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    Question Basic network drive -- simplest/best setup?

    Hello, and thanks in advance to anyone who reads this. I'm working a long-term research project with a half-dozen colleagues. We have a central office with internet access, but I want to set up a separate wireless network not on the internet so I can set up a network drive that will give us all...
  2. C

    Question PC stopped working after installing Wi-Fi adapter

    Hello, guys I ran into a very weird problem and I don't know what else to do. Yesterday I installed tp-link Archer T5E (AC1200) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter. Soon as I turned my PC on, it began to restart randomly. I assumed it was a driver issue, but I didn't have enough time to deal with this...
  3. oneandonlyfinbar

    Question Old boot drive not recognized on new motherboard

    I recently built a new computer and it boots into bios just fine. I moved the drives from my old computer into the new, and they're recognized in the bios however they aren't listed as a boot option. I believe this is because I upgraded from the am4 to am5 chipset. Any ideas? Both old and new...
  4. M

    Question Guidance on how to recover my data safely?

    So I just finished a 20 hour backup and wipe of my C: Drive to fix contant BSOD and Hard Drive repair errors I was getting for months now. Since 4/10 whenever I would Shut Down or Restart my PC I would be given these errors. Just finished reinstalling Windows so now I'm at a clean slate. Gave...
  5. MildlyGaming

    Question How do I undo the installations of Iobit Driver Booster?

    I don't know what this question belongs to, but i think it's graphic cards. I just installed the driver booster 10 from IObit but i don't think it works correctly because my pc has been working slower. How can I undo the installations? Help me, please.
  6. Iver Hicarte

    Question My C: Drive won't let some programs/games write some files to it ?

    So I downloaded a game called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (a classic by the way, loved and addicted to it since it was released), and throughout the many years that I have spent playing this game, I have come to notice that it acts like Minecraft, there are some files that will only...
  7. BraveTiger55

    Question No docking station I buy works with my drives anymore ?

    These are the docking stations I have bought and ended up returning for a refund:
  8. B

    Question corrupted M.2 ssd sandisk not formattable

    Hi, i have an issue, the ssd drive sandiskZ400s M.2 128 GB was on a laptop and it stops to work. So I bought an external M2. flash drive and I'm tryng to check or making a diagnostic of the drive from windows. I'm not able to format the unit fort the partition tool of windows. I tried chkdsk E...
  9. L

    Question PC keeps getting BSOD and installations don't work properly

    So, I often turn off my PC by pressing Alt + F4 multiple times to close all the windows I have open and then select "Shut Down" from the window that appears. Yesterday I had only Audacity open and I tried to shut down using Alt + F4 but it didn't work and as this has happened again in the past...
  10. D

    Question Acer Laptop won't boot from second ssd

    A few weeks ago I bought a new Acer Nitro 5 and promptly put a second ssd from my old laptop into it. I left the old system partition in case I didn't like Windows 11. The system sees the drive, can interact and transfer files, and also sees the system partition in diskpart Welp, as it turns...
  11. T

    Question SSD not showing up after failed Mirroring/Raid

    Hey, I've tried setting up a RAID between two identical SSDs using Disk Management in Windows 10, but it failed for some reason. I've tried removing the mirroring but than Disk Management froze, and after a while I've closed it from Task Manager. Now the SSD won't show up anywhere. BIOS and...
  12. M

    Question HDD broken connector and pins

    Hello guys, I have a WD Black 1TB hdd and the sata 3 connector broke along with one of the pins. Is it possible to swap the drive's board with one of a similar drive without transferring the bios chip? I don't care about data loss since i keep backups regularly. Thank you.
  13. S

    Question USB Drive can't format to Fat32 and showing wrong size

    While, I was trying to install the windows 10 media tool in my usb drive, it got disconnected and the drive broke. At first it said "insert disk" and the drive couldn't work and after I tried several things the drive now shows 57.3GB of storage instead of 32GB and it's on NTFS file system. The...
  14. D

    Question PC Randomly freezing up after add an SSD into it

    I know this sounds as if the problem is the SSD drive but I thought maybe there is a way to reformat it? It's started happening 6 months ago when I purchased the SSD and since that day I had random PC freezes, I cannot find out exactly why would a PC freeze since I cannot see anything in the...
  15. honestlyok

    [SOLVED] How to Format a drive completely in 'Disk Management' ?

