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  1. S

    Question Apps not showing up on new drive

    I just got an NVMe ssd and put windows on it, but whenever I search for any app, nothing from my other drives show up.
  2. Sumsar07

    Question How do i move a drive with windows already installed on it, to a new pc?

    I have an SSD with windows installed on it, and i got a new mo-bo, cpu and new ram. I cant bother downloading windows from scratch again, because i have files on it. Is there a way that i can move that ssd with the OS on, and still keep my data? Or even better if i can do it without having to...
  3. MaxPower88888

    Question HDD (not boot device) disappears a few minutes after boot ?

    Rows only refers to SATA and power cable sets. SDD is in the top row on my PC and is my boot device as confirmed by BIOS and Windows, HDD 1 is in the middle, HDD 2 is in the bot. HDD 1 was doing this same thing months ago, so I assumed it was broken and took it out and switched HDD 2 to the...
  4. MatthewJamess

    Question Need help restoring USB drive

    My USB stick just died on me. Whenever I try to plug it in, I will hear the sound Windows makes when something gets connected, but the drive won’t appear anywhere. I know my computer is not the problem, as other sticks are detected just fine, and this drive in particular isn’t detected on my...
  5. P

    Question M.2 SSD disconnects from PC randomly and Is no longer recognized ?

    Hello, I've been having a lot of weird issues with my Samsung EVO 970 500GB M.2 SSD lately. The drive functioned normally without any problems until I tried to run any games installed on it. The game would run fine for about 45 minutes to an hour and then just abruptly crash. After this, the...
  6. Veiss7

    [SOLVED] WD blue 3d NAND sata6 won't boot but boots through other SSD

    I recently purchased a new pc minus the gpu(using my older 1660TI for now). I put everything together pressed the button and my old SSD wouldn't boot it would just blue screen at windows loading or recovery attempt. Although I've sort of fixed that issue now. I'm booting off one of my other...
  7. sharebaby

    Question Second Hard drive not showing in windows explorer

    Second Hard drive not showing in windows explorer Does anyone know how to get a 4 tb hard drive which I just installed and attached the data cable to it to show in Microsoft Vista Windows Explorer? It is a Western Digital Hard Drive ATA. It is however showing up in the Microsoft Device Manager...
  8. T

    Question Why is the 'documents' folder on my computer stored on my HDD (D drive) rather than my local disk (C drive)?

    Hi, I noticed that the quick access folders for documents, pictures, downloads, videos etc are all located on my HDD drive (for storage) rather than my OS drive. Does this mean I still have old windows components (files and folders) on my HDD (I used this for my OS before I bought an SSD. I...
  9. J

    Question NVMe Drive not Recognized in BIOS, but fine in Windows

    I recently installed the SK Hynix P31 Gold 1TB M.2 drive as my 840 pro 256gb from ~2014 ran completely out of space. I would like to make it my boot drive and use the old SSD as spare storage. I managed to copy the entire old SSD onto the new one using AEOMI Backupper and I've already taken care...
  10. nanadoesgaming

    Question How do i fix my DATA (D:) drive?

    my computer has 128gb of C: drive and 1T of (D:) drive. I noticed when I first got it that my C: drive filled up really quickly and it didn't make much sense to me. I figured out how to direct most download to (D:) but its a little wonky. Every item I put into the (D:) end up on my desktop and...
  11. S

    Question What should I install my games on C drive or D

    I have a windows C drive but im pretty sure its not an ssd, total capacity on the c drive is 279gb however on my D drive there is a total of 1.52tb. Would my games run smoother and faster if I installed them on the d drive instead of c?
  12. NO111ONE

    Question Drive suddenly invisible to BIOS - can't boot to a system

    So I went away from my PC, locked it with Win+L, and guess what - I come back, it's in the BIOS. F8 - no bootable devices. I thought that it was just my NVMe acting up again so I unplugged the power as I did to fix this kind of problem. But didn't help. I thought maybe some other OS can help...
  13. Question Partitions have vanished, even in Disk Management

    Hello! My son's laptop he uses for school and some gaming is on the fritz! Please help. It's a Windows 10 OS. After a bunch of desktop shortcuts when blank and said they couldn't find the target, my child informed me he needed my "expert" help. So, I need help here in order to continue to be...
  14. Paranoid72

