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  1. ajay12131

    [SOLVED] tRFC not matching in HWINFO versus UEFI ?

    Hello everyone. I recently upgraded my RAM to 2 x 16GB @3000mhz (mismatched sticks) and managed to run them in dual-channel @3600mhz. There is no stability issue yet (over 1 month of usage). However, I recently noticed something called tRFC 990 (I am a newbi to oc) in HWINFO summary. I looked...
  2. Barty1884

    [SOLVED] Downclocking/Tightening timings from 4133MHz CL19?

    Hi all, I felt like tinkering with my system and bought a 2x8GB 4133MHz kit 19-25-25-45 Corsair Vengeance LPX, to replace my 2x8GB LPX 3200MHz 16-18-18-36. Was more curious than anything else, and the 4133MHz appears stable with XMPII which reduces some elements from "auto" beyond the primary...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Need some help, new at overclocking!

    Hey everyone, I just want some help with overclocking. Starting off, these are my specs: Mobo: ASRock Z490 Taichi CPU: Intel i9-10900 (yes, NOT the 10900K) GPU: MSI GAMING X TRIO 24G 3090 RAM: Dual-Channel 2x Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4-3200MHz (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16) PSU: Corsair HX1200 CPU...
  4. Corwin S

    [SOLVED] G.Skill RipJaw DDR3 X-2400 16GB (8x2) 11-13-13-31 speed -- boot errors

    Hi there. I'm having issues related to booting and rebooting Windows when I try to manually adjust my DRAM timings. I am currently using four G.Skill Ripjaw X DDR3-2400 8GB sticks. The timing profiles are 11-13-13-31. In BIOS, everything runs fine in "Auto Mode", but with "Auto Mode" my DRAM...