    I want to format a drive (with an os installed) in disk management, but i can't remove both healthy (EFI System) and Healthy (Recovery Partition). How to format it completely? i can do it via OS installer but i am afraid i will missclick and format my main OS. Thank you.
  16. O

    Question File block system

    Hello I have a SSD and USB drives. 1. Is the the file block system on those the same as on an HDD? 2. Can a block hold parts of two different files? File A - block 1 2 3 4 File B - block 4 5 6 7 3. Which scenarios will relocate / move data from a block to another? Drive optimize /...
  17. lunek

    [SOLVED] [ANSWERED] SSD drive shows only in BIOS and device manager

    My SSD drive is shown in BIOS and device manager but not anywhere else. I've tried changing my motherboard to the old one, using USB adapter but nothing works. Although on my friends pc it works just fine.
  18. ditrate

    Question Kingston SSD Manager is not recognizing external drive( A 400)?

    Kingston manager is not recognizing my external A400 drive (2 USB adapters, with and without additional power). But WD lifeguard and Crystal Disk Info does. But when i connected the drive to a SATA, it being recognized in Kingston SSD Manager.
  19. ditrate

    Question FIlezilla speed bug?

    When I uploading a file over 100 Mbit lan, my upload speed showing 1000-500 Mbit for first minutes, and after become average. What is that?
  20. ditrate

    Question Concerning values?

    Unsafe shutdown count and Power-off retract count. Are those are concerning values? I usually using this drive attached to a router, so maybe because of that?
  21. ditrate

    Question At what TBW% is wise to change the SSD

    If left the errors and the bad blocks aside, at what percentage of TBW is better to change the SSD drive? 60%?
  22. ditrate

    Question Reboot occured during data transfer, any damage to the drive ?

    My PC restarted during file transfer to an external drive., could this have damaged the drive? SMART is unchanged, no new errors. Files are fine, I had back-up.
  23. ditrate

    Question FTP. Explain, why is my drive can be operatable in sleep mode?

    I was able to create folder and close my FTP client (FIlezilla), while HDD was still in standby mode. All actions was made, and after that I heard that my drive begin to wake up. Is this was request on delay or what? My FTP: Router and WD My Book.
  24. ditrate

    Question Can a magnetic charger (Mi Band 6) damage external hard drive.

    Can a magnetic charger damage external hard drive, by putting close enough?
  25. ditrate

    Question 25% rule for the SSD? Explain.

    If I filled more than 75% of the SSD free space, will speed be affected or files integrity? Or it's a myth?
  26. Xmias3

    Question How to format windows C drive for new computer

    I want to know how do I format my current windows C drive for a new computer that I’m building to use it as a Windows C drive. I couldn’t find any good videos, mostly people teaching how to format a secondary drive and not the windows drive for a new computer.
  27. ditrate

    Question 3,5 " External drive plastic case: design gimmick, practical or both?

    Various storage vendors ( WD, Seagate etc.) have a different external drive product lines (My Book, or My Passport, etc), with a different plastic case designs. Is it for design purpose only or it adds to the g-shock resistance of the drive within it ?
  28. G

    Question What's causing BSODs on my PC ?

    My system is almost 3 years old.Its having the same blue screen errors like "memory exception" or "kernel data inpage....."etc.My Motherboard has 2 slots having 8gb sticks each of ram each.Thought it was a Ram problem so I played on first slot two times(each with different stick),both times it...
  29. Zxya

    Question Drives disappearing after opening/downloading any game.

