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  1. zombiesoul

    [SOLVED] G Skill Trident Z 3000Mhz not stable need help

    Intel i9 9900k Asrock Z390 phantom gaming sli/ac Gskill trident z 3000mhz 16 gb dual Corsair RM 850x So heres my problem, XMP does not work or boot, I tried manual and auto timings @ 2933mhz because 3000 doesn't boot at all, along with raising the voltage to 1.4 from 1.35 because UEFIonly goes...
  2. T

    Question networking

    I have 2 wireless modems. I have a second computer In a rem connected through the my fist modem with ethernet cable. I would like to have wireless in the second location. Can I use the second modem for my remote computer connecting ethernet to ethernet and manage to get wireless at that location
  3. J

    Question Games lag all of a sudden, ping is extremely high!

    My network has become so bad all of a sudden. On my custom PC, my Verizon network has just become uncooperative and unusable for gaming. My ping in a game(World of Tanks Blitz) has hit over 500-800 consistently, with usually 40% or more packet loss just today. I ran Malwarebytes, restarted the...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Second monitor is blank

    I bought a cheap used monitor (ViewSonic VA926 to be specific) for school purposes, but when I try to connect it to my laptop the external monitor is blank. Yes, : Windows does detect it and it shows up in display settings. It shows up in device manager as well. I have all the drivers up to...
  5. obi1kenobi

    Question Bios Update

    Hi all please can somone help me?my current Bios version is 0604 x64 and i need to update it to the newer version 0809.How would i do that?i have a Prime-B450 Plus Asus.I went to the Asus website and clicked on download https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-B450-PLUS/HelpDesk_BIOS/ but when...
  6. jickandshell

    what graphics cards can i use.

    i want to know what graphics cards i will be able to use, my spes are as follows; GPU: AMD radeon HD 7800 series CPU: AMD athlon 64 X" dual core processor 6400+ RAM: 8GB MOTHERBOARD: asustek computer inc crosshair (arm 2) thanks in advance
  7. R

    Is my CPU Cooler Too Tall for My Motherboard?

    Hello, I just had a quick question concerning the CPU Cooler I just bought. The problem is that the four screws that are supposed to line up with the standoffs are too high to reach all four of them. https://gyazo.com/b4870f0fa4ebd3d38e313ab8ba8e6b1a I managed to get two screws into the...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Is pentium g4400 enough for streaming?

    I want to stream World of Warships on Twitch using OBS i have been told that my CPU may not be able to cope? This is my set up. Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Pentium G4400 @ 3.30GHz 24 °C Skylake 14nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36)...
  9. E

    Router cascade problem (Lan-to-Lan)

    Well i cascaded 2 routers via lan to lan. Lan connected devices are fine, but the problems come with wireless devices. Both routers are the Arcadyan VR9517VAC22-A-OS-AM. Both are from the ISP, they sent two for some reason and decided to use them anyways (they have 5ghz, and really good signal...
  10. I

    What kind of power supply and processor can support gtx1030 ti

    Hello.. I've 1 cpu.. AMD Athlon II x3 440 processor and using 500w power supply.. Then i bought gtx1030 ti gpu... When i turn on the cpu, only cpu worked but my monitor cant turn on.. Can my power supply and processor afford my gpu or do i need upgrade them. Thanks
  11. riccardi50

    What happens if I unplug my RAID 10?

    So I've been having issues with my RAM recently and it has been crashing my computer. I want to figure out why 2 sticks of RAM works but not 4. The problem is that every time my computer crashes my storage RAID 10 gets all jacked up and has to rebuild which literally can take 1-3 days. The...
  12. D

    No Sound HELP

    I've already had the connection I needed to play sound from my home theater to my android box. I unplugged the box to take into the bedroom to work on it. I come back and plug everything exactly as it was and now I get no sound via home theater while playing a movie on the box? How could that...
  13. abadigam3r

    Looking for a laptop from 400-650$...

    Hello.. I am looking for a laptop from 400-650$, For university uses, and for watching and downloading movies.. Some specifications that i would like to see in the laptop:- Hdd: 1TB at least. Good looking.. Screen: 15.6-17in (Real 1080p or higher). Regards, Abadi
  14. D

    New ram won’t load pass windows screen NV79

    I have a gateway NV79 that I installed 2 4 gb sticks of memory in as a upgrade.it was not enough ram for what I am using the laptop for so I purchased pny 8 gb sticks of memory.now that I installed the memory ram in my laptop it will not boot pass the windows screen.what will solve the issue.
  15. Y

    Mother board Compatibile

    My mother Board is a Asus P6X58D-E Running i7 3.07Ghz 12.0GB ram Power 1250Watt
  16. M

    1080TI Strix OC ed - Only 26 FPS Superstition 1080p Extreme - HELP!!

    I have no idea why or whats going on. Every time I run it it gets progressively worse. https://gyazo.com/10d0c77068a0e29238db96592a516c51 Power set to High performance. Computer specs: I7-8700k 4.8Ghz 3466Mhz DDR4 16GB Ram Asus Strix 1080TI OC Edition Corsair 750watt Gold ED PSU...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Lag after Windows Updates

    I came back from a week long trip and fired my computer up again to let it install any updates it needed. Once it finished I noticed that I get some lag spikes now and again that get worse as time goes on. For example, when moving the mouse around on the desktop icons sometimes do not...
  18. josh1002

    Gigabyte B360 HD3 With Cryorig H7

    I just got the Gigabyte B360 HD3 and i'm wondering if my Cryorig H7 will fit on this motherboard.
  19. L

    How to speed up PC

    could you give me some ways to improve my pc speed and clean off my hdd?
  20. M

    1080 Ti Drop in price?

    With the GTX 2080 lunch will used 1080 ti decent drop in price? I Am I bit worried about buying off of eBay and used amazon 1080tis are still marked way up.