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  1. K

    Question While gaming, fps drops hard every 10 sec

    Hey! So while I'm playing games, more specifically CS:GO and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, I have gotten major frame drops every 10 seconds. Now, I updated my driver two weeks ago in hopes that it would fix it, it did not. Again, today I updated to the driver that came out on the 25th/Oct and I...
  2. Question I have an issue with my laptop not using the RX 460 discrete GPU ?

    Hi there and good day to you guys, I have an ASUS X550I laptop and I'm having problem using the discrete RX 460 GPU. To give you an idea of what exactly is the problem, here it goes : Problem is that even when I choose my games to use discrete GPU, it doesn't, even though my device manager...
  3. Blakcen

    Question RX 480 drivers issue, black screen in games ?

    Rig: Msi rx 480 gamingx 8gbs x2 G.Skill trident Z 3600mhz(xmp on) Ryzen 5800x msi b550m gaming edge wifi 650w gold plus psu So this is what is happening tried first on latest driver 21.6.1. Tried to play witch it (also later with rainbow6 and furmark test), black screen and gpu full fan...
  4. m17

    Question Latest AMD drivers does not support above 60hz

    Ever since driver 21.6.1 and latest, my screen goes black if I switch my refresh rate 60 above. I am running everything up to date (BIOS, Chipset etc.). I use DVI as my output. My Specs :- CPU : 2700x GPU : ASUS Vega 64 Strix(It has DVI port) Monitor : Acer 24 inch HD GN246HL 1080p 144hz...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] No AMD graphics driver is installed

    Haven't made any hardware changes, and I don't think I got hit with a weird Windows update. But overnight, I started getting an error message: No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware. It...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Likely driver issue, Frozen black screen, audio stops, can't put anything. Think I know the problem, how do I fix?

    Howdy, I've had this issue where, seemingly only when using chrome a minute or two, I get a frozen black (but the monitor is on and getting input) screen. Went into event viewer, it says I have user-mode driver problems. Something about an issue with an HID-compliant headset. Also note that I...
  7. O

    Question GPU runs benchmarks but not games.

    I have a RX-570 with a R3 2200g. But I can't literally play anything, opening a game just crashes and pops up the AMD "driver timed out" error. I used the GPU on a friend's PC and it worked without a problem, but when I tried it on mine I can't play and after a while the driver error appears...
  8. B

    Question Dell S2721DGF turns on and off randomly

    Hi all I recently completed my first personal built rig. I have ran into quite a few hitches, but all seems okay now. Except that my new monitor (dell s2721dgf) will start turning on and off in a weird cycle after using the pc for around 30 min, it doesnt matter what you do on the pc (idle or...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] How do i get my graphics driver back?

    I accidentally deleted my CPU graphics driver through device manager, and only realized it after the fact. I tried reinstalling the driver but everytime i installed the driver + radeon software, the driver still only says "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and the radeon software is nowhere to be...
  10. PCBrokeasl

    Question GPU might be broken after driver install

    Okay. So this all started when I downloaded call of duty cold war and it said I needed a driver update for my GPU. I did some quick research went on the radeon website, as I have an RTX 470, and found the supposedly correct driver update. Upon installing the new driver I noticed the task bar...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] RX 470 drivers problem

    Hello everyone! So I recently got my hands on RX 470 strix 4GB second hand. I have had alredy RX 480 sapphire inside my PC and i wanted to try Crossfire. After I installed drivers for both of them my old RX 480 seems to work well, while new RX 470 gives 0 Mhz clock reads both in GPU-Z and...
  12. TempTop

    [SOLVED] How To Fix a RX 580 Screen Flickering Different Colors

    [SOLVED] Every time I booted a game the screen would flicker different colors, fiddling with V-Sync would sometimes fix it, and it was caused only by in-game menus or whenever the resolution was altered by a game. Was caused by an incompatibility between Radeon Software and my 1080p monitors...
  13. TNorthern

    [SOLVED] Can someone tell me what driver I need to install on for this graphics card?

    I'm a new pc gamer and can't find the obvious answer on what driver I need to choose for this. My choice right now is Radeon RX Vega Series > Radeon RX Vega Series > Radeon RX Vega 56.
  14. Dan Kom

    Question Installing GPU drivers crashes the PC

    So I changed from an intel CPU to a Ryzen including the motherboard and kept everything else. But... my gigabyte RX 5700XT will not accept any driver instalations, where the second I install a driver, it turns off the PC and when I try to turn it on again, it freezes on the loading screen...
  15. William e Smith

    [SOLVED] AMD OpenGL performance is horrible?

    So I got a new graphics card! I chose AMD this time around for the extra VRAM. I've had no problems so far! The FPS improvements are well worth the 200$ price I think. Ever since I got the card, however, I've had some problems with Minecraft. I can't get above 70fps without dropping every single...
  16. Vecto

    Question RX 580 problems after installing drivers

    Hello. I have problems with RX 580 after I install drivers. Without drivers it works fine but it can't run any game at more than few fps. The problems are: -Small light blue squares appear on the screwn, mostly on white backgrounds -Sometimes screen goes off than back on, same way it happans...
  17. M

    Question Blank screen after updating Radeon drivers past version 17.9.3

    I have tried countless times with AMD support to solve this issue but I haven't even managed to figure out what is actually causing the issue. I'm going to copy and paste my initial support ticket that I sent to AMD so I apologise if I repeat myself. This issue prevents me from playing certain...
  18. edsheeralph

    [SOLVED] No Display on Monitor After Updating Vega 11 iGPU driver

    Hello! Currently I'm using AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400G with Radeon™ RX Vega 11 Graphics. For the past few days I encounter some problems with the booting of my PC wherein after the Windows logo, the OS doesn't boot and just can be seen with the No Signal on the monitor. But in Safe Mode, the pc works...
  19. N

    Question New GPU, Freezing game but can still hear the game's sound

    Recently i just installed a new cheap AMD HD 7670 but when i try to game the game just freezes but i can still hear the game's sound! This problem didnt occurred when im still using my crappy integrated GPU. Things ive done Reinstalled gpu's driver (both from the website and from the gpu's...
  20. I

    Question AB350M-hdv upgrade questions

    I'm currently running BIOS version 5.10 on AsRock's AB350m-hdv, and I'm trying to update to the latest BIOS version 6.00. After looking at their downloads page (, I see that 5.50, 5.80, and 5,90 require users to install 'AMD all in 1...
  21. T

    [SOLVED] AMD VEGA 56 driver always crashes during installation

    i just got the MSI Radeon RX VEGA 56 8 GB Air Boost 8G OC and everytime i try to instal the driver for it the screen starts to blinking, going from tv static to just black in the middle of the installation and stays like that even after i reset the pc so have to to go to safe mode and use AMD...
  22. J

    Question BSOD loop after installing GPU drivers, no administrator and no safe mode start

    My Windows 10 laptop entered a boot loop after installing new GPU drivers in an attempt to get my laptop to recognise my GPU instead of using the windows default adapter. I did a full reset of my PC thinking it would get rid of the drivers but all that managed to accomplish was the deletion of...
  23. Arfang

    [SOLVED] My new PC dosent detect my radeon 5700 xt. Woud love some help!

    Hi, I just finished building a new PC, everything was running fine until I tried to install AMD graphic drivers, the system slows down and restarts. Then I realized the device manager wasn't detecting my GPU. I've tried a lot of things but I'm running out of ideas and would love some more...
  24. Bag of Potatoes

    [SOLVED] amd onboard graphics driver to radeon graphics card driver

    yes im not good with choosing titles, that's my talent, but here's my case. this PC has no graphics card installed, just the onboard r7 graphics with radeon adrenaline software. and yesterday i just got my rx570 graphics card. so, do i need to uninstall my previous driver or just slap the card...
  25. L

    Question Completely Remove AMD Chipset Drivers

    I’m not completely sure if this thread should be posted under this topic. I want to completely remove all my AMD B450 chipset drivers. Does AMD Clean Up Utility remove all the drivers from the motherboard? What are some other ways I can solve the problem? Thanks, Leo
  26. S

    [SOLVED] do i need to update my drivers

    so, i think the question is clear PS: i know pc gaming isn't the right category but cause there isn't any driver category or something like that it's here, if i missed somewhere to post it please tell me
  27. S

    Question Second hand Rx 570 Code 43

    Hi, ill try to make this as clear and short as possible. I bought a second hand reference Rx 570, and I tried installing it on my dads battlestation which has a pentium g4560 paired with a h110m-pro-vd-plus, a Rx 460 and a 400w psu. (Windows 10 x64) So after plugging in the Rx 570 I started the...
  28. J

    Question Laptop R5 GPU Driver and display issues

    Hello, so I'm helping a friend solve his fps with a game. He has an AMD A8 7410 CPU with R5 M330 graphics which driver was released on 2015... Anyway I downloaded 19.1.1 which is recommended for this gpu for his windows 10 64 bit but when it installs for some reason the laptop goes to sleep...
  29. I

    Will Obsidian 250D fit the SeaSonic Prime 650W Titanium?

    Hello, this is my first post here. :) I am a web developer and am about to buy a new, small-ish computer. I will be doing mostly light development work on this and some casual gaming of not-too-demanding titles. I have decided to get the Corsair Obsidian 250D and SeaSonic Prime 650W Titanium as...