    [SOLVED] HDD To SSD(Due to hdd wear out)

    Hey guys! So i am a newbie to this kind of stuff and i have a problem.6 years ago i built a PC and until this year everything was perfect(only added a cooler).For the last 3 months, i have been hearing the "notorius" click of death on my HDD alongside with the lag/buffer.I also had 2 blue...
  15. G

    Question Drive problem after update on Windows 10

    After an automatic upgrade my PC restarted, it then showed a message it had encountered a problem and would have to restart. When it started again my D drive was missing. In system tools the drive an asmedia ASMT1153e was showing as having a capacity of zero and free space of zero, it should...
  16. Arazim

    Question Help needed please! trying to install windows 10 but no drive is detected, can't install driver

    Hello guys, I'm stuck. I got a new laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ITL05), trying to install windows 10, chose Custom installation but no drive is showing. while trying to manually select drivers (that I'm not even sure are the right ones) it says that it doesn't find any drivers. I've tried using...
  17. D

    Question Drives disappear from File Explorer

    Hello, Been having this problem for a couple days. Upon every reboot, two out of my three drives keep disappearing from file explorer. They do appear in my Device Manager and always come back as "Unallocated" space. One is an off brand HDD that's worked just fine for the past 4 months, and one...
  18. J

    Question Internal HDD unallocated after installion in new PC

    I recently upgraded my PC and with this did a fresh install of windows. I wanted to temporarly connect my old HDD's to transfer the data over to the new m.2 that I have, but the HDD isn't showing in the file explorer. It is however showing up in disk management but as "unallocated". I have...
  19. kook

    Question Which drive should I install it on?

    So I want to install Pop!_OS and I need to select either of these 2 drives. I'm sure the top is HDD and the lower is SSD so what do I choose to install the OS? Personally I thought I'd use the HDD for backups. So where does the OS go? Btw win10 is installed somewhere and I don't mind overwriting...
  20. Blazedsrr

    Question Hard drive mounting sled doesn't fit my druve

    I have a western digital 1 TB har drive 3.5 in and I have the drive trays that were advertised as 3.5 in ones. The tray does not fit around the drive though it seems about half an inch short, don't know why they don't fit because I specifically searched and checked for 3.5 in, anyone know...
  21. ScarGlamour

    Question Drives randomly become unallocated

    My PC has 5 drives: a system NVMe M.2 SSD, two SATA SSDs, and two SATA HDDs. Once in a while all the SATA drives would suddenly disappear from the explorer. Disk Manager shows them as unallocated with seemingly empty MBR partitions. While the partitions on the disks can be recovered and...
  22. ljy2001

    Question Will this M.2 fit my Asus Laptop?

    Hey guys, will this M.2 drive fit this laptop?
  23. R

    Question Are my device partitions correct in regards to boot times?

    Hello, So long story short I was irritated about hearing my mates pcs' boot in around 15 seconds (2 drives) and 25 seconds (3 drives) and after research I realized my 5 drive system takes longer (34 seconds) due to having so many drives and it taking longer for the I think mobo to read them...
  24. A

    Question windows 10 wont boot without second drive (disks are GPT)

    Hi everyone! Recently i bought the samsung 970 evo 1TB SSD card to upgrade my laptop. I wanted to remove my old 128GB SSD and put in this new one and then transfer my OS to the new drive and use my 1TB HDD as storage. I unplugged my current SSD which came with the laptop when i bought it in...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] mSATA SSD in mPCIe slot

    hello, i am a tech enthusiast but know little about component power. i recently received an mSATA SSD and my old pc has a mPCIe slot. i know that some motherboards support both types of cards interchangeably but mine probably doesn’t and i’ve read that the powering is slightly different. .. is...
  26. C

    [SOLVED] Slow LAN Network Connection

    Hi, My server has a 180gb SSD (R-480MB/s W- 72MB/s ). Both my desktop and the server are on a one-gigabit connection. When I transfer a test file, I am only getting, max 115MB/s. Is this because the drive is a bottleneck? The same thing happens when I test another drive in the server 1tb HDD...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] Long life HDD for a fair price?

    I want to buy 2TB hard drive. Despite not really wide choice, i'm unable to find any info that would ensure me which drive is correct. I want to use it as an external drive in HDD hub. It will be used for backups and "data not worthy of being on internal drives". It will be accessed every few...
  28. B

    [SOLVED] Where the heck do I plug this in?

