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  1. H

    Question [SOLVED] PC build not completing POST (red CPU / yellow DRAM lights)

    Hi all, just finished (or so I thought) building a new PC with all new parts. I've now stripped it down to barebones to try to get it to start. All fans spin, but there is no video output through neither HDMI nor Display Port output on the Motherboard. If all that's installed is CPU, PSU...
  2. Ashraf546

    Question Dram light on

    Hi there, My pc won’t post because the dram light on right top of mobo is solid orange. So what happens here is my Pc was working quite fine for 3yrs then my monitor broke and I had no monitor for like 7months and my pc was on just the table and it rained like for 3weeks constantly and for a...
  3. Owen15

    Question PC wont post with new RAM

    Hey everyone! I just got the last part for my pc that I have been using old ram on for a week or so. It is corsair’s vengeance rgb pro sl 32gb 3200hz kit. (4x8) I swapped out the old ram (corsair vengeance lpx 2x8 and now the computer wont post. The mobo has an orange light next to where it says...