    This started happening when I reinstalled windows because my ram got damaged a year ago, i tried playing games and a lot of the time they crash and the drive disappears, this first happened with steam and now almost every game. i need help.
  30. Kuvocz

    Question How can I go back to having 2 different drives.

    So, yesterday I did a windows downgrade everything went good. But when I booted up my pc it felt a bit slow and strange. I looked at my explorer and saw that my D:\ was gone. When I looked further into it I found out that my SSD and my HDD where just put together in my C:\ drive. Now, 5 hours...
  31. ron00415

    Question SSD is at very low health, what to do now ?

    My SSD's health is at 4% and it is decreasing every day. What happens when it reaches 0%? What should I do now to prevent data loss? Should I re-install my OS in other drive and get rid of the current one? Or there is something to be done to fix the current one? SSD Transcend 120GB...
  32. I

    [SOLVED] New Portable HDD very slow ?

    Hi people, Yesterday, I received my Seagate 5tb portable hdd and when I try to write anything on it, it goes slow, really slow. Is there a reason for this? Did I get a bad drive? I'll post my benchmark below this. it makes absolutely no sense, would I be better off buying a WD elements portable...
  33. A

    Question Just reinstalled Windows after blue screen of death. I have two drives. I had to clean both. However, I can not create any volumes or format my NVME d

    Quick breakdown. Important info: I have 2 drives. A 1TB Samsung 970 NVME .m2 drive and a WD 500GB m2 drive. Background Computer blue screened out of nowhere. Tried all day to fix BCD error on bluescreen of death to no avail. (Created a Windows USB bootable drive to troubleshoot with and use...
  34. T

    Question Replacing/Correcting User- & Group Policy for an entire Disk (Security etc.) ?

    Hi, I have an old faithful 3.5" Drive that has been switched between several different systems hence now all the folders have different user/groups (and what level of security each one have) creating everyday headaches such as; if I open one folder I get prompted "you need to be administrator...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] Did I break $3000 worth of HDDs?

    I was moving around to talk to my cat (had to make a moment (new kitty)) and my knee smashed into the hard wood desk that contains 13 HDDs (external, stacked). The force was kind of large, I could have hit a kick ball around 20-30 feet. Is it possible that I damaged my HDDs? (I think I know...
  36. O

    Question WD_BLACK P10 for BackUp Storage

    I was looking for a drive to use as backup storage, preferably external. I want something with at least 2 TB and USB-C drives are very expensive. I found the WD Black P10 which has 4TB at a very low price (while discounted). I don't need huge transfer speeds, I'll be using this drive mainly to...
  37. P

    [SOLVED] I think I killed my SSD...Please Help

    Hello All! Today I purchased a Crucial BX500 1TB SSD and threw it in my older laptop to use for practice. I was learning how to use linux terminal to partition and format and manipulate drives and storage devices. Essentially I was trying to set up a rather complicated dual booting scenario...
  38. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] SanDisk Cruzer Force - write/erase cycles

    Hello. Recently, i bought a USB drive, SanDisk Cruzer Force, with a storage amount of 64 gigabytes. Since USB drives don't support S.M.A.R.T, i can't see how many write/erase cycles my USB has. So, can someone, who is familiar with USBs and the technology SanDisk uses in their USBs, tell me how...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] Restart to repair drive error

    Hi , I keep getting "Restart to repair drive errors" on drive "C" , I restart and but the problem is still there . Everytime I start the pc it starts with "scanning and repairing drive C". Drive C is an Adata Ssd. Any help is appreciated. Things I've tried but didn't fix the problem: Got latest...
  40. devjamesje

    [SOLVED] Add a M.1 drive to a laptop with an SSD already in it?

    Hi all! I was wondering if there was any way to install a M.1 Drive into a computer with a full sized SSD already installed into it (Computer is Toshiba Tecra z40a), and then use both as storage devices? I have recently been coming low to storage on my device with little applications installed...