    Very sorry for the stupid question, everyone. Not much of a tech person. My laptop was giving me the ‘no bootable device’ error so I decided to try unplugging it and plugging it back in. The drive itself is on the plate that lifts up so it automatically got unhooked when I opened my laptop. I...
  29. Floef

    [SOLVED] C or D drive for apps? Or another?

    Hi everyone! I'm soon getting a new gaming PC, I've decided on two 1tb m.2 SSD drives for storage. The questions I have today are about where to store each kind of data: OS, Apps/Games (Now referred to as Install), and Data (Documents etc). It's the apps and games ("Install"), that I am...
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Need help installing an NVMe M.2 drive

    Hey! My computer has been running on a single SSD and everything is installed on it, but now that I bought an NVMe M.2 drive to expand the storage I want to install it the right way, so I have a couple of questions regarding the correct process. I'll be using my computer for primarily for...
  31. Question Virtual Disk Manager problem! cannot create a New Simple Volume(HELP!)

    So recently on this PC I wanted to dual boot install Kali Linux, so I shirked my D- Drive 20GB and went to create a new simple volume and went on to create a new simple volume and this error came up : I tried all the available solutions on the internet which says to change my drive to MBR, GPT...
  32. RT-PC20

    [SOLVED] New External HDD recognized by device manager but not disk management!! Why not visible?

    To all on community, Looking for any help as to why a drive is not showing up on my PC. Bought a brand new 5TB Seagate external HDD. When I plug into my desktop, the computer makes the "ding" sound when it is is plugged in, but the drive is no where to be found. The drive shows up in the device...
  33. S

    Question M.2 not recognized by Windows 10

    Hi, I bought a second M.2 (Crucial P5) for my build but Windows won't recognize the drive. I haven't installed anything on it, just plugged it into the port on the motherboard. In BIOS it will show up under boot priority. In Windows, however, the drive is not displayed in Explorer. I also...
  34. Question Can't read NVME M.2 Drive but shows in BIOS

    Hi all, My friend is having a problem with his system, his system currently has os(windows 10) installed on ssd sata, and then he bought a WD Green NVME M.2 480GB drive, he installed it on his motherboard(m2a socket/top socket), on his system bios we can see the nvme drive, but we cant see it...
  35. R

    [SOLVED] what can i safely backup after RAT infestation?

    so i got RATS (maybe, at least im paranoid enough to reset win10) i know without knowing the type/kind of RAT, it would be hard to answer this, but what is safe to backup before reset let me ask more specifically 1. can virus/rat attach to random text and media and program files in my hard...
  36. EridanusSV

    [SOLVED] How to not kill NVMe M.2?

    Hello, Back in high school when I had a gaming laptop, I got myself a 970 EVO NVMe M.2 drive. After a few months, it died on me. It was RMA'd but the problem persists. I assume it's the heat so I shunned NVMe's and never looked at them ever again. Now I want to get back into having...
  37. jaimishra

    [SOLVED] Seagate External HDD stopped working after I removed the HDD while a video was being played from the hdd.

    the problem arised when i didnt do the "safely remove usb" and disconnected when a video was being played from the hdd. now when i connect the hdd, it shows in the device manager however it doesnt appear in the disk management and after 2-3 minutes it disappears from device manager also and...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Can't see my files on my H.D.D

    Hello. I wanted to install windows 10 on my laptop and I needed to change my drive from MBT to GPT. So I did that by connecting my H.D.D to another PC. I copied all my files to that PC, converted my H.D.D to GPT then copied my files back to my drive and then installed windows 10 on my laptop no...
  39. squib

    [SOLVED] What is considered to be a good idle temperature for a SATA ssd?

    I have a Samsung 860 QVO, and i've noticed that my idle temps are bit higher (maybe it's because of summer temperatures?) but while just browsing with chrome I sit at around 40-45c idle, and earlier today I noticed that it peaked at 55c while I was playing in VR.
  40. [SOLVED] Not able to extend or split any drive in my PC.

    I want to move 100GB from E:\ to C:\ but Minitool gives an error for every action I perform with these drives. I even tried to change E:\ to Logical drive but errors and nothing else. What's wrong with my drives and how can I fix it? Here is the screenshot.