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  1. madartzgraphics

    Question Can't Fix DPC Watchdog Violation BSoD

    First of all pardon me for my bad english typing. SPEC: B450M Mortar Max (brandnew) Ryzen 3 3100 (not overclocked, brandnew) 8GB HyperX Fury 2666mhz (overclocked, set to auto again, brand new) 240GB western digital hard drive (reused from old pc) CoolerMaster MWE 550 White (brand new) GT220...
  2. Z

    Question Extreme DPC Latency issues with unknown cause ?

    Hi all. About a month ago, I started having DPC latency issues. It has made this past week absolute hell. I've explored several different forums, troubleshooted every imaginable cause I can think of, and have had my workflow heavily impeded by this issue as it renders Blender (I'm too pissed to...
  3. antithesisofantithesis

    Question DPC Watchdog Violation on Windows 10 ?

    I am in Big Trouble. Please Help ME. it starts few days ago when i was playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands after updated GeForce Driver. My pc just stopped responding. It freeze everything & nothing(alt+tab etc.) works. It shows a stop code dpc_watchdog_violation. I did change some service...
  4. A

    Question BSOD Code 133: DPC Watchdog Violation while playing Apex Legends

    Hello everyone, I'm having issues playing Apex Legends (so far no other games but I have not given hardly any time to other games since building this system). It takes hours, but eventually I will get a BSOD with code 133 for DPC Watchdog Violation. Also, each time it seems that a minidump...
  5. carson_e

    Question Random Freezes on Windows 10

    So all of this started when I started having audio stuttering... I think that has been fixed but I have a forum post on here about that. After installing my chipset drivers and other drivers I have now been getting random freezes on my computer. LatencyMon says I am getting DPC routine execution...
  6. Z

    Question High DPC latency and Turbo Boost

    Hello. I experience heavy audio dropouts and crackles when Turbo Boost is on. What I've noticed: -It doesn't happen in safe mode. -When I deactivate GPUs while playing audio, crackles disappear for a while. -It works fine during first minutes after system boot. My specs: Laptop: Lenovo Legion...
  7. N

    My CPU specs doesn't match manufacturer's

    Hello I just received parts for my new PC and I noticed that CPU (ryzen 7 2700x) specification is different from specs on manufacturer website: https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-7-2700x Specs should be: Total L1 Cache 768KB Total L2 Cache 4MB otal L3 Cache 16MB My BIOS shows ...
  8. S

    1 of 2 Gskill DDR4 16gb RAM failed, can I replace with single stick of same ram??

    Hey everyone! I have a laptop with 2 sticks of Gskill DDR4 16gb RAM. Model number - F4-2133C15D-32GRS. I have one stick that will not boot in either slot, where the other stick is working great. I can not run any tests as will not boot or show up as present in the machine. So I am assuming...
  9. D

    reinstate a product key from asus

    i have a asus win7 product sticker on computer.i upgrade to win 10 now the win 7 product kek is noy working after a hdd change. any ideas how to reinstate the asus win7 product key
  10. D

    Expert opinion on upgrades requested.

    Hi, after some suggestions please, the following is what I currently have; Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 4.40GHz 3.40GHZ Installed RAM 8.00 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Nvidia GTX 780Ti What I'm needing suggestions on please, firstly, I'm wanting...
  11. P

    My WD passport ultra 1tb not showing up in TV..

    My WD passport ultra 1tb not showing up in TV. But it showed on computer... I have tried both neft and fat32
  12. T

    Is the GTX 1080 Founders addition worth upgrading to from a GTX 780 SC 3gb?

    I have an EVGA 3GB GTX 780 SC. Will it be worth it to upgrade to the GTX 1080 Founders edition? I know there are major differences with the amount of ram and the speed that the clocks run on but will it make much of a difference? I play games like WoW, Overwatch, Battleborn, The Division...
  13. S

    How Much Power

    Hello, how much power would i need to run an oc i5 4670k and an gtx 970 [may oc in the future]
  14. B

    Not able to extend display to 3rd monitor

    GPU: Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X Outputs: DVI-D, DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort I have 3 Asus VN248H-P all with 2 HDMI and a VGA input, as well as an Asus PB298Q that has HDMI, DP and DVI-D. This is how the 3 VN248's are connected 1. HDMI cable to HDMI output 2. VGA cable to VGA/DVI adapter to DVI-I...
  15. A

    [Please Help] Computer has on odd booting Problem

    Hello- So, I am building my own computer. Here are the parts I have: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/KnRxCJ Anyway, when I plug in the 24 pin power connector from the PSU to the Motherboard, the PSU fan, Case fan, and CPU fan all come on for about 5 seconds, then cut off, then come on for 5 seconds...
  16. D

    Asus rampage IV extreme (black) - boot problem

    Hello all, I have a problem with starting up windows from my SSD. I have a new PC and installed windows 8.1 from a USB on the SSD (EVO 840 250gb). When I startup my computer, I see the republic of gamers screen and it asks me to press delete or F2 to go into my bios. In the bios I have set the...