z

    [SOLVED] High Ping but Normal Download Speed

    When I use speedtest by ookla I get 19 ms ,51,11 download and 5,40 upload. When I try to download something off steam I download at a speed of 6 mb/s. But, when I am on a voice channel on Discord I have anywhere from 180-300 ms, while I usually have around 70 ms. Also when I hop on League of...
  33. Naoto

    [SOLVED] Large files download interrumption

    Hi there. In the last few weeks i can't download anymore large files (in GBs scales) from websites using my wireless connection, download stops in the beginning and results as failure. Download speed is relatively normal (you know, websites set a limit on how much bandwidth give) and my...
  34. I

    [SOLVED] Hissing sound while downloading ?

    Hello, i hear some weird high pitch noise in my headset while im downloading, it's a high pitch crackling/Hissing sound that only plays while im downloading or playing online, kind of like a hard drive writing next to my ears, as soon as i pause the download the sound also pauses, and this only...
  35. Roboapple

    Question Download speeds do not go over 500kb/s

    Ive used and googles built in speed test, and while gives me ~350mbps, googles built in test only shows around 24mbps. Iether way, ive tested download speeds on multiple file storage websites such as,, and In these cases, my...
  36. ezUnix2

    [SOLVED] I have 500mbps on both and other speedtest websites. But i only have 5mbps-15mbps when i download something. Please help!

    This problem occured a few weeks ago and i haven't been able to fix it. I have tried factory resetting my PC, i have tried downloading the latest drivers and uninstalling them, i have tried using 10+ diffrent LAN cables and i have tried using another switch. All other PCs i've tried works fine...
  37. mydude1101

    [SOLVED] Download speeds slow across multiple devices, but fast for Usenet/Torrent ?

    So I am having an issue with my home network download speed and it's driving me nuts. I have noticed that it takes a long time to download various files on my Android phone while on my home network. Then I noticed it was the same on my Windows 10 (Home) laptop and my wife's MacBook Pro (all...
  38. O

    Question Need serious help with fluctuating internet

    Hey guys this is going to be a bit of a post since ive been having this internet problem for soooo long so please bare with me here, Info: Previously I had 500 down and 500 upload would get 250 down and 500 up then i upgraded to 1000 down and 1000 upload, i get 450 down and 950 up. As you can...
  39. Nuke7777

    [SOLVED] Download in sleep mode?

    Is it possible to download in sleep mode? Few months ago I gone through my new MSI B450 max BIOS setting when I built my first rig. And Now I remembered googling some setting that I didn't know and getting this result "Task while sleeping such as downloading" somewhere. Back then I did not...
  40. Mason1204

    [SOLVED] Need help with slow speeds.

    Here's my problem. Currently my PC is only getting 17 download when I pay for 400. My current network setup is Router > long run to switch > Short run to PC. Here is everything I've done and tested so far: I've completely replaced the long run cable to my switch. I tested the short run...