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  1. D

    Question AMD USB 3.10 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft) causing nvlddmkm.sys Video TDR BSOD?

    I have been experiencing nvlddmkm.sys Video TDR Error BSOD crashes since mid-October. I have been keeping a detailed log of all events since November 01, which has allowed me to possibly narrow down the potential cause. This log is now 32 pages long, so I will try to summarize all of my...
  2. mister_flowers

    Question Lost in a sea of BSOD

    I will do my best to be clear and prompt - but this has been a bit of a journey: I don't remember when it started, so I can't point to any specific source but a while back my pc started blue screening once or twice a week. It was always at the start of boot up, as soon as my desktop would load...
  3. Justhuman121

    [SOLVED] Accedently deleted network drivers

    I was cleaning my PC and my drivers were refusing to update so i did what i usally do which is delete the drivers then reinstall them, but now im unable to. Ive tried to do a factory reset, but that isn't working, what are some solutions? Would it just be easier to just install the OS over again?
  4. M

    Question Issue with Keyboard and Touchpad after updating to Windows 10

    I upgraded my laptop, Sony Vaio E series, to Windows 10 from Windows 7. After this, the driver for touchpad was not configured. However, the basic cursor movement and clicks worked. I tried installing Synaptics Pointing device driver. Unfortunately, it didn't bring out any changes. So I...
  5. Q

    GTX 980 G1 Free Games?

    I just bought a GTX 980 G1 Gaming on December 10,2015 can I get any free games?. The shop where I bought it told me that there's no free stuffs that comes with the gpu from their shop. I wonder if there's any free bundles or promos from Geforce or Nvidia or Gigabyte . thanks :D I just